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Nice scenery but a little crowded at times

I went there for the sunset, it's the best for the light (I even saw a rainbow!) and I was almost alone. The smoke is not a problem there even though it was all around.
The view from look out is as beautiful as from the foot of the waterfall.

The trail is ok not to hard but a bit boring (apart from the lake part). When you follow the canyon make sure to see it properly it's gorgeous, you can climb on a big rock that makes a natural bridge to the other side (another trail). It's worth it and not too difficult. The falls are beautiful though! Middle of the afternoon for the best light.

Awesome little hike. Great waterfall at the end and can climb right up to the top of you feel brave enough. And skilled enough. A deft must do if your in the area.

Look out for the blue marks! Windy and nice weather.

Great Hike! There’s is currently a lot of smoke in the area due to wildfires and we’ve met a fair amount of people but definitely a fun hike!

I can't add too much to what's been said except to say that from Lake Oesa to the hut is most certainly NOT a moderate hike. You would be very foolish to not do this wearing a climbing helmet and very good footwear. From Lake O'Hara to Lake Oesa yes, definitely moderate and very beautiful on it's own.

PLEASE NOTE: The hut is closed indefinitely due to erosion. There is nowhere to camp up there. Allow yourself enough time to get up and back in daylight. The terrain is too difficult to hike at dusk.

8 days ago

This was a real pleasant surprise. This hike has it all. Walk right next to a beautiful lake, scramble through some flooded areas, some forest, walk across a barren area with views of the river downstream of the falls and finally some fantastic waterfalls! This is now near the top of my all time favorites.

Short moderately steep switchbacks then lovely walk to a beautiful Yoho Lake. Swam in the lake and just hung with the ducks and other hikers.

I honestly didn’t want to go on this hike as I’m in favor of more challenging trails, but my girlfriend demanded we go. I’m glad she did...we took the most scenic pictures here out of our entire 6 days in Banff National Park. The views are spectacular and absolutely worth every second. Just be sure to arrive early (7am??) as it is a hotbed for the tour busses. We started about 7:15am and only saw a few people along the way. A+

Was beautiful but lack of indications

Definitely the longest and steepest rock scrambling I have ever done. It took us 2 hrs just to master the scree field. 4.5 hrs for the entire hike up.

We arrived at the hut under dark clouds accompanied by thunder and hail. What a treat to enter a warm hut, with hot water already on the stove (placed by wonderful fellow hikers).
Helmets are highly recommended, especially for the downhill when every step causes a mini avalanche.
Put this adventure on your bucket list.

Nice half day hike! If you have some more time it definitely worth it to follow the Iceline Trail until you reach the first glaciers. Highline trail is very nice through wildflowers (22.07.2018) and well maintained! We had an early lunch at Yoho Lake on our way back - which was nice because afterwards it goes just downhill - don’t forget Bug Spray!!!! The trail in the forest could be slippery if it’s wet, watch for your steps!

Trail was easy to find, and lots of parking available. The trail was quite busy, and for a large majority the trail is flat, going around the lake. A few sections near the lake are muddy/ washed out. The stairs before the falls are quite steep, but have a few sections you can get off and break at. Following the river up to the falls was a highlight, definitely take the time to check it out. I wore running shoes, but boots would have been preferred in the rocky sections.

1 month ago

Go before 8am or after 6pm to avoid the crowds. We visited at 8:30pm (July). Had the falls to ourselves for a few minutes and it was incredible.

Well marked trail. Some spots have water running through the trail so bring proper shoes. Up hill work out to start but well worth the climb getting to the lake and plenty of wild flowers (July) to keep the spirits high. At the fork, go to the lake first (clockwise), great views of Wapta mountain. We shared lunch here with a family of ducks. The rewards aren’t over yet, make sure to treat yourself to the last part of the loop with a quick uphill push to start then levelling out to some spectacular views of the valley and the Icleine everywhere you look including some amazing views of the Takakkaw Falls with the Daly glacier looming above it. Great half day hike with many visual rewards. We will be going back for more!

Nice hike. Stay near the water as others have advised. Trail washed out a bit around 1.5 miles in but manageable. Look for rock piles (trail guides) and stay close to the water before the stairs. Stopped by the natural bridge over the river (leads to bow hut trail). There’s a ladder so you can climb on top.

Great day today, the weather was perfect. It’s a little more windy and cold near the falls but that is to be expected with glacier water. Some parts were scarier for me because I’m afraid of heights but even as a beginner hiker it wasn’t too bad. I had my poles and good hiking boots. The elevation is not much and it’s mostly an easy hike, just one steeper section. The falls are awesome and the lake is so blue! By far one of my favorite hikes.

Great views of the water- stick to the river! Made the mistake of going through the forest unnecessarily.

Easily the best hike I’ve ever done. The entire hike does not have a single dull moment! The climb up to the Hut is vertical and scree the entire time, it took me 2 1/2 hours. I did not rush but also did not take any long breaks, just enough to catch my breath and take a photo. The hike to lake Oesa (which is the starting point for where you break off to the mountaineering route to begin the climb to the Hut) took me 2 1/2 hours also. If you are nervous around heights or have not done any scrambling, maybe hold off on this one as it is very steep. But again, so worth the views!

Beautiful Hike and great views. If you can, stay on the path near the river bed until you get to the steeper section with stairs that will take you to the viewpoint and then on to the falls. You can opt to take the right path through the forest as we did, but in retrospect the other way in much easier and scenic (we did that on the way back). Through the forest you will need to climb fairly steep and dense sections of overgrown forest. We were lucky some previous hikers left some markers to guide us out of it. You will end up in an open section of low vegetation near a creek bed infested with mosquitoes (luckily we had mosquito repellent on us) so push on toward the river side, left when looking toward the falls and glacier. Once you reach the riverbed side it is pretty straight forward. In a nutshell, unless there is too much water, go the riverbed side. Views from the falls are great looking towards bow lake and the Num Ti Jah lodge.

1 month ago

Impressive flow and spray of water from a cliff. Easy hike. We visited on a cloudy, rainy day; it is probably more stunning in the afternoon sunlight. Watch for tour buses and RVs on the switchbacks--we saw one backing up the road because they can't make the tight turns.

Beautiful the entire way. So many connecting trails. The only thing is we didn’t know you had to have a reservation to even start the hike because the road to get to the trailhead is inaccessible and gated. So unless you have a bus reservation through the parks or the lodge, enjoy the extra 13 miles (22 km) that the road adds. Luckily the NFS road wasn’t busy and was simply beautiful. Bring bug spray!

Nice half day hike with awesome views of waterfall and mountains. Lots of uphill, it's a decent workout.

1 month ago

Easy, walk for the whole family. Busy Canada Day in the rain.

Very Scenic and pretty easy hike except for a steep section with steps towards the end. If you go when water flow is less...just make sure to walk along the lake shore and waterfall stream. If you go into the forest .. as the trail goes... make sure u take the right turns. When you see open grass after coming out of forest... dont go right towards small waterfall (though u will hear it...we ended up going right and climbing all the way to the top which gives excellent views of Bow lake but its not the actual bow falls or trail). Go left towards the stream which feeds Bow Lake and walk along it.

1 month ago

beautiful lakes

Gorgeous Alpine hike with incredible views, variety and amazing trails. Hikers dream.

2 months ago

Easy and beautiful!

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