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2 days ago

The trail was absolutely pretty. It had everything, from dense greens to little creeks and of course the falls. No stairs so be mindful to wear the right shoes for some inclines. This was worth the trip.

6 days ago

An absolute must on the hiker's to do list. Highly recommend to spend extra nights at Berg lake campsite to explore extension hikes, especially the stunning snowbird pass trail alongside the Robson glacier and Alpine Meadows.

A very beautiful trail but weather dependant on the experience you have. My experience was a damp , rushed one. Did a 6 night trek thinking it would be a nice relaxing experience but ended up missing a tide and having a bear encounter.
Only had 7 hours of sun the whole trip. From day 1 where it was a downpour my boots and hiking gear was soaked. Was never able to get my boots or hiking gear dry even when making a fire.
Although a popular trail it is sill very wild. Had one scary bear encounter and then saw 5 other bears at a safe distance.
Tips - know your tides!!
- bring bear spray
- waterproof everything
- bring tarp
- wear gaitors

Fantastic trail but can be very challenging if the weather is not on your side.

i really really really really like the waterfall

I saw my spirit. We did our geocaching up the way. Take your time and enjoy.

Beautiful, weather can (and did) change quickly though

Most beautiful hike we’ve done. Robson Helimagic dropped us off at Berg Lake cause I wanted to hike with my pup (no dogs allowed over night and didn’t want to squeeze the hike into one day). Gorgeous, varying views all along, just absolutely spectacular. A must do.

Weather dependent hike. Beautiful in all conditions but rain takes away from the overall experience.
Loved the trail despite having some rain every day. Poor weather meant we did not pause to enjoy the stunning scenery as much as we would have liked.
Wet/damp conditions provided for slippery conditions at times. Hiking pole/poles advised.
Not a difficult trail, actually a very beautiful walk.
We did the trail in 3 1/2 days but only as we did not take our time to properly enjoy.

We completed in 5 nights and 6 days with relatively dry conditions. Careful attention to tides tables when planning your itinerary will maximize beach time and some unique sights. Hiked late August. Very chilly and damp in the evenings. Often foggy during the day. Crab shack at Nitinat a place to linger for the company and the freshest crab you'll ever eat! Bring $.

One note about the trailhead: We had A LOT of trouble figuring out where to start. We came in a car. We ended up trekking in to the trailhead about one hour as a low car CANNOT drive to the trailhead

Once we did find the trailhead it was a very interesting hike. One of the most diverse hikes I have done. Firstly you come across STUNNING waterfalls at Jumping Waters, then some exploring in Bisaro Cave, and then the steepness is gone and you are rewarded with wide open meadows of wildflowers with towering mountain peaks on all sides. After the meadows its another moderate hike to the trail junction where you can either continue on Mountain Lakes Trail or summit the spine of the Three Sisters. I can't recommend it enough. It is a TOUGH, STEEP, scramble to the top, with a bit of technicality close to the summit, but so worth it. 360' views of the Elk Valley. We then came back the way we had come.
We did this in one long, 9 hour day. Having to trek into the trailhead made it longer than it should have been. But this seems like a PERFECT 2 day-er. Set up your camp at the base of the summit, summit in the evening, and then trek back the next day. It is doable in one long day, but you are pooped out by the end. We also had a bit of a time crunch as we had to be back by 11pm for my night shift, so that was added pressure.
Awesome hike. I will be doing it again!

Super easy incline on this walk/hike to the falls. Have made the mistake of crossing the bridge over the river and winding up in a completely different place. Beautiful & quiet gem of a place!

29 days ago

This the must do trail! Its absolutely amazing. This is was my second time. I always go straight to berg lake campground. It can be difficult and demanding. as of 2018 Aug 24-26, I do not recommend to go because of the smoke from wildfires covered everything.

This is an amazing trail. We had reserved a room at Island Lake Lodge upon our return, so we parked there and took a taxi to the trailhead (125$, which is steep but after experiencing the drive understood the uncharge). The taxi was not able to go all the way to the trailhead as the road is quite rough and you would need to be extremely comfortable driving and have a 4X4 vehicle. We hiked the 2 km to the trailhead from where the taxi dropped us off, off Hartley Road. Day 1, we hiked to the col of Three Sisters, where we camped. We were happy to have 2 Nalgenes each for hydration and cooking as there was no water source where we camped, which seems to be the popular spot, until shortly after we began our hike the next day. Day 1 was about 7 km + the 2 km from where the taxi dropped us off. The hike was not technically challenging, but mostly uphill, so some degree of fitness is required. It was extremely beautiful and we enjoyed the waterfall, ladders, and cave. Evidence of bears is prevalent, but by making lots of noise, we had no sightings. We are experienced hikers and did Day 1 in 4.5 hours. This included stops for exploration and pictures. Day 2 offered us a chance to summit Three Sisters. We opted out as the conditions were quite smokey. Day 2 was mostly downhill, and again, not technical. The trail is beautiful and well maintained. Fill up water when you can as it is sparse. We had our lunch at the top of Cedar Valley Ridge. This has been one of our favourite hikes to date!

This trail did not disappoint! Completed the North to South route in 6 days/5nights.The terrain was challenging, and I often had to remind myself to look up and around at what the forest or beach was showing. Our group was lucky with no rain. There were rumours that this was one of the driest years. I can't wait to go back and hike South to North to compare the difference.

1 month ago

Great trail, easy to follow and well maintained. The first 11km to whitehorn shouldn't be underestimated as it has lots of little hills. The hike to emperor falls is challenging with a pack but not bad at all with some nice viewpoints for breaks.
The campsite at emperor falls along the water is beautiful (and loud). After that it's very straight forward.

Just finished hiking 13-17, no mosquitos but lots of black flies (specially at emperor falls). Smoke is pretty bad and obstructed alot of the scenery but at least it didn't rain

Did this trail today, was defenitly a challenge for the cardio. I would rate this as moderate not easy. I found the Hope Lookout trail was easier and it's rated as moderate. Amazing views along the way.

This trail was like being in another world. From small log bridges, lush waterfalls, climbing caves, and fields of wildflowers!

Be aware of a wasp nest at the beginning of the first waterfall. We passed many others who also got stung!!

We started on the Hartley road and used a off roading suspended Jeep to travel to the second parking lot. There were other trucks that went to the second parking lot as well.

Fantastic trail! Just came off the trail (August 15). The most physically challenging trip ever. Beautiful scenery, great campsites a couple of great spots to grab non freeze dried meals and lots of great people hiking the trail. Did the trip from North to South in 7 days. Right call as your pack gets lighter before you hit the last tough 5 km stretch. Also didn’t feel rushed and you can take your time to enjoy your environment.

1 month ago

Great scenery, well maintained trail. The climb from Whitehorn campsite to Emperor Falls can be tiring with a heavy pack. For light pack carriers or day trippers it is considerably easier.
My 12 year old managed easily with a 27 lb pack.
The falls are worth the effort though they are magnificent!
After that all the trails to Marmot, Berg, Rearguard, or Robson are pretty flat so it is an easy hike from there on.
Great hike, beautiful country!

Stunning. Challenging and technical with lots of verticals. We left our car at China Beach and took the west coast shuttle to Port Renfrew. We camped at Little Kuitsche Creek, Chin Beach and Bear Beach. They were all lgreat places to camp... Lots of space, pretty level. The forest hiking was lovely and the beaches were stunning.
Definitely use gaitors...there's a lot of mud and boggy parts. We went in early July. The trail is very wild. There was a hornet's nest in a mud bog just south of Sombrio so be careful.

1 month ago

Holy smokes this hike is incredible! This was our first backcountry camping trip. I wouldn’t consider this a difficult hike however there is one section of 4km uphill which is tough when you’ve got a heavy bag on your back. Even though it was a little smokey Kinney Lake was breath taking, emperor falls was insane and Berg lake was unbelievable. We couldn’t hike Mumm Basin or toboggan falls due to a rock slide so went out to Snowbird Pass which actually left us speechless. A long old hike but the Icefield was like being on another planet. I’m so keen to go back next summer before wildfires hit.

Some people were hiking out to berg lake and back just a one day. With an early start and reasonably fast pace I feel that it is do able.

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this hike. Beautiful views. Great campsites. There are about 5km on your way up that are challenging to say the least but all worth it once you see the glacier and the lake!

Read Clare M's review, I screenshot it to use as a guide.

I did the loop and started on the east side (not marked well) I got lost a few times and had to backtrack. It was worth it to see the waterfall from both sides though.

Once I reached the West side it was much easier.

I probably took longer than most people with getting lost and taking my time.

Stick to the West side.

1 month ago

Amazing!!! I booked myself in for 6nights. Don’t need that many I left after 4 nights . Pack what you need !! I packed way to much but used it all. Traps and hoodies. I went July 27-August 1 beautiful weather. The black flys bite hard worse than the mosquitos. Trail all the way to robin pass. Amazing. Did snow bird pass amazing again !!
Fill up after white horn on your way to emperor falls there’s no water for 4km. Pack up early leave early to get a camping spot especially at emperor falls there’s only 7 pads. The trail isn’t overall hard. Hardest part was hiking up to emperor falls. Only cause my pack was too heavy. After emperor falls it’s smooth sailing. The views are to die for. Loved every turn and moment.

Top 3 trail in Rockies

1 month ago

Love all of the bridges! Decided to tackle on backpacking back to the trailhead from Robson Pass - was great until the last 3km then my feet were killer! But I loved it!

1 month ago

Amazing but long and hard

1 month ago

Wonderful area to hike! Some parts were steep, but it added to the adventure. Gorgeous trees and river.

Have done this trail twice, North to South both times. 2012 with 7 days of sunshine and 2016 with the first 5 of 7 days of rain. Makes no difference to the trail, always lots of mud. This trail is everything they say it is and much worse and at the same time, everything they say it is and much better. One of the most wonderful hikes I've been on. Planning to do it again in 2020.

Great trail and excellent work by the volunteers who maintain it. It is relatively strenuous but the there’s definitely a reward for effort. The sunrise from the top of the three sisters is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The only downside is the last few kilometres of the trail (literally and figuratively). It is a long decent with not much of a view. All in all though, this trail is definitely worth a sniff.

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