bridge out
4 days ago

An incredible hike and views, not sure why it’s showing up as closed because we spoke with park staff that let us know this whole area is open. The second bridge is not installed yet so we will return for the final leg of the hike. If you bring snowshoes, as we did, you can walk away from the water to the left and trek upwards across the snow. The views from the top are spectacular!

bridge out
6 days ago

Amazing views through the valley! Surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and mountains. We only saw one other couple the entire time. We were hoping to finish the hike but the last bridge is not set up yet. We encountered a bit a snow - mostly near the last bridge. Looks like there is way more snow after you cross it. Will definitely return to finish the hike one day.

16 June. We managed to reach the second bridge which was still out for the season. Until then half snow cover, half trail. Then the trail vanished completely under the snow. A bit too early in the season but the whole valley was for us alone.

20 days ago

The trail is in good shape, with a couple of trees down across the trail, but they’re easy to cross. There are great views of the river, and beautiful views of the mountains along the whole route.

Sunny. July, 2005. Sunny. August, 2011.

Sunny. August, 2011.

very difficult. very beautiful

10 months ago

This is a long (mostly constant) uphill hike (mostly) in the sun. I saw more planes fly overhead than people on the trail (2 couples and 3 park rangers working). Sign of bear (digging, scat) makes sense with lots of berries and marmots! I would only hike this trail if staying at Asulkan Hut (there is an outhouse) but appears hikes from that hut are past treeline (I prefer flora and fauna) and that hut looks at the highway 1 :( which stare at on the return! I enjoyed the waterfalls, that was a Jurassic Park moment. I prefer Abbot Ridge long route.

Phenomenal views of the glacier and surrounding valleys from the Asulkan hut. Easy first 3-4 km's then very step last 3kms to the hut. Well worth the hike.

Beautiful waterfalls and flowers with great footing, just a bit steep at the end, but then there were glacier views and more flowers. Well worth every step.

Amazing views! This is great if you are looking for a variety of sights in one hike. It had glaciers, waterfalls, valley, forest and panoramic mountain views. However, the last 2km is very steep with a very narrow pathway. Would not recommend for beginner hikers. We did not see bears on the trail on August 27, but hikers on August 26 noted multiple grizzly bears/deployed bear mase.

Some beautiful views for the top 2-3 km and the bottom 3-4 km are beautiful forests and avalanache slides. The last 2 km on the way up is not easy, but was well worth the effort once we got up to the Hut. Didn’t see any bears.

Good condition trail, well-marked. Many waterfalls and water sources. Incredible views. Not too buggy but we had cold weather. Make it a backpacking trip and stay at Laughing Falls, Little Yoho, or Yoho Lake campgrounds.

This trail was a great workout. Views were nice - cool little cabin at the top for a little break. We met a porcupine on the way down that got my dog in the face with its quills - beware!

C'est une magnifique randonnée qui vous offre de tous. Cascades d'eau des glaciers, végétation typique de la Colombie Britannique, glaciers, vue 360 sur les rocheuses, sentier sur des crête et de l'air pure. Nous l'avons fait avec nos enfants de 16, 14 et 11 ans. le dernier 1,5 km est plus ardu. L'inclinaison est très accentuée, les mollets risquent de vous chauffer. il suffit de s'octroyer plus de pauses. Il faisait 10 degré au sommet et il y avait du vent. Pas vu d'ours et il y avait d'autres randonneurs ce qui augmente le sentiment de sécurité. Je vous la recommande.

Great hike, with non stop awesome views that only get more epic as you go. It's a tough slog the last 1-2km. Pack for cold as the hut, as you are on the snow line and it gets windy. Today was overcast and we had to park at the highway which added another 2km onto the hike. Well marked.

Magnifique randonnée. Les paysages sont extraordinaires. Le sentier est modéré sur 4 km, les derniers sont difficiles dus au dénivelé important. Les enfants de 10, 12 et 13 ans ont monté sans trop de difficulté, la descente fut plus difficile. Nous avons vu quelques marmottes des Rocheuses qui se prélassaient sur des rochers. Un grizzly a été observé sur le sentier par d’autres randonneurs.

The first 3-4km is super easy. It takes you through the forest and provides beautiful valley views. You’ll walk beside the stream and see waterfalls in the distance. The last 2km becomes difficult if you are not an avid hiker. The trail becomes very narrow and steep, with loose rock. The views at the end of the trail are definitely worth the struggle to get there. It is just as difficult going down those few kms but then levels out again. Be sure to bring plenty of water for the trail. There is a bathroom at the end of the trail, as well as a small cabin you can rent.

An incredible, challenging, wonderful trail. Having very little experience hiking, I didn’t know really what to expect (probably wouldn’t recommend this as a first big hike!), but was wowed by the views. The start is easy, through woodland, then as the incline increases you pass by rippling streams, meadow and waterfalls. The final couple of kms are tough! Steep, rocky and narrow, but so worth the effort to reach the hut at the top, where you get close-up views of glaciers, and there are snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. Take food! And plenty of water. We refilled our bottles with glacier water (so fresh!). A quiet route, we came across only two couples on the way up, and maybe four on the way back down. The couple hiking in front of us encountered a rearing black bear (we believe they startled it as they walked around a rocky corner), and decided to turn around. We continued on, making lots of noise, and didn’t see a thing. Took us 5-6 hours in total. We took the last stretch really slowly, stopping for lots of water breaks. Delighted I did it!

16/7/19 wonderful hike! Good views all the way up. Stunning from the hut! Loved this hike! Trail in great shape. Bring bear spray. Multiple grizzly sightings but don’t let that deter you. Make some noise and keep your head up. It’s worth it!!!

11 months ago

Great views! The end though has a very narrow ridge with steep drop offs at the side. Waterfalls, rushing rivers, mountains, glaciers ... steep incline, but worth it.

We started from parking lot around 3 pm. Beautiful start to finish. Made it back around 9 — it was a mile or so from parking lot to the trailhead. Saw grizzly tracks all around toward the end of the valley part of the trail, but no bear sighting. Perfect trail in my opinion. Bridge is fixed and easy to cross right now (July 2019) made it to summit and it was definitely worth it. Challenging enough that teenagers with us were happy, but no areas that I felt panicked about as their mother :)

This was a beautiful hike with views of the valley, waterfalls, and glaciers. We turned around at about 3.5 miles where the bridge still was out, but passed the crews looking to put it back in. This is definitely the best hike of our trip so far.

bridge out
Fri Jun 14 2019

Amazing trail. Such amazing scenery and we only ran into 2 other people! We ran into a little snow about 3 miles up. The bridge was out at the 4 miles marker and there was lots of snow. This is where we stoped, but we enjoyed lunch with lovely views. Trail was easy and well maintained (except some little streams going down trail here and there). We brought our corgi... who dose hike a lot but he found it easy. Defiantly recommend this hike.

One of my top 3 hikes for sure.

Hard is right, even knowing the route, it gets steep, especially when you have snow, but what a sight :)

Beautiful views atop Wiwaxy Gap in late September. Climb is relentless but non-technical. After the Gap is reached it is a walk to Oesa lake and an uneventful descent to Lake O'Hara. In the late season snow will be present at the Gap. Spikes or other traction is needed. Larch season is spectacular from above.

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