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15 hours ago

Pretty easy hike, nice path. Plenty of friendly people and even more pooches. A great spot for the amateur birder. Spotted several different species (pileated woodpecker,
merganser, thrush, robin, pacific wren, brown creeper). And also sea lions.

great view from the top.

1 day ago

Enjoyed this trail today. Was worried about having a muddy hike but aside from a few puddles this trail was not bad.

This is a great hike with lots of varied terrain. The first time we did this hike we found the south entrance in Extension. Easy hike up to the ridge and spectacular views south and west. Awesome for catching the setting sun! The second time, we entered the trail from the Harewood Mines Rd end. Unfortunately we read the direction sign from one side and went to the left instead of the right, resulting in a less than interesting walk along the power line.... more like a scramble over jagged rocks. Once we realized this was not where we wanted to be, we cut up toward the SW, into the trees. Much better!
The third time.... we got it right and headed right up to the Abyss near the top of the ridge. We met a couple who said the last time they had hike there, the slope was still all forested. Now it’s a pretty sad wasteland with a ton of debris from the logging and a few spindly arbutus. It gets way better up top though, so keep going! Take a look at the big fissure, called the Abyss, (keep small dogs on a leash and watch your littles carefully - it’s just wide enough for one to slip down into) and then carry on up to the ridge. Keep going until you get a great view over the city! Then go some more til you get to the big tower. Take photos here! You might even be able to see Mt Baker in the US! Keep going and enjoy the last couple km, especially where you can see down into the Extension valley. Really pretty. The first couple times were nice and quiet, but the last time we went on a Sunday afternoon, there was a lot of rifle fire coming from the shooting range, and many people on dirt bikes and ATVs, so it kinda sounded like a war going on..... not super peaceful. A fun hike, with lots of terrain, not too hard, and pretty views. You will just have to ignore the logged areas, and try to go when the shooting range isn’t open!

4 days ago

I think Alltrails must review the description recorded for Quarry Rock. Is it a good trail? Absolutely. Love it. I hike it very often. Should it still be classified as easy? No! People new to Quarry Rock think they will just walk in the forest, like you would walk in Stanley Park. That is not the case. I think it should be classified as intermediate. The first segment of the trail is quite steep. Other segments are also cardio challenging, which is good if you are looking for that type of exercise (like me), but beginners, parents of young children, and seniors should be advised that it has several stairs throughout the trail. It is also muddy and slippery by parts, so definitely bring some good running shoes. I personally prefer hiking boots for that trail. People new to the trail should also know that it is now extremely popular and it does get crowded quickly. The narrow passages make it tough for one to take a break without slowing down the entire line. Be ready to keep up with the pace! Overall though, the scenery is great and the view at the end is very rewarding. I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 just because it is now crazy popular and access is becoming a problem.

5 days ago

Great trail to take out the pup. Definitely muddy but fun none the less. Relatively easy.

Very beautiful! Nice short loop.

Good place to know

9 days ago

Easy hike. But can get mucky in the fall/winter especially when crossing the little streams.

10 days ago

Still snowy this time of the year, but a gorgeous day. Couldn’t get to the last bit of the trail, but we enjoyed our 8.2 km trek. Pupper friendly!

on Cypress Falls Hike

11 days ago

Really nice short hike and great for dog walking.
When you start from the parking lot the trail it is very easy and clear. You will come to a point where you can continue slightly left along the trail (West side of the river which is the route shown on this site) or cross a wooden bridge. If you stay on the path and do not cross the bridge it will be easy to follow orange markers. The trail remains wide and quite easy, it likely will take an hour or so to complete out and back style.

This is where people get confused:
If you cross the bridge and take the East side of the river there are markers for a short distance to a fork and then the trail gets much more difficult and is not well marked. If you go right at this fork you will meet up with a rocky path that resembles a creek. This will head up to a fence with a gate and connect to the service road in only a couple of minutes. If you head left at the fork you will parallel the river on a slippery (most of the year) and narrow trail. This is the trail some commenters refer to as being sketchy and on the edge of a cliff. It is more difficult than the West of the river trail, and I would watch little ones on this trail. This is also the route that leads you to the old car wreck. Shortly after the car wreck you reach the service road and a large, wooden bridge. You can do the trail as a loop, connecting the West and East trails with the service road.

This is a very pretty and green trail; however it needs better signage and a trail map, as I think most people assume they should cross the wooden bridge near the start of the trail leading to confusion!

A great hike on a sunny winter day! This trail is typical North Island - rooty and some mud, with a few fallen trees to climb over here and there.

The lookout, cleared by Dave Farrant himself using a chainsaw while hanging from a rope over the cliff and in his 70’s, has amazing views of Johnstone Strait. Hiking just to the lookout is a good shorter option.

The trail ends at the Blinkhorn Peninsula, which becomes an island at tides above about 13’, so check the tides before you go.

14 days ago

This is a short, fairly flat trail but there are a couple rough patches and quite a few roots. Very pretty along the river!

14 days ago

easily accessible on the FSR. great day hike with spectacular views at the lake. highly recommend!

I enjoyed this walk very much. It was very muddy on the roped area down to the falls, the rope was quite muddy too. I could rinse my hands in the water at the bottom but wish i had something to clean my hands after climbing back up, just a bit of water and a napkin or something. Consider sticking something in your pocket. but it's definitely worth the climb down. I think this walk, even before the roped area would not accomodate a stroller, there's just too many roots. Had a great day!

15 days ago

Easy walk. Great to get the family outdoors. A little hidden gem. Can’t wait to go there in the summer and catch some of the water pools. Car a coyote while on the trail

Beautiful and easy!

The perfect 6+ km walk

Doing it again this weekend, last time was 2015 when I first visited BC. Loved it then! No need for snowshoes, well used and packed down apparently. Unless going further to Greendrop, which is less well trodden.

Nice trail for exercise, a fair bit of surrounding noise (hwy, blasting and dirt bikes), and a lot of clear cutting :(

Lots of trails to explore, easy to lose your direction, recommend taking a picture of the map for reference.

mountain biking
22 days ago

Bikes have the right of way on this loop. The majority of this trail is in the mountain bike park.

trail running
25 days ago

Little Icy out there today, the sun should burn it off soon. Still pretty busy at 9am

I really enjoyed this short but sweet walk. I'll definitely return in the summer to enjoy some of the little private beaches.

Easy + Fast trail. Close to town for a quick breath of fresh air. Light to moderate traffic during the winter.

1 month ago

Someone had mentioned before the signage sucks in locating the falls. If there were not someone pulled over when I had arrived, I would have guessed on direction. The path was in decent condition , snow packed down. The temperature was not bad as well .

1 month ago

nice little hike took just under an hour round trip even with snow and stopping to take pictures

1 month ago

Rad hike!

1 month ago

Very easy; a lovely walk in the woods.

Went here for the first time on BC Family Day Long Weekend...could have spent the whole weekend here! Gorgeous views, white sand and clear blue water. Definitely will be back!

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