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5 starts for the lake itself but too crowded for my liking.

Did the 10km hike from emerald lake through the snow, it was not easy but well worth it .

Very pretty view of Peyto Lake right after the snow storm. Please wear the proper gear as we saw people slipping all over the place. Take the trek up to the left to view beautiful snow covered forests.

The view is a 5 star, but the crowd is a 1. It's a steep incline up and today when we went it was a little slick from snowfall. The view was beautiful and it's short walk to get to. However, the tourist were rude and it was elbow to elbow on the lookout. The best views are if you escape the crowd just a little going beyond the lookout platforms to the right and take photos with no one rushing you and even better views...this will require a slight adventure but nothing that was difficult to do.

Heavily trafficed is an overstatement! It is basically a narrow paved trail the entire way where you are weaving in and out of tourists walking at turtle pace like they do not have the entire Canadian Rockies to explore! Once you actually get to the lookout, you cannot get a single good picture because someone else is always there. I don't think I need to see this lake again, but was glad I braved the crowd to at least see it once in person.

Short, Steep hike up the road from where the cars parked. Buses were allowed all the way up. Crazy, pushy tourists crowded onto the icy trail from the buses to the view of Peyto Lake.

so beautiful and grand when we are in the midst of the mountains and lakes, the golden larch reflections on the lake is picture perfect !

1 month ago

Gave it a 3 because it was so snowy/cloudy/foggy that we couldn’t even see the water. Trail was snow/ice covered and very slippery. Definitely not worth the drive when it is snowing as the roads were snow covered with sheer drop offs with very few guard rails. People were driving with their flashers on and cars/buses were backed up (ie, at a stand still) trying to get up the mountain road. Cars were turning around to go back to Banff on a very narrow mountain road with curves and very limited visibility. We made it to The Crossing, spent the night, and with more snow being forecasted decided not to continue onto Jasper, but to go back to Banff. Disappointing.

Beautiful view! Saw the fox outline and mountains surrounding it so clearly. 12/10 would recommend.

1 month ago

A short walk on a paved path to a great view of the tall, spectacular falls. Crowded parking lot and walkway.

I didn’t find Takakkaw Falls really great. There were so many tourists around and climbing on the falls that it was hard to enjoy. I wouldn’t go again.

Hiking to Laughing Falls (approx 6-7 km round trip) was much more satisfactory in my opinion, with gorgeous falls at the end and a couple small falls and a lake on the route. Highly enjoyable easy trek.

Lovely trail thru the forest. On different trails you can see many other small waterfalls !

Such a marvelous lake !

We went late afternoon and it was very crowded! A lot of buses and tourists ! We were a bit disapointed but we walked the main trail anyway and took a trail away from the main path after the belvedere! What a good choice we made !! The view is much more impressive! And you can appreciate your moment without having thousands of tourists behind your back ! My advice: take the small trail after the belvedere!

Beauty everywhere you look. So nice to hike in the prime hiking season and only come across a few groups throughout the day! We did the alpine circuit but I would like to come back to spend more time on the Opabin Plateau. So many lakes, streams and wild flowers! I would like to take more tome to enjoy that special place. We hiked the fire road in and out. It put our day over 30kms and everyone’s feet were not happy for the last 5kms. Other then that, the day was amazing!

Very crowded, but beautiful views

Nice easy hike, beautiful view of the falls. Way too busy on the weekend. Encountered a lot of impatient drivers who obviously wanted to get there or out as soon as possible. Valley is beautiful with picturesque falls, tall trees and avalanche paths.

Go early it gets very crowded and the trail is narrow. Amazing views! The water is absolutely stunning! Be careful leaning against the railings on the first viewpoint. It was rotted and loose!

1 month ago

This 1260' waterfall is absolutely stunning! Short easy walk to it with viewpoints along the way. We seen 2 people rock climbing near it as we were walking towards it. It's a must see! There is also a great place in Field to eat at. It's called Truffle Pigs Bistro. It was great food and drink following this wonderful visit!

Just awesome. Incredible beauty at all times...

falls are insane. trail is nothing.

Stunning View! A must to see in a life!

Make sure to take some of the trails off the main path. We decided to do that and ended up completely alone with the most amazing view. I think it may have been the Cauldron Trail but I’m not completely sure. It is also better to visit this lake on the earlier side.

Go for the scenery not the hike or crowds.

Short, beautiful, nice drive too it. Thinner crowds than Banff.

Very crowded but awesome view

I had hiking this trail two times.
Its amazing.!!
Beautiful view eventhough difficult.

A must-see. Was not crowded when we visited--but that was off-peak late May 2015.

Crazy crowded, but amazing views.

Nice scenery but a little crowded at times

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