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8 hours ago

Great hike, not challenging in regards to the terrain but the length does make it a challenge. Beautiful forest walks, boardwalks and a stunning waterfall makes this a fabulous hike destination.
We walked the road back instead of the Baden Powell, which seemed to be easier for the route back.

Did this trail today, was defenitly a challenge for the cardio. I would rate this as moderate not easy. I found the Hope Lookout trail was easier and it's rated as moderate. Amazing views along the way.

Easy hike until you get closer to the falls. Going down is moderate. Coming back up can be tricky for some. Wear good footwear as the last part can be slippery. Love being able to go behind the falls, take a dip under the falls if you dare!

20 hours ago

Great hike! Beautiful waterfall at the end

awesome views easy hike even with a 3 year old

Great hike! Very well marked and maintained. Steep but the views make it worthwhile!

This trail was like being in another world. From small log bridges, lush waterfalls, climbing caves, and fields of wildflowers!

Be aware of a wasp nest at the beginning of the first waterfall. We passed many others who also got stung!!

We started on the Hartley road and used a off roading suspended Jeep to travel to the second parking lot. There were other trucks that went to the second parking lot as well.

Great workout as its mostly uphill. Helps to bring walking stick for the up and downhill. Amazing view at the top. But lots of flies and mosquitoes. Recommend bug spray or wear long sleeves to cover.

Great 360° views

August 16th 2018
The summer wildfires had the sky full of smoke so we decided to head to somewhere where the views of things more than a couple kilometers away weren't the main attraction. Decided on Williamson lake.

The trailhead for Williamson lake is about 4 kilometers into a 4 wheel drive only logging road just north of Foley lake, if you don't have a 4wd you can find somewhere to park near Foley and simply walk the extra distance, which is what we ended up doing.

After an hour of road walking we finally reached the trailhead, you'll start your hike in a rather bushy sort of valley and work your way up the side of it for three or four kilometers before you reach the lake. The trail is uphill the whole way, and while it can be steep in segments (notably near the end) for the most part it hangs roughly around 10-15% grade. The alpine flowers are really blooming around now and there was no shortage of colour on this hike.

The lake itself is small but rather nice, apparently there used to be a BCMC cabin up there before it was swept away by an avalanche. If you go down to where the lake drains you'll be treated to some beautiful small waterfalls too.

All in all it was a pretty good hike, definitely a good one for smoky days like today

3 days ago

Awesome hike for views and trail is beautiful. The only downside is that it's busy. The Forest was lovely and we did this pretty quick with our three year old but he's pretty adventurous! check us out @loewenlife for quarry rock and others! Parking is difficult, try to go early.

My home is on this trail, so I've done it dozens of times. A beautiful walk or bike ride.
Bring your dog and stop at off-leash parks.

A nice accessible walk with a few lovely views.

A great and simple hike for me and my 2 young daughter's. Little harder to breath with the smoke. Took us 1hr.

Love it...have done it in winter & summer!

Nice easy stroll in the park with a relaxing feel. The lagoon is beautiful and this is a place worthy of repeat visits.

Great trail ending in an amazing view of Mosul Falls. Walked behind it also which is a must for any visitor.

3 days ago

Great trail with beautiful views, the trail towards the end is rough and steep, harder for old people. The falls are beautiful.

Fun enough

4 days ago

Great hike for all ages (we had as young as 4). Included a stop for ice cream for kids and a beer for the adults.

4 days ago

Fun hike with varied terrain. Views weren't great due to smoke but saw a few mountain goats grazing at the top. The access road was in terrible condition, lots of ditches for a lengthy stretch, suggest going in a high clearance vehicle. Stop and say hi to the lady camped at 36km with the honey sign, shes a colourful character and makes great honey!

Beautiful walk to Sproat Lake.

Nice trail, very easy. The swim in the lower falls was brisk but refreshing and the view of the upper falls was beautiful.

We started from a non public trailhead, which was great. We didn’t see any other people the entire hike. Parts were very wooded yet others were on a fire road with overhead power lines. That’s why we only gave it a 3 star rating.

Pure Hell wasn't far from the truth. Although I wasn't feeling the best we all powered through it. Amazing waterfalls all along the way and the lake was stunning, a few of us even went for a swim. I thought the first half was hard enough.. and then you start the second half

6 days ago

Great hike with view points through and old cedar and fir Forrest. Cool huge trees. Do the lake trail at the top before stopping at the lodge for a beer.

We hiked this August 11th-12th for one overnight. I want to start of with saying that my car got broken into and badly vandalized! Such a shock to find my car that way, I bought the vehicle 10 days ago! :(. They tried prying open the hood, broke the front grill, smashed a window, damaged things underneath the steering wheel, everything was turned upside down, they undid the battery. I couldn't even drive it home. After hitch-hiking to town to get phone reception I was able to set everything in motion (police, tow truck, ICBC, etc.). It was a very sad and stressful day. There were more cars with broken windows, but my car seemed the only vandalized. Be careful out there, however I am unsure how I could've prevented vandalism like that..

About the hike. It was amazing, and steep! We were in cloud cover, but still had a fantastic time camping up at Upper Pierce Lake.

This is ‘my church’, where I go to soothe my soul and my soles. It’s a perfect combination of hills and flat. Excellent for training. If you are not a dog person, it should be avoided.

Nike, challenging day hike. Very foggy up top so will be doing this again on a clear day. Took our group just a bit under 5 hours to get from parking lot to summit with a few water and picture breaks. Puppy made it to emergency shelter with ease but I backpacked her up to the peak and down. Crossing snowfield was not necessary as we could easily go around what was left of it. Pretty easy up to Alder Flats and getting steeper after that. I drank almost 5 liters of water and it wasn’t that hot so bring lots of water.

6 days ago

Beware to those staying overnight: when we arrived Sunday morning (Aug 12), we saw that the cars of those who stayed over Saturday night were broken into. At least 4 cars had their windows smashed and one vehicle had the grill taken off their car and the front hood and back door was banged up. We had to tell everyone on their way down (as we were going up) that their vehicle likely got messed up - real bummer. Don't leave any valuables behind!

The hike itself is beautiful but very steep and hard on the knees (I recommend hiking poles/sticks for the way down). We went straight to Upper Pierce Lake - took 4 hours up and 3 hours down. It was very cold at the top despite it being very hot and muggy for most of the way up - bring layers and lots of water!

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