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Easy and beautiful!

One of my most favorite hikes that I've ever been on. ✨

This was one of our favorite hikes as it kept you along water the whole hike (and we like water) There must have been an avalanche this past winter as part of the trail is essentially gone and you will get your feet wet! I feel it is recent as the downed trees are obviously “fresh”. We knew it “must be the trail” as it was along the lake, however, we did question being in the right spot.

Nice short hike with some history.

Such a great hike for a huge reward. If you want an even cooler view, take the rock bridge on the left (You’ll know when you see it) and hit the trail that takes you above the falls.

Amazing view at the end !especially if you are the first ones out!

Did this in June. Waterfall has nice and big from the snow melt and hike was easy.

We did this to cap the day after other longer hikes, and finished with dinner around the lake. Good spot for that, but don't go out of your way to do this hike only considering the amazing things around. It's nice and easy and flat, so relaxing

must see in when its in full force with the spring melt. easy walking. the drive up is more challenging then the hike lol

You can either go straight to the bow falls or make a left over the massive boulder to two different waterfalls. Both are pretty good the second is much longer.

7 months ago

Beautiful. Lots of tourists. You oh can go pretty close to the falls but you ll get soaked so waterproof what you need. Good hiking shoes as it can be slippery

Great views of the lake from the side and rear. We did not make it to the falls due to a snowstorm blowing in. Would definitely do it again. Some parts of the trail were snow covered and slick, so proper shoes/boots and/or poles recommended.

The Iceline section of this hike may have been my favorite hike ever. Did the steep part first(hiked clockwise) and found it challenging but not brutal. If you do it this way the second half of the hike is a gradual descent through mostly woods and not nearly as exhilarating as the first half, but then again what is?

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8 months ago

one word. GEM!.... this was a sight that I couldn't even believe. from the highway it's roughly an 8km drive to the falls. The drive itself is amazing. even a few switchbacks on the road itself. stunning views the whole time to the falls. once there, the sound is the first thing that grabs you. roaring like a beast. it's a small easy walk to the falls, accessible by anybody. once there. a thousand foot waterfall fed by glacial melt is out of this world. there is a fairly steep scramble/scree section for the more adventurous that can take you right to the base of the falls. literally, you can go to where it hits Rock. there is also another part with huge boulders and big rock that your can check out. it is massive and gives you a sense of movement while standing still. one of the most incredible things I've seen in my life. 10 min walk from the lot to get there makes it easy for everyone. amazing!

Nice views, good deal of work. Greatest reward is the Yoho lake waiting for you.

Nice peaceful hike through the forest at the start, very few people which is nice for a change. It is a long uphill people that haven't done much hiking before may find it hard. Good views at the top and views of he glacier. We completed it in just under 4 hours but with fast hiking.

Beautiful area! Easy hike with one steep section (has stairs). Beginning by the lake can be quite busy but the trails become quieter the further you go.

We completed the Iceline trail in late September and it was fairly snowy, but still manageable without cleats. The views at the higher elevations on this trail are truly awesome - and that is an accurate use of the word, not a figure of speech. :-) We opted to complete a loop via Celeste Lake and Yoho Valley. This created a really enjoyable, varied hike: up through forest then gorgeous icy mountain views on Iceline and then down through mature forest, lakes, rivers, and water falls via Celeste Lake and Yoho Valley. If you go this way, be warned that the last hour or so is painfully boring. The Yoho Valley stretch at the end is very flat and not at all interesting. You could drive a small car on the trail it's so flat and wide, but I personally think it's better to end that way then to start that way. We saw others doing the same loop counter-clockwise which would mean starting out with the boring bits on Yoho Valley and ending with Iceline. I guess it comes down to personal preference. Doing the loop was a great deal more enjoyable than an out and back trip on Iceline alone would have been, so I do recommend this option if you are up to covering a bit more distance.

9 months ago

This was a really nice starter jaunt to the day. Quite interesting and easy. We did the trail across the Kicking Horse river and then crossed the road to start this hike just to add a bit more time.

The walk is easy & the falls spectacular. Also great mountain vistas.

The walk is easy & the falls spectacular. Also great mountain vistas.

9 months ago

An easy walk capped by a fantastic waterfall. The meeting of the two waters is also worth stopping at on the way.

Fairly easy trail with only one steep section. Very tranquil walking along the lake shore. The basin featuring the waterfall is pretty awesome and caps off a nice walk. Saw a decent sized black bear on the way back.

Smoke is gone, not too busy, raining last 1/3rd and 6C at Mitchell Stanley hut. Scenery changes every 15 mins. Amazing hike.

The ice fields are so beautiful. This is an easy few hour hike to be around water.

Amazing hike, amazing views. Starts off steep but levels out, some areas were trickier than others due to the small/loose rocks. Overall, worth the hike for the nice views!

Took for a bit during our hike to the Iceline. Good place to stop for some lunch and photos.

A nice leisurely stroll on paved paths to take in an amazing sight. Listen carefully as you approach the Falls - much more of a roar before you cross the bridge over the river.

Amazing hike, amazing elevation gain. All elevation gain is pretty much in the first hour on switch backs, then levels out in the rocks. Completely worth it to feel like you're on top of the world.

En fait nous avons fait le grand tour via Little Yoho. Très belle randonnée.

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