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1 day ago

Great hike! Warned that after the 6 k mark the trail is not maintained. After, there are 2 ways to the glacier, I recommend using the one on the right, as you can scramble up to an amazing waterfall. watch out for loose rocks (scree) coming down as it is easy to fall

Great hike! Started out early, so really didn't see anyone until we started heading down. It was non stop people by then. Arrived just in time at the parking area to stop a guy from blocking us in to our parking spot - guess the overflow on the road wasn't to his liking and double parking seemed to suit him better. Recommend weekday - morning to hike this.

4 days ago

My daily walk / hike from our summer place. It’s a great family hike for kids, adults and seniors. If you’re moving you can get to the top in about 15 min and down in about 13, but what’s the rush? Take your time and enjoy the nature.

Before you hike it, look at the hoodoos from the highway or the Hoodoo gas station / campground so you get a sense of where you’re going to be heading and what it looks like from below.

Couple notes to help out: 1) there are no garbage or recycling bins along the trail or at the trailhead. Bring out what you bring in. 2) stay on the trail. Can’t emphasize this enough. Watch out for children and pets (on leash) at the top. 3) relatively speaking, the toughest section is the 400m after the gate. There are many flat spots after this. 4) enjoy and stop at the Hoodoo gas station for an ice cream afterwards. The kids’ size is $3.50 and plenty big enough.

An easy trail until the sign warns that beyond is not maintained, from there it gets to be a hard go. The easy section is a narrow trail with gradual switchbacks with roots and rocks on the path. Short tree growth allows views of both the valley and river. Once across the bridge the incline increases but still an easy go. I watched for the flowers while my husband was counting the butterfly species that crossed our path. Once we got to the end of the maintained trail we went to the right as was suggested. Definitely a scramble hike up to the ice caves and beyond to the glacier. The trail is unclear at many times on the right but rock cairns helped us navigate to the top. Once at the top we sat on a rock and enjoyed the gushing water and sights all around us. We descended on the left side which was a mix of loose rocks and a steep incline to a trail that was somewhat packed and easy to find. I agree that I would climb the right and descend the left as I find it easier to get a footing on loose rock going up than down. One of the most spectacular hikes we have been on in the area. Water falls, rivers, glaciers, ice caves, alpine meadows, rock beds, it has it all in one location. You can pick and choose what you want to see and what you will do next time.

6 days ago

We were here on Canada Day. So it was kind of busy. It was raining by the time we got here but then it stopped raining as we started the hike. Few folks on their way down told us they experienced hail when they were at the top. The initial part of the trail needs more effort compared to what is required in the second half of the trail. So an easy to moderate trail overall. It becomes harder, steeper and less defined by the end. So quite a few people turn back from there while few take up the challenge to venture out further. Provides incredible views all along.

Super nice! Was very windy at the top, I recommend having some sunglasses as the sand picks up easy. Easy hike

8 days ago

Full disclosure--I probably wouldn't have stopped here but my wife suggested it on a cloudy day when other more iconic sites were obscured. I'm glad I listened to my wife--the pools of yellow, orange, and green are incredibly vivid and reflect the shadows of the surrounding trees like some kind of psychedelic artwork. And we had the place to ourselves, which was rare on our trip to the area in July. Your shoes/boots will probably get muddy on the trail but I liked it as a reminder of the interesting colors in the sediment of this area.

The official trail is a nice easy hike that starts with about 11 mellow switchbacks. The low new growth makes for some nice views. The end of the official trail is where the real fun begins, with a climb up the valley walls to the plateau and glacier at the end. We took the trail on the left side of the valley up and the trail on the right side down, I’d probably ascend the right side trail if I did it again. Wear good hiking boots and would recommend poles (we didn’t have any and the descent on loose rocks was extra slow going). The views are incredible, from the end of the official trail and the plateau.

Damn sweet hike
Excellent for running
You will come to a sign at the top saying you reached Stanley glacier but you can then make your own trail to the top. So sweet! Just be careful on the way down lose rocks and steep

nature trips
12 days ago

Incredible rush of blue water through narrow, deep cracks in the rocks. Got a brief window to visit on an otherwise cloudy rainy day and this was a highlight when other scenic sights were obscured by clouds. Well worth a stop.

13 days ago

Honestly not worth the effort.

Quick run down: went on the trail at the end of June and honestly it seems like it hasn’t been maintained for 5 years (or the latter half of it at least). The first 8 or so km is OK, but there are still a lot of fallen logs and overgrown bush on the trail to contend with. After this 8km point the trail gets really funky, landslides and completely overgrown areas crowd the trail. Stay near the river to make it all the way to the 10km turn off sign, which the trail is incredibly difficult to follow - even for an experienced hiker. Didn’t actually make it to the sharp incline to the top of Kauffman’s Lake as rain set in and the trail was unfindable. Do your best to follow a few of the rock structures we set up to indicate the trail. Otherwise you’re simply hiking through and forest destroyed by a fire.

14 days ago

I recommend this hike because it offers a variety of sights and terrain. Personally, after using this app quite a bit in the Rockies, I would rate this hike as a moderate for sure.

un Trail veramente particolare, breve ma molto suggestivo. Vale una camminata!

17 days ago

This is a fantastic break spot to get in a quick hike. Easy with really spectacular views. Better than Johnston Canyon in my view. Not crowded and we were there on the Friday of the July long weekend.

21 days ago

Good trail and well maintained until reaching the open valley.

From there you'll find a number of unmarked trails made across the loose rocks, up to a number of waterfalls and caves (which we didn't enter).

You can go much further to the rear of the valley once snow has melted.

Excluding the very rocky valley that we explored, it was about an hour each way without stopping.

Easy hike and saw various shapes and sizes of hikers on main trail. Fewer going up to the falls.

25 days ago

Gorgeous views and an easy hike with moderate inclination - you could see the mountains almost the entire way up.

The snow is all gone now and the mud mostly dry, so basic hiking shoes should do you well here. It's pretty popular, so if you can go before 10am it's nice and quiet.

26 days ago

When we were starting we saw another gentleman who asked if we were ‘out for a walk today.’ I wondered why he said ‘walk’ instead of ‘hike’ until we finished the trail. While it’s not bad, it really is more of a walk and the trail is a bit overgrown. We took our 8 month old son in a backpack carrier and our dog. It served the purpose of getting out and it definitely wasn’t too difficult for our first ‘hike’ with a baby so it was good for us. Overall, if you want something that’s fairly straight forward, very few incline areas yet still pretty then this is great. It’s long enough that you can spend a few hours in an afternoon but not too long that you really need to prepare much. We spent 3.5 hours total there and back including probably 30-45 minutes stopping to deal with an overtired baby.

You walk along an overgrown path until you reach a sign that says you are at the end. Then you turn around. That's it. No views.

27 days ago

Easy trail, but not much to see until you get to the top. Nice views from the top, though. Worth the walk.

28 days ago

Nice short walk through some varied landscape - there’s small wetlands, a river, a small waterfall and the paint pots. The ochre-coloured mud is very pretty, and something you don’t see everyday. It was warm when I was there, so I sat by the river for a bit and just enjoyed the scenery. Nice, easy walk. Definitely family friendly.

28 days ago

Nice trail - well travelled but not too busy (I was there on a Monday). I sat and had lunch at the end, surrounded by the mountains, and it was beautiful.

1 month ago

was cool once at the hoodoos,but I don’t think I’m itching to do it again. my four year old loved it though , keeps saying she wants to go up again!

Easy and short hike along the sides of the canyon with great traversing bridges. The turquoise water is stunning and the depth of the canyon awe inspiring. Highly recommend.

The official trail is easy to moderate, but after the end, it becomes harder, steeper and less define. I went to the waterfalls and grotto by the south trail (right one), the trail is pretty steep and I was walking on small cobbles so it was tricky at some point. Then I continued up to the glacier front on the same trail. I came back by the north (left trail), which I found larger, less steeper and easier to walk on (the material is coarser). However, there were some snow patches to cross (5 to 15 m long). The views are wonderful (up toward the glacier and down toward the valley).

1 month ago

Good afternoon hike.

We went beyond the trail end and up the shale wall on the right side to some waterfalls/ice caves - that climb is a good workout. Total time in and out was 3:20 including a 10 minute stop for lunch. Even though it was June we experienced both hail and snow at the trail end and at higher elevations - the glacier seems to produce its own weather; so be prepared.

1 month ago

Nice views about30 minutes in. Views are of lake river and mountains. You are on top of the Hoodos a bit steep at the beginning

2 months ago

great trail, and a very good adventure

went out to the paint pots yesterday and had to walk through about 200m of ochre mud. there were planks going over some bad parts but mostly it was up to you to try and not get too dirty! Was a great adventure but should probably bring old shoes...

3 months ago

Sweet walk! Pretty cool canyon, definitely worth checking out if you’re driving by

3 months ago

Trail is open!
Muddy & some snow patches but well worth the view of the hoodoos!
Short & easy

4 months ago

Very pretty scenery through woods ending at mountains and a glacier. Had lunch at end and took in the views.

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