The scenery is beautiful! However, in order for you to get there you need to get a bus (otherwise you’ll have to walk 11 km). The problem is the bus can be taken only if you have a reservation. Reservations are open in April and it gets fully booked in 3 min from the moment it’s open (that what the worker told us). In other words the bus driver will not drive you unless you have a reservation. So we didn’t have a reservation and needed up walking 11 km to lake O’Hara. We saw several buses passing by absolutely empty. The bus driver told us that she was no going to take us even though the bus was empty and we were willing to pay. Apparently foreign travel agencies book these buses in April for the whole summer for their tourists. Anyways be aware of it if you are planning your trip to this lake. The 11 km walk was about 1-1.5 hrs. It’s a lot of uphill so you can get bored and tired but once you get to the lake it’s really pretty. On the way back you can take a bus regardless of your reservation as long as they have empty seats. It’s $10 per person. Cash only. I would say this place is run very conservatively and you get the feel that they don’t want too many ppl to come.