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Great hike but only saw 3 of the 10 views

Very nice hike. Did it around June 27th 2018. I would do it again. Good weather, Good for beginners. If you looking for a special view this is it. If you go to the left on the beach you’ll find half of a cave, and along the wall there might be some rock stacks. Good outing.

Great little hike, muddy and steep in spots.
Some scrabbling is needed.
Multiple trail heads which I have been told all take you to the same view point. We found one on the right side, closer to the water that took us up without any issues. The trial heads are not marked, just foot paths worn into the surrounding nature.
It is somewhat challenging but we accomplished it in roughly 1.5 hrs round trip from the parking lot, with a 9 and 11 year old.
An entirely new way to appreciate the stunning view that Cox bay has to offer.

5 days ago

Very nice trail. Half of it is through the marsh and half is along the seaside trail. Very busy but flat (good for kids). There’s a wonderful playground at Centennial Beach for the kids to burn any excess energy and a concession with hot food and ice cream in summer.

5 days ago

This was an amazing little walk. View was spectacular. The sun came out on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of January so the short trail was a bit crowded. I can just imagine how crowded it can get in the summer. Even the beachfront houses were a sight to see. Would love to go back.

Path is very well maintained and perfect for any level of difficulty! Dog absolutely loved the dog beach.

6 days ago

Great trail. Good time.

Nice park, dog-friendly. Hard not to have a great time when it's 10 degrees and sunny in the middle of January.

7 days ago

Great hike

Nice view at the end!

10 days ago

Note to all, the area north of the park has been extensively logged in preparation for a new development. The trail turns into a rough clear cut as soon as you leave the park boundary.

The loop around the lake is as beautiful as always.

Beautiful views from every part of the path!

We did the trail just past summer, absolutely amazing! We wrote a comprehensive daily review of our trip, please see our blog for the full post - http://hktreks.com/index.php/2018/08/03/west-coast-trail-hike-fact-tips-itineraries-and-planning/

Such great views, good for a short little run

Hike/run took 1 hr 50 min.

Brought the dog for a hike along the lake ... steep switchback on south end so people with knee pain might not enjoy that small portion - very scenic old growth forest, ferns, creeks, etc - broad, gravel path for much of it ...thinking its easier if you park at the other end ? Doggo loved it and I picked up cheap gas 5 min away

13 days ago

Standard city walking path, not particularly interesting, but nice views of the harbour.

We hiked the WCT for my 50th birthday from south to north and are just planning to do it again this year! We did it in 6 nights, it was hard but so rewarding, I don't think there is a more beautiful place to camp then on the beach every night with the sunsets that never end. I trained by doing a lot of stairs and walking everyday and had no problem doing the ladders or hills. My husband dislocated his shoulder on day two going through Owens point (we had a log that rolled when going through the boulders) but he was able to put it back in place himself, I just screamed! Anyhow do it - what are you waiting forI Just be prepared and don't overpack, thats the biggest complaint we heard from people. I have a bad back and my pack was 25 lbs and my husbands was 40 lbs we still left food at Chez Moniques as we took too much. Make sure you have good hiking boots and most of all enjoy the journey, yes you can do this in less time but then you have no time to enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Nice relaxing easy ride to Centennial Park. Great views of Mount Baker, Golden Ears, the Lions and the Northern Shore ski hills.

did this trail when I was 15 with my uncle. go light get ready for some massive staircases at every river. The hardest most rewarding thing I've ever done

18 days ago

I would agree that this trail is not all that "easy". You will need good shoes to tread over some rocks and inclines/declines near the end of the trail. Any age group can do it though, from kids to seniors. Took me 1 hour and 45 minutes both ways on a relaxed pace. Jug island beach is quite tiny but the view is worth the exercise.

Great little spot to explore and run.

Beautiful landscape. Be ready for a rugged trail with lots of climbing.

This is one of my favorite “easy” hikes in the Banff area. It isn’t complicated at any point, doesn’t have much in the way of elevation gain, and leads to some spectacular views. Make sure you have bear spray. While I’ve never seen any, I’ve been warned there is a female grizzly that likes to forage in the area, and I’ve seen multiple black bears just down the road.

Depending on the time of the year, you may need to scramble over some snow and downed trees in the initial trail, and then spend some caution crossing slippery stones in a creek about a third of the way. There is a slight rise in ground when you get to the canyon, but it’s quick and easy with stairs to help you along. Finally you descend into the valley beneath the falls, and, again, depending upon time of year, can get pretty close to the waterfall. It’s not a long hike, and definitely worth the views. What I really want to do is find the path that takes you to the tarn that’s feeding the falls, and the incredible view of the ice field beyond!

Amazing but challenging trail with the up and down and mud. Did it this October 2018 ….perfect weather ...sunny every day. Was worth every minute!

21 days ago

Last time I hiked this trail was 30 years ago - much has changed. Crushed gravel laid on potentially muddy sections, bridges over creeks and hand railings on steep side slopes. Great accessible trail for all abilities.

I learned 2 things today that reacquainted me with the Westcoast rain; 1) touch screens on cellphones don’t often work and 2) OR Foray Rain Jacket and matching rain pants work awesome!

22 days ago

had a great hike! the storm only left one fallen tree!

Beautiful walk around Stanley Park.

Nice trail. Would not rate as easy at all. Maybe easy to the 2.5km mark. then certainly not after that.

Easy trail. Not much for views or amazing vistas, but perfect for those times when you have only a couple of hours and want to stretch your legs, get some fresh air. I've done this trail at least a dozen times and still enjoy it. We usually go clockwise around the lake to get the minimal bit of elevation out of the way first. Sometimes we pack a lunch to enjoy at the picnic area at the north end of the lake.

It typically gets quite busy, so we usually try to get on the trail early. Lots of people, lots of dogs (about half of which are running off-leash). The busy-ness is the only reason for my rating of 4/5 stars. The trail itself is great.

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