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Honestly if you are a regular hiker, this will be okay but not that memorable. But I always love nature so no complaints

15 hours ago

Talk to the information center wardens before hiking, and take the time to watch their bear video. Be ready to cancel your hike to avoid escalating a bear encounter. The video is maybe 45 min. of great education about bear behavior and how to respond to different encounters) Groups of 4 are currently required due to grizzly activity, including a protective Mom with cubs, who charges. Our group of 5 saw a grizzly from a good distance, took pictures with high zoom lenses, and took her hints that she wanted the trail for her feeding and family. Bears have limited habitat, so I'm glad to give her the space. She looks a little scrawny, so she may be more protective of her berry patches due to hunger. We slowly backed away, and returned to the trailhead, glad she blocked the trail on the way up instead of on the way down. We decided to hike at Illecillewaet instead.

15 hours ago

This is a difficult, but wonderful hike, worth the high elevation gain, and recommended 6.5 hours (or more if you have time) to to enjoy it. The trail starts steeply in the trees, but if you're in good shape, keep going, the elevation gain becomes less intense after the lake. The lake is not much to look at; snap a mountain reflection picture, and keep going to get away from the bugs. Just after taking a right for the "short way," you'll come to a rocky area with a little view. The trail climbs up to a beautiful meadow with a great view of the mountains behind, and the back of the mountain you're about to go around. You'll see weather station equipment, and maybe a little pond. Go up, and to the right at a little fork that goes down the long way if you go left. Traverse a small snow field as views of the other side of the mountain open up. Hike up the ridge, and you'll see the true meaning of a "panoramic" view - amazing mountains, snow fields, and glaciers, something to delight the eyes everywhere you look!

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23 hours ago

Absolutely fabulous mountain & glacier vistas with seasonal alpine flowers make this a must do hike for outdoor enthusiasts.

1 day ago

One of my favourite hikes! 1100m of up but the 360° views are amazing, as well as Mt Sir Donald and Illecillewaet glacier.

Really cool trail. They did amazing trail building through the talus field down low and the waterfall was amazing! We did this in July. Unfortunately the snow pack was too thin to cross (punched through easily to deep holes in talus field) and we could not go around safely so had to turn back 0.2 miles from the top. Trail is very strenuous. Consider bringing a long static line and micro spikes in summer. Ice axes and crampons are probably required earlier in the season.

4 days ago

In 3 hours one can hike halfway to pretty Laughing Falls on this trail and back to the Takakkaw Falls parking lot. The majority of the 124 meter elevation gain is acquired on one hill after the spurs for Angels Staircase and Point Lace Falls. Higher, the trail is in generally good condition to the Laughing Falls bridge and campground. Good views of Takakkaw Falls, the Yoho River, and the Daly Glacier along the way.

The climb up to Sherbrooke lake is easy going but not much to see. Once you get to the lake though it just opens right up to some gorgeous views. The trail along the lake is really cool, it's right at the waters edge and even dips into the water a bit at points. It is full of roots and not too runnable (if you are trying to run like us) but easily passable if you just hike. It looked like it had been freshly cleared as well.

Past the lake is some climbing past a couple of waterfalls. Had to stop plenty of times for pictures.

At the top you get to a nice open meadow and you can see in all directions. Made us a bit cautious looking for bears here but none were encountered.

Past the meadow you enter the forest again. We got a little past 8km mark where there was some stream crossings. The water was moving really fast and obviously freezing cold. Was about knee to thigh deep. We turned around at this point as one of the bridges (aka timber over the stream) was knocked down and some in our group weren't comfortable with the speed and depth of the stream to cross. I'm 6'1" and went across ok for some pictures.

We did this trail July 6, 2018. No snow or snowfields were encountered at all (I would expect some though if we had continued to the peak). So much to look at pretty much entire route made it well worth doing.

9 days ago

10 days ago

Fantastic trail, amazing scenery. Hard pressed to find a trail this gorgeous.

10 days ago

very good hike, suggest going counterclockwise
a little rocky at the end

10 days ago

Beautiful rocky trail. Family fun trail.

Not a good time to go. The mosquitos were horrible. Some trails were covered with fallen trees. We had to do quite a bit of bushwhacking. There’s outhouses beyond the parking lot.... but they are disgusting.

14 days ago

absolutely the best hike in the area
we highly recommend it to all who enjoy the great outdoors

15 days ago

hiked 3.4 miles one way to the research building, still snow beyond that. The first part of the hike is in the rain forest . The trail is easy to hike on very soft, beyond the lake it’s a bit more rocky with stunning views
all and all a tough hike because it’s steep
but worth it

16 days ago

Great Canada Day hike. Took our time and reached the top in about 2 hrs. Started early and we were the first at the top, met 5 or 6 groups of people coming up on our way down, so it was getting busy even with drizzly weather. didn't go to the peak, just the lookout, since the weather was starting to get worse.

Absolutely gorgeous hike! Wildflowers, moss covered rocks, boardwalks, streams, waterfalls, crystal clear blue water, wildlife. Scrambling over the rocks is fun, and the reward is breathtaking. Picnic tables at lake so bring lunch. Best to carry bear spray as it's quite remote.

The details on this listing are a little misleading. If you're driving the directions will not take you to the correct place. The road is not on Google maps. It will take you to a fork and tell you to continue straight, but you need to turn to the left of the fork and cross a wooden bridge over a waterfall. from here there's another 20 minutes of driving on a very rough, rocky road. Park at the top and the trail entrance is marked by a sign and an outhouse to your right.

The comments about the Gondola are a different Gorman Lake hike which starts at the top of the Gondola on kicking horse.

17 days ago

Perfect trail! My wife and I have camping in the twin falls campground. Laughting falls is at the middle of this trail. Both of these two falls are amazing!

25 days ago

We completed the the trail, but added in the Marpole Lake trail, creating more of a loop, rather than out and back. Beautiful hike, with some varied terrain. Loved the many waterfalls.
The trail had a few fallen trees across the path, plus a large avalanche debris section covering the trail near Marpole Lake. It wasnt an issue and can be easily maneuvered through.
The seasonal bridge on the Whaleback Trail was still packed away for winter season, and Iceline Trail was still not recommended by Parks (June 20, 2018)

28 days ago

This hike was really awesome. It’s a pretty constant uphill the entire way to the look out, but the terrain is very nice. The views are gorgeous. It’s definitely a work out. We tried to do the scramble to the peak, but the trail is a bit difficult to follow, once you pass the tree line, you get onto some pretty loose scree, on a steep slope, that was difficult to negotiate. Also, on the way down we went off trail in one spot, because it was hard to follow. But honestly, the views are worth all the effort.

1 month ago

Belle vue sur les montagnes
Trail facile ou moderé pour les débutants
cette trail se fait en 2h30 environ
il est recommandé de faire cette trail à 2 personnes, car risque de rencontre d'ours

Petite trail, se fait en 20 minutes

Interessant de voir les grands cèdres et de lire sur les affiches l'histoire de ceux-ci

1 month ago

Absolutely fantastic views from the top! Made the decision to go to the peak on a whim and definitely didn’t regret it. We saw a lynx as we were moving out of the trees towards the rock trail which absolutely made our day! Saw a couple male mountain goats as well but no bears thankfully.

1 month ago

Love loved this hike! The false peak got me- despite the reviews. A great afternoon adventure that will leave you rewarded with awesome views. Not crowded at all. We came down around the mountain and caught up with the trail at the bottom of the scramble but both seem doable.

1 month ago

I hiked (attempted to hike) this trail yesterday but only made it about 3/4 of the way before turning back. The trail up to the lake is decent with minimal snow. However, once I started up the trail to the ridge I soon realized the snow was way too loose & I definitely fell through to my waist a few times. I followed some old boot tracks up the ridge before I finally gave up and decided it wasn’t worth falling through a crevasse. Great hike though, definitely a workout! Go prepared & stay off the ridge for now

1 month ago

Did it couple days ago, still quite snowy. The road is closed and some bridges are removed in the area, but you can do this walk. Up to the lake and viewpoint (nice views!) is quite duable with regard to the snow, but we returned here because the snow thereafter got too deep.

Stunning views of peaks!!! I came across wild flowers, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, and may even hear and see small avalanches. My most favorite hike in Banff and Yoho Park. It opens first week of July. If you could not reserve the bus ride it’s worth to walk the distance!

3 months ago

Beautiful hike! Hiked this when moderately out of shape and was quite tough but well worth the view. Recommended you hike clockwise as the last 2 hours are intense with brutal switchbacks that are best done on the decent.

Super short but kids love to be around such big trees! Very pretty and well maintained stroll :)

Used this as approach to scramble up Mount Daly in August 2017. Made for a long 14 hour day but after three years of hiking in the Bow Valley, this is probably my favourite approach hike of all time. Will likely do this again this year to bag Mount Niles

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