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Nice hike, but no markings or signs for guidance. Thankfully someone else we ran into gave us directions how to get back. Ended up cutting through downhill mtn bike trails, eventually running into a bear at the powerline clearing. Good times.. I guess

What a beautiful flipping trail!! Not to hard. Not too long. beautiful lookouts. So pretty along the water.

very pleasant walk

One of my favorites! Lots of families out enjoying minnekhada yesterday. And warnings of bear sightings from others on the trail.

Not the most well-marked trail around, went on a few down-hill biking paths as unintentional detours, but there was service most of the way so we were able to follow the map when we were led astray. This could be avoided by paying closer attention to trail markers. Nice hike in the rain. Beautiful forest scenery.

Fun trail. Not too hard. Close to Poco.

Great even in early spring

A lot of fun out there. Had to go solo since my hiking partner got scared of the bear warnings. No worries

3 months ago

Trail is in good shape. Lots of h20 along the route if you want to filter/treat vs pack it in. No garbage along trail as stated in previous review (thank you whomever cleaned it up). A steep clim right off the bat which continues to ridge (two hours and 2600 feet). Lots of snow up to so be prepared.

Good inclines for trail running.

Another gorgeous day to enjoy the hi-Knoll Trail. Lots of families out and about last weekend. The look out was higher than the fog.

Someone really needs to put up some trail markers, at least to navigate through the little trails that lead into the forest! I got through the trail using the GPS on my phone (not ideal) and then I ended up coming out of the trail 20 minutes walk from the entrance I started at. Would have been more enjoyable if I didn't have to stop at every intersection and check the route.

Also, it's an off leash trail! Tons of signs indicating that.

Excellent , easy to find escape from the city. If you don't have much time but still want to get out, this circuit is a great choice. Well marked , easy walking trails with multiple options to adjust the length of the walk. Complete with hill top views, old growth stumps and a waters edge trail , this area has a little bit of everything.

5 months ago

Love this route, we hike from home! Great climb up since this is a trail we use all the time it’s easy for us to navigate, not very many markers for new hikers!

Beautiful hike with tons of interesting flora and fauna.

Easy hike with a nice view

Did this hike a couple weeks ago and it was really nice. The gun range is close to the trail head, so you’ll be listening to that for the 30 mins or so unfortunately. Pretty easy trek until you hit the climb up to Sawblade Falls, which is straight up for about twenty minutes, but completely worth it. Beautiful view of surrounding mountains at the top. Amazing stumps from the old growth forest will blow your mind. The largest I’ve ever seen. Upper Falls trail is quite a bit easier than Lower Falls and I will do this hike counter clockwise next time for a bit easier hike. I’ll definitely be back in spring when the falls are in full force. :)

Nice scenery but trail routes were not clear

7 months ago

my son and I had a great hiking and we were at the top of the view. it was so beautiful.

7 months ago

I went there twice, first time didn't go to the top of the mountain, second time my son and I were at the top .it was so great feeling that you could see a lot from it and the great views. we love it.

Good hike, scenic, bears in the area

7 months ago

First came here training for Tough Mudder ( June 2017) and now it's a weekly thing. Great place for an outdoors workout and the stairs never dissapoint!

absolutely loved this hike. gorgeous forest of mossy trees and the terrain is perfect for either a wet or sunny day. came on a foggy day and it was still an amazing sight to see.

The end view is beautiful!

Great hike, mildly challenging with a good view at the top. Nothing to rave about but way better than I expected considering how close to the city it is.

Many of the steeper hills are on uncovered and smooth rock which can be dangerous in the wet. I would avoid this one of the weather is uncertain and you are bringing small kids as you may slip. In the dry it's great and you will see plenty of families on the path.

9 months ago

Smokey from the BC forest fires when we went, it was still beautiful up there, but the surrounding mountains were a bit hazy. The hike itself was great, until the last two kilometers, which were agonizingly slow, vertical, and without an end in sight. Every crest lead to another, but finally the lake came into view. We had a round of drinks but we were all too tired to really enjoy the lake before heading back to the campsite. Still, what a beautiful lake this one is. Glad I saw it.

Great hike

9 months ago

Find this trail to be perfect for after dinner.

A great hike that can be challenging and offers an incredible view at the end

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