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1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Hiked this when moderately out of shape and was quite tough but well worth the view. Recommended you hike clockwise as the last 2 hours are intense with brutal switchbacks that are best done on the decent.

Used this as approach to scramble up Mount Daly in August 2017. Made for a long 14 hour day but after three years of hiking in the Bow Valley, this is probably my favourite approach hike of all time. Will likely do this again this year to bag Mount Niles

So amazing, possibly my favourite hike ever!

7 months ago

Beautiful hike on Sept 24th with great sunny sky. Hiked clockwise with stunning views of the aqua blue lake and rocky snowy peaks all around. After tracking past the lake the hike took us past rocky river bed until we started the ascent. Wonderful views of the waterfall towards the left. Once we started on the second part of triangle the views were spectacular and path took us past rocky cliffs. Saw about a dozen mountain goats grazing. Once past the peak on the third leg of the hike the switchbacks down were never ending...but beautiful. We have hiked all over the US and Canada and this hike was in our top three ever. Would do again.

on Burgess Pass

7 months ago

this hike is accessed through Emerald Lake. it's around 2km from the parking lot to the trail head. this hike is hard. we did 11 km to reach the ridge and there was almost 50 switchbacks! you're in the trees the whole time so there's not much for scenery. steady incline the whole time and a fair amount of elevation gain. once you get to the ridge, the views are pretty nice but not spectacular. this hike in my opinion is more to test your stamina, not for awe inspiring photos. in total the hike took us around 7 hours return with a few breaks. bring lots of water. The trail loops back around the lake but it's another 12km or so we were told and you will end up on the far side of the lake. adds a lot more time so we went back the way we came. I'd say this hike is hard and will definitely test your ability to keep going.

8 months ago

Beautiful falls

8 months ago

We hiked it a couple days ago. Saw deer and Mtn goats. Brutal switchbacks for last 2 hours, stopped at Yoho lake for lunch. 8 hour hike, must be tough.

The hike was really amazing with great views. There was a little bit of everything which made the hike really enjoyable. We made it nearly to the top but had to turn back as it was really rocky and didn't want to risk it with my dog. If you are going to climb up to the top it is really steep and loose shale, trekking poles are highly recommended.

Lots of steep climbs. Challenging, but worth the effort.

Awesome hike! Beautiful views and lots of different terrain from rolling hills to very rocky! Hiking shoes are highly recommended. Takes about an hour to do the hike and once you get to the lake can be quite chilly so make sure you are prepared.

Keep in mind, the road up is very sketchy! SUV or truck is a must as there are lots of rocky patches and pot holes! We passed a Toyota Camry on it's way down that were afraid to blow a tire and decided to try another hike.

All in all it took about 4 hours. An hour up and back and an hour to hike...

What a thrill to walk on the ridgeback of a glacial moraine, views were expansive.

10 months ago

Trail was in great shape early July 2017. Lots of great water features along this hike, give yourself some time to enjoy the sights!

We attempted to loop back past Marpole Lake but avalanche debris slowed us down. That trail is closed but currently passable though we did lose the trail along the rocks near the end. Recommend bringing GPS if you give that a shot.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Follow the road down from the gondola unloading station to the rib of rock that announces the Dogtooth Ridge hike. When using the road, stay to the left hand side and make sure you don’t get pegged by any mountain bikers making the descent.
Once you reach the rock rib, follow the trail up, down and around until you reach the road that goes up to the Blue Heaven chairlift. Follow this road to the top of the chairlift. Then, ascend the metal stairway (a sign declares it to be the Stairway to Heaven) and follow the trail to the top of Blue Heaven, where there is a weather station (11U 0493604 5680695, Elevation 2443m). Head north on the ridge, dropping down to the col and then climbing back up towards the next peak, Ozone.

The trail north stays slightly to the left of the actual peak of Ozone, gets rocky, and stays below the ridge. Through use, it is now pretty easy to follow in this stretch. You will reach a col, climb up a minor peak, drop to another col (11U 0492872 5681532, E 2458m), bypass the next peak on the west (left) and end up at another col (11U 0492780 5681585, E 2436m). For the next peak, you can choose your poison: go up and across, or stay lower and sidehill gouge. There are braided trails everywhere, so routefinding gets a bit confusing. You are headed for the next col at 11U 0492670 5681760, E 2471m. One more peak, again with trails everywhere. You will end up at a col at 11U 0492549 5681911, E 2492m. You are approaching the ridge on the north side of Feuz Bowl, and things are about to get very interesting.

On the next peak, don’t go to the top of the ridge, but stay high and cross to a rib. You are now looking at the crux of the route. You need to downclimb this steep, loose, rock and pebble slope. What makes it more difficult is that, by trying to avoid loose pebbly stuff, people have eroded almost all the vegetation on the hill. There are some cairns on the route, but you’ll just have to pick your own way down. And, you and your party will need to be very conscious of fall lines, as rocks get kicked loose frequently. Once you are down, you still need to get through the large jumbled boulders to the col(11U 0492255 5682232, E 2425m). You can now look east into the bowl north of Feuz Bowl (Molar Bowl), which is the northernmost drainage that flows into Cedar Creek.

The next peak looks forboding, but actually it is pretty easy. You will notice a prominent block of light brown rock sticking out. You are going to climb up to just below this block, and then head across the hill. The rock here is large blocks of pink quartzite, covered in green and black lichen. Think of it as walking on a seriously sloped sidewalk. The caveat: that isn’t good advice if it is wet, and that lichen gets very slippery. In that case, you’ll have to walk between the blocks. Once you get to just below that light brown cliff, head across the hill. While you need to be careful, the walking here is a lot more straightforward than on the last peak. Eventually, you’ll drop down to a col at 11U 0491726 5682679, E 2476m. You are now above the southernmost branch of the Holt Creek drainage, and can look northeast to the Clamshell.

The obvious trail moseys along over a minor peak or two and drops down to a col above the next branch of Holt Creek at 11U 0491079 5683037, E 2362m.

From here, the easiest route to the col above Holt Lakes drops off the ridge. Head along the sidehill, losing altitude gradually, until you can see two small areas of rockslide ahead of you. You’ll be able to pick out a slight game trail at the toe of the slides. Aim for it. The game trail comes and goes, but keep on the same course, losing altitude gradually and heading towards the back end of Canyon Creek, until you can see a well defined game trail that drops down to a grassy valley below a col well above you. If you look at the north end of the peak just south of the col, you’ll see why sticking to the ridge isn’t a great idea. A GPS reading from the low end of the game trail is 11U 0489850 5683647, E 2287m.

Once you are down at the creek that comes from the col, cross and grind your way back up the other side, mentally cursing me the entire way. Sorry, but this really is the easiest route. You want to head towards the final Canyon/Holt col at 11U 0488583 5684361, E 2366m. If you go straight, you’ll be sidehill gouging across some steep slopes. It is easier to head a little bit right and find some flat spots to walk on. Your feet will thank you.

Once at the col, you need to descend to the bottom of the talus slope and then catch that little trail to the Holt Lakes, just above the cliff. And a lesson I learned from Robson Gmoser many years ago on this very slope: the easiest and safest way down is to run. If you carefully pick your way down, you’ll be slipping and sliding and cursing. Which is what I was doing when Robson ran by, laughing at me. It seems nuts, but it works.

Holt Lakes is one of the most beautiful spots on eart

Monday, February 27, 2017

the view at the top is unreal

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Did this with my Adult son a few years ago. I did not have enough water and it was a hot day! I made it there and back but really felt it on the way back. Despite that loved the hike!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beautiful hike! So worth it! So many waterfalls along the way. We did the loop on our way back and you'll be on the side of a rocky mountain with spectacular views of the mountains and glaciers!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

An awesome fave!!!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Beautiful trail up the side of Mount Revelstoke. I would NOT say that this is good for all skill levels. If you are starting at the bottom going up, it is definitely moderate-strenuous, and if you are starting from the top it is still moderate due to the many scrambling points, and steep inclines you must overcome. I took the trail down and then connected to the bottom half of the Summit Trail (which is significantly less rustic), and then the Mount Revelstoke Trail which will bring you all the way back to town (the whole thing ends up at 9.5 miles). It is a really neat way to see the changing ecotypes of the region and of the mountain.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Definitely one of those hikes that one would want to do on a sunny day. Unfortunately, one of our friends got sick, but refused to stay at the hotel, so as an organizer I had to move our hikes around and I have settled for Emerald Lake, because it is beautiful no matter what the weather is like and relatively short with an opportunity to cut shorter depending on the weather conditions and how our friend would feel.
We have parked at the Emerald Lodge (worth coming early in the morning - 9ish is ideal) because the views are unsecured by the busses of tourists flooding the area :). After taking a few picks we took the trail behind the boathouse and walked around the like. Around half way through, on the other side of the lake we took the trail leading to the Yoho Pass - about 4.8km. Our friend didn't feel too good so we have left him by the waterfalls and continued through the rocky open area marked by a rock avalanche and then through the forest. Although we didn't meet anyone on the trail, a fresh poop of deer and a large one of a mother bear with little cubs indicated that we are following the footpaths of animals that we really wish we wouldn't have to encounter - especially that none of us had a bear spray with us. So for the next half an hour we were whistling, singing & clapping, generally speaking scarring everything within a mile radiant :) The forest at the beginning is very thick and the path up the mountain isn't really challenging. However at the top of the mountain the forest begins to open up creating a perfect environment for a wildlife. At the Yoho Pass my two friends decided to continue to the Yoho Lake only 0.7km away. If not for the fear of bears, it would definitely be a pleasurable walk in a park, but unfortunately it wasn't. We were surrounded by a complete silence, forest looked like as if it was removed from the horror movie and upon our arrival at the lake, with two red Adirondack Chairs on the peninsula, deserted campsite and the scary looking pall to hang food in the air preventing bears to get hold of it the place looked utterly creepy :) On the top of it, the moment we stopped at the Yoho Lake admiring undeniably beautiful views, we were attacked by clouds of vicious insects hungry for fresh blood. We have turned around as quickly as we could and whistling, singing and laughing nervously we retreated from the unfriendly yet gorgeous looking surroundings.
We have reunited with a friend of ours by the waterfalls exactly at the time when it started raining and after a snack we continued hiking down the trail. At the bottom of the Emerald Lake we have completed the loop around the lake and stopped for a warm soup at the restaurant in Emerald Resort, which I strongly recommend.
I would rate this trail as easy and under different circumstances I would definitely add to it Burgess Pass and come back to the parking lost east of the Lodge - but this time I would definitely bring with me Bear Spray :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trailhead at illecillewaet Campground. Follow railway grade and turn left to pass through the foundation ruins of the Glacier town site. Go past 4 junctions; first for Marion lake, then Meeting of the Waters, then Great Glacier, then Glacier Crest trails and continue south up valley for 4 Klms gaining 390 meters at inline rate of 10.2 then a couple of quick switch backs heading SSW and an increase in incline for 1.5 Klm and a final push up the moraine ridge of another 1.5 Klm to access the Alpine Club of Canada's Asulkan hut. Total gain in elevation is 869 m with the last stretch (479m) rated 6.2. Hut is busy in winter and summer weekends. It sleeos 12 and booked through Alpine Club, Canmore, AB.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beautiful scenery around Emerald Lake. Climb through forest but great ridge walk along the trail.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Did this hike a few years ago easily one of my favourites. We did it in 3 days and 2 nights. The switch backs at the end can wear on the legs but worth it to see all the falls

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Niles Meadow is one of less than 20 hikes that I consider absolutely a must do in the Canadian Rockies. This is a hike for experienced hikers and the rewards are numerous. Careful planning is required for the climb above the Meadow and is perhaps the most rewarding part of the entire hike. As you enter the large Meadow the very faint trail to go further is on your right. In good weather this full day hike has waterfalls, vistas, stream crossings, one huge lake, and views that go forever.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Just did the hike this weekend, what a beauty. Hike starts at takakaw falls, from there head west at a junction to the right is angels stair case falls, off to the left is point lace falls. Going straight a few more k after a steep incline is laughing falls, then valley remains flat until u have to go down to twin falls campground, from there it's another steep incline 300m to hit twin falls, which was a beauty. U can continue the loop through the iceline trail viewing glaciers, moraines, please note this is strenuous. I had to cross a rock slide going up not knowing it was even a trail. U are also out there for the elements exposed so hopefully u get a nice day out of it. Definately would recommend.

There are many trails that lead off like whaleback, yoho glacier and u can hit the top of twin falls

Friday, November 18, 2011

You can rent the cabin for 25$ a head, ski touring is easy and amazing. Outhouse view 10/10. Cabin is really nice. Hike is easy for smaller children in summer but It's a 13 km round trip.

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