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Fraser Valley, British Columbia Map

August 13-14, 2017 - after doing this one as a day hike last year I knew I wanted to come back for an overnighter! However, I've been lacking in the hikes this summer and my body sure felt the brunt of that fact. Tough hike with 30 pounds on your back. Took us 4 hours to get to Lower Pierce Lake. Quite the incline. Camping at the lake was great, we were the only ones there! Reminder to pack out your own garbage. :) The next morning we continued on. Reached Upper Pierce Lake in 1 hour and 10 minutes. This stretch is so much more enjoyable! Watch out for bees/wasps in the meadow areas though; I got stung twice. The upper lake is incredible, especially when viewed from above as you make your way up to the summit of Mount MacFarlane. We didn't summit this time as on our way up we started hearing repeated whistling. It didn't stop and as we had seen 2 people below earlier we got concerned that there was trouble. We headed back down to the upper lake... they were whistling for their dogs. :/ Reminder to only use whistles for emergencies!! This is the second time this has happened to us and it is rather frustrating. The hike down was pretty hard on my knees but still worth it! Definitely a hike to add to your list, but make sure you come prepared for a good workout! See my 2016 review for more details. :)

3 days ago

Very difficult. I'm too outta shape. Had to turn back after about 4 hours. I'll try again one day

7 days ago

This hike was one of my favorites, but only because I went all the way to Mount. Web and Radium Lake was on the way. I wouldn't suggest this one just for the lake because the lake wasn't all that beautiful...but Mount Web was breathtaking and I'll never forget it☺

7 days ago

It was breathtaking! I camped overnight and remember wishing I could have stayed another two nights to do the other nearby peaks. This one was my first time camping out on a hike and it was so great. Nice view of the Cheam range as well!

on Eaton Lake

9 days ago

9 days ago

Wow...I underestimated the difficulty in this gruelling hike!
Twice I wanted to turn back, but I persevered...Trail is extremely steep and very narrow in parts and you gain elevation rather sharply...Not for beginners...On the way up there are 2 very scenic and exhilarating waterfall spots and couple sketchy bridges and a breathtaking ancient rockside...The final objective was well worth it...Bring lots of water and strong bug spray as the flies are relentless at times...
Allow yourself about 8 to 9 hours round trip at a leisurely pace...You will have a great sense of accomplishment when you're back at your vehicle!

10 days ago

A bit of a relentless climb with a great reward at the end. A good workout. Bring bug spray. Lots of wild blueberries around the lake. Great for high energy dogs, but make sure you have water with you 'cause there isn't at all on the 2nd half (the steepest) of the hike. Saw less than 10people despite the fact that it was Sunday.

Amazing trail. Summit has some easy class three scrambling and the views go on forever!

18 days ago

20 days ago

Getting up across the boulders required care, but otherwise a good climb to a place with a spectacular view of flatiron, the forest, and the fold of the rockies

22 days ago

I hike, scramble and overnight this region in the spring through fall months and it never ceases to amaze me - so much to offer from elevation, to views to terrain variance - topped of with an amazing experience at the top.what are you scrambled the peak itself, or extend your hike to the lake or even higher to flat iron Bridge, this is by far my go to quick and easy weekly hike for overnight camping. No where else have I can't in a position where I have the benefit of a full on sunrise in the morning and a full on sunset in the evening. 360 degrees of natures perfection at and slightly above the treeline. Thankfully, this area is still somewhat of a hidden gem, and as such not overrun with inconsiderate and often messy tourist types!

start at chilliwack lake prov. park. we took a group of 6 to radium lake in 4.5h full overnight packs. we reccomend camping at the saddle between mt. webb and mt. mcdonald, there was water up there. lots of campsites as well. from there the summit is only 40 min. incredible views and quite an elevation gain. total hiking time was 6.5h to the saddle and 4h return.

23 days ago

dont not complete need more experience befirr trying this one again cant wait to see what at the top and the lake

Got to the trailhead around noon. Easy but absolutely gorgeous hike to the end of the marked trail. Beautiful spot there to have a bite to eat before the scramble to the summit. At the first rock climb, stay more to the center, we went right and got into big trouble. the dogs were too stressed after that ordeal so my husband stayed down with them while I went up. after the first scramble there is a flat area with a beautiful pond. Just stunning scenery everywhere. Views are amazing as they normally are at 2000 meters. then the final scramble to the top, wow what a climb! I've been in a few decent scrambles in the Rockies and this one was pretty crazy. had there not been another girl on her way up that knew the way, I don't think I would have chanced it on my own as you easily could get yourself in big trouble without a way to get down. anyway, even with her as a guide, I found it very challenging. A few scrapes and cuts just from trying to get through certain parts, no mishaps or accidents. I had brand new hikers with excellent grip, gloves would have been helpful. Very windy at the top and cool. take a light jacket even if the weather is nice. I will definitely be coming back, however will likely not go to the summit again. apparently if you go right at the end of the marked trail, it takes you to a little lake. probably just beautiful and great for dogs. Most of the peoole on the trail ( and there were a lot) did not go to the summit. Do not attempt to take dogs to the summit of this hike. mine are like goats and could not do it, the boulders are too large and smooth with nothing to grip or step on making it impossible for them to find a safe route