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4 hours ago

I did from beginning of 4×4 road took me 29.2 km 7 hours elevation 1926m round trip was great. P.s. I didn't have 4×4 vehicle

4 hours ago

In 3 hours one can hike halfway to pretty Laughing Falls on this trail and back to the Takakkaw Falls parking lot. The majority of the 124 meter elevation gain is acquired on one hill after the spurs for Angels Staircase and Point Lace Falls. Higher, the trail is in generally good condition to the Laughing Falls bridge and campground. Good views of Takakkaw Falls, the Yoho River, and the Daly Glacier along the way.

terrific day of hiking to floe lake. last 3 km were a little difficult as it was a jot jot July day but what a surprise to get to the camp site and e experience a day in the area. played around with a released chunk of ice that floated along side the lake like an east coast iceberg. magnificent day, and met some tremendous folks from all over. Fallen burnt out trees allowed us to experience what heavy winds the previous night can do to change the character of trail. This after considerable work was done with a chain saw the previous to clear the trail. I'd do this again in a heartbeat and will certainly do it again this year.

the hike was 30km out and back from the parking lot not the stated 19km. Very difficult. bring lots of water and Gatorade and fuel snacks. took 6 girls 10 hrs

12 hours ago

A bit more then 12 k but the view is nice at the end

Great day today, the weather was perfect. It’s a little more windy and cold near the falls but that is to be expected with glacier water. Some parts were scarier for me because I’m afraid of heights but even as a beginner hiker it wasn’t too bad. I had my poles and good hiking boots. The elevation is not much and it’s mostly an easy hike, just one steeper section. The falls are awesome and the lake is so blue! By far one of my favorite hikes.

13 hours ago

Really great hike with an intense uphill, but definitely worth it for the views at the top! Trail can get super busy as it is very popular, and definitely worth going to the 2nd peak since the top has a lot more room for groups to have their own space to rest and have lunch. Definitely need to be in shape to do this hike especially since at the top you need to pull yourself up using a chain on the rocks.

on Diez Vistas Trail

14 hours ago

Great hike with really cool viewpoints! The first three or four viewpoints are the best, but a couple of the viewpoints after that aren't really great because foliage covers them from the trail. The first part is intense uphill switchbacks for about three kms, then it is a nice slow downhill for the rest. Hike took a total of four hours, not very busy either for starting at 10:00 but it was a cloudier day and it was definitely getting really busy by the time we finished.

great dog walking area. great views, good for a brisk walk

easy to get to, not too crowded, mamy trails to choose from

Amazing!! Definitely not an easy hike and not clearly marked at times but absolutely incredible. It’s a must if you’re in the area! Approx 4.5 hours

16 hours ago

July 15, 2018- There is a steep incline from the beginning and it never ends lol. Wear proper footwear and bring poles if you have them. We ended up using big sticks on the way down because it’s hella hard to not slip due to the sheer steepness. It’s a great workout, covered by trees most of the way, so you shouldn’t burn. We did get bitten by mosquitoes so I’d recommend applying bug spray.

Very nice view at the top and a small clearing to sit for a bit. I’m in decent shape and found this to be a great workout for my legs lol. Didn’t run into any bears. I would NOT recommend this hike when it’s been raining because there’s a high chance you will slip and fall. Prepare to get really dusty as dirt gets kicked up with almost every step. Our little dog was white when we left and brown when we returned LOL. Oh, and bring water!!

18 hours ago

Great hike, plenty of view points. my legs definitely felt that one!!

19 hours ago

Great hike! Started out early, so really didn't see anyone until we started heading down. It was non stop people by then. Arrived just in time at the parking area to stop a guy from blocking us in to our parking spot - guess the overflow on the road wasn't to his liking and double parking seemed to suit him better. Recommend weekday - morning to hike this.

A) Directions to parking leads to a residential area. I suggest finding a better way to get to the trail. We had to walk about 10-15 minutes through homes.
B) Once on the trail, it's beautiful and peaceful. However, the whole area is probably better for mountain biking.

Great hike, it was easy up until the path stopped and then it was moderate to hard from there but don’t let that discourage you; the view was amazing. took me and my girlfriend approx 3 1/2 hours. Would do it again for sure.

Great views of the water- stick to the river! Made the mistake of going through the forest unnecessarily.

23 hours ago

amazing view, wow! can see Mara and okanagan lake. bam!

Beautiful trail. Stunning arbutus. I found sections of the trail aren't really run-able: either too steep or loose gravel and steep or too rocky and steep. But the climbs keep you're heart working and the views are lovely. Saw clear to Mt Baker today.

The view along this walk is amazing. Lots of great sights and many places to stop for a few and relax. A walk you shouldn’t pass up

1 day ago

Easy trail with gentle inclines and declines around a beautiful lake. Good for a relaxing stroll anytime of the day or an energetic run.

7/14/2018: wasn’t sure how I was going to like this trail at first but it was worth it. Has a little of everything... forest, rocky “open” terrain (looks almost desolate), ice glaciers, blue lakes and basins, and even a waterfall. I would recommend doing this hike clockwise to get the sharp incline out of the way. The back half will be more of a gradual decent and easier on the knees and the last few miles will be more on flat terrain (I like having easier miles at the end of hike in case of any injuries or pains that could occur at the higher elevations). Bring sunscreen as a good portion of hiking is out in the open. And bug spray. There were also a few trail runners on this route as well as solo hikers.

Enjoyed this hike until we got to Flatiron junction. Didn’t like the scramble up and down, pretty sketchy. Views are great but much better from Flatiron because of the lake. If we would have gone to Flatiron first, I wouldn’t have bothered going to up this peak but we went here first. Dogs cannot go up the actual Needle Peak unless they are small and fit in your backpack, like mine. If you are going up the peak just stay in the center and find your way. Be careful!

1 day ago

Worst hiking experience of life. Only a little bit of view at the summit. Trail entrance was not properly marked other than 'Z A P A '. Lots of hangry mosquitoes which didn't care about bug sprays. Couldn't take rest anywhere even with spraying bugspray. It's not good for hiking but snowshoe should be better.

Well maintained trail with good shade for a hot sunny day. Don’t forget the bug spray. Good workout!

1 day ago

Near on impossible to find the trail at the start of the ascent (stick to the middle left) and once you do it only makes things a little easier. This bad boy is steep, all the way to the top. Worth it once you get there though!

Lovely trail, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I did peak 2 & 3. The stairs at the beginning were pretty exhausting for me as I just started going on hikes, but after that it went well. The view is amazing!! The way down was hard on my knees and ankles and I was sore for two days, but I would definitely do it again!
Great hike

Did this last August and planning to do it again this summer. I wish I had brought a quality wind breaker rather than a ‘light jacket’ for the trek to the peak. This wind picked up, there was still some snow and I don’t know how anyone wearing shorts survived. I also did not have poles and I plan to use poles next time. The views are incredible, well worth the challenge. Getting to the peak is significantly more difficult than the ridge, but if you think you can do it just do it!!

1 day ago

First part of trail was quite steep with loose rocks so can be somewhat slippery going downhill on the return trip. No snow left on trail but some parts are muddy. It was a cloudy, rainy day and we didn’t think we would have a view but we were lucky because the clouds parted as we reached the bluff. Nice hike with a beautiful view. There was a raven and a couple of chipmunks on the bluff waiting for food. Took us about 3 hours return.

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