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10 hours ago

Great hike and a Great Lake. Make sure you go past little Munroe that looks like a pond and head to the right to get to big Munroe. It looks like others have posted that it’s only a pond and that’s because they didn’t go far enough past the first body of water.

Sweet mountain bike trail! Has some good little chutes and lots of fun.
Not a hiking trail, some pretty fast sections on the bikes so if you are going to chance it keep your eyes and ears open a d be ready to hop off the trail.

trail running
3 days ago

great trails for running, I went before the sun went down and the trails were clear and great for training.

Scenic lake. Took me 1.5 hr with some easy pace. The signs are not very clear and so can be misleading. Otherwise I enjoyed this loop!

I’ve hiked this trail many times while visiting relatives. Was fairly easy this year, I trucked right up with the rest., not like last year, when I was so out of shape that I didn’t even go to the top. A satisfying view of the Fraser Valley, River, blueberry fields that are red because of it being fall. Saw small bears feeding on acorns up in oak trees about a mile before trail head. That was fun, and no sign of any bears on trail, except one pile of scat.

Nice hike.. lots of roots so it’s fun going up and down those. Some challenging areas but nothing too bad. Really enjoyed this trail..Greta cover for rainy hikes!

Nicely groomed, nice woods and river. I guess it’s meant for locals as no obvious signage to the parking area from the road. No signage for how the loop went and we had to guess a bit to get back to our car.

good walk and also has a park for the kids at the end of the walk ...can be kind of confusing with so many ways to go

I went with a 5 year old and a 2 year old ....cant take a stroller so we didnt reach the falls but really nice walk

1 month ago

I just got back from doing the trail, up past Munro Lake to the pond and the viewpoint overlooking the lake. It was overcast, but even so the view was impressive. Also, I did not quite get up to Dennett Lake. I had not realized until a moment ago how close I was to it. Maybe next year...

Like other commenters, I would say that this hike is difficult, not moderate. It is uphill all the way, with some tricky steep sections. There was no one else on the trail earlier today (Sept. 7, 2018). For me the round trip up to the lookout took 5 hours and 40 minutes.

1 month ago

Really good trail, I would say this one is difficult and not moderate though, based on that it was quite uphill almost the entire way. We did it Sep 6 which I am very thankful for as there wasn’t too many bugs and not a single other person nor had it rained in awhile so there was only a few mucky sections on the Munro-Dennett connector. If you push on to Dennett DO NOT MISS THE VIEWPOINT it is well worth it! You will come to a small pond before reaching Dennet (after leaving Munro) and there is an unmarked trail to the left that will take about an extra 10 mins each way to get to a sweeping view of Vancouver. I would say the Munro to Dennett trail is much easier than the first part of the hike and much quicker (took us about 35 mins to get to the lake), just a bit more technical.

Good for families. Lots of bear piles under transmission lines but didn’t see any Winnie the Pooh’s.

It's was really nice, and we had lots of fun! We saw different little places to swim and enjoyed the nature.

1 month ago

It's a good nature walk. Normal pace took me 43 minutes one way. It was nice to hear the river the whole way thru as it helped calm some nervous energy.

This was a disappointing hike. Try the other side of park--Dennett Lake way. Its any easier hike and can be done early in the year though, but nicer hikes in this park can be found. Dog friendly, nice waterfalls along route.

1 month ago

Amazing views at lake. This is a westcoast trail its not Garibaldi. tough slog if camping over night. 5 star views, 2 star trail. We stayed over night it was 6 hours up with a heavy pack. Quite, not much traffic.

1 month ago

Great urban park with lots of variety! great for dogs early in the morning. watch out for bears in the spring and coyotes in the fall.

this is exercise not a hike. The new stairs installed by BCHydro are good for training for all levels. easy access, great for before or after work. Not good for dogs--too many people.

Easy hike/walk. Nice view of the Fraser River. Low elevation winter hike.

1 month ago

City Park, not worth doing if you are looking for exercise. very busy, a good date hike! but not something to plan a day around

loved it

didn't find it marked as well outside of the forrest area. encountered a decent amount of bear scat, the forrested area is gorgeous, and the two fall we encountered were beautiful... at sawblade falls, we had a dip (the water wasn't coming down fast). We went clockwise... and had to go up some steeper areas
About 3.5-4 hours

Super fun hike! However, if you do plan on going off the Woodland Loop trail and go to see the Sawblade Falls, the water level is quite low around this time of year so the falls will be quite small. Still a beautiful spot, and a beautiful hike!

Great trail to see nature. In late July there are plenty of bears as well as the road migration.

Nice hike when the clouds are too low for viewpoints. This trail is on the lower end of Moderate closer to easy. The trail is pretty well marked and if you have Alltrails ap with you its really not that complicated. There were markers big signs saying falls this way etc. So not sure if this is new, but we found it pretty easy to navigate and only checked Alltrails maps a few times. Falls are beautiful and if it was hot ( not today) some nice none dangerous pools to cool off in.

2 months ago

Beautiful place , easy for beginners !

Overall good trail, some areas could have been marked better. It can be difficult I’m certain areas of up hills and down hills but overall not a super challenging trail. Good for a nice hike !

Beautiful and if you go to the falls the scenery is great.

A good one to do on a hot day. Did this hike in early August 2018. It was 30-plus degrees out, but the trail was shaded throughout. The 600m elevation gain is steady and gradual. The only steep section is the last 5 minutes to the lookout (see photo). Better signage is needed at first to get you onto the right trail from the road. After that, signage (“new route”) is adequate. I wore trail runners which easily handled the first half (rocky, zoom in on the photo) and the second (beautiful soft springy trail). We did this at a consistent moderate pace as an out-and-back in 4:20 excluding a break at the view, rather than looping to include Sawblade Falls. It would make a great run as well. Saw nobody else on the trail (a Tuesday). The creeks and falls were very low, but enough for the dog to have a drink.

2 months ago

Nice hike. Definatly a HIKE. It's quite steep and may be difficult getting down for those with bad knees. I'm fairly hiking savvy and would rate it more difficult than moderate based in that. Munro lake is more of a large pond with many frogs, tadpoles and lily pads. My group had time constraints so unfortunately we didn't make it to Dennet lake or the cabins but will go again for that. I never firmly rely on suggested times but for reference we made it up to munro lake and back in 3 hours with a 15 minute peruse around the meadow just past the lake. Again NOT knee friendly and wear good hikers as grip is crucial on the way down! Happy hiking fellow hikers!

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