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13 hours ago

In 3 hours one can hike halfway to pretty Laughing Falls on this trail and back to the Takakkaw Falls parking lot. The majority of the 124 meter elevation gain is acquired on one hill after the spurs for Angels Staircase and Point Lace Falls. Higher, the trail is in generally good condition to the Laughing Falls bridge and campground. Good views of Takakkaw Falls, the Yoho River, and the Daly Glacier along the way.

terrific day of hiking to floe lake. last 3 km were a little difficult as it was a jot jot July day but what a surprise to get to the camp site and e experience a day in the area. played around with a released chunk of ice that floated along side the lake like an east coast iceberg. magnificent day, and met some tremendous folks from all over. Fallen burnt out trees allowed us to experience what heavy winds the previous night can do to change the character of trail. This after considerable work was done with a chain saw the previous to clear the trail. I'd do this again in a heartbeat and will certainly do it again this year.

I just completed the entire trail from the east trailhead at Tulemèen to the west end at Hope Bc. It's entire length is 74 km. This map only has the first half. I don't know anyone who does it as an out and back. You require a drop at one end and a pickup at the other. This trail has some great climbs, great scenery and countless mosquitos. Photo ops with wildlife of all kinds from black, brown grizzly bears to deer, moose and a variety of birds

on Diez Vistas Trail

23 hours ago

Great hike with really cool viewpoints! The first three or four viewpoints are the best, but a couple of the viewpoints after that aren't really great because foliage covers them from the trail. The first part is intense uphill switchbacks for about three kms, then it is a nice slow downhill for the rest. Hike took a total of four hours, not very busy either for starting at 10:00 but it was a cloudier day and it was definitely getting really busy by the time we finished.

Amazing!! Definitely not an easy hike and not clearly marked at times but absolutely incredible. It’s a must if you’re in the area! Approx 4.5 hours

Great hike, did it yesterday. Quite busy on the trail. The last part where you scramble to get to the first brother i found challenging, but overall glad i did it! Bugs were bad past the half way point.

Absolutely gorgeous once you clear the uphill slog initially. Panoramic views of stunning B.C. mountains along the ridge. Lake was still partially frozen and plenty of snow near the last 2 km of the trail, but doable in hiking boots.

The climb up to Sherbrooke lake is easy going but not much to see. Once you get to the lake though it just opens right up to some gorgeous views. The trail along the lake is really cool, it's right at the waters edge and even dips into the water a bit at points. It is full of roots and not too runnable (if you are trying to run like us) but easily passable if you just hike. It looked like it had been freshly cleared as well.

Past the lake is some climbing past a couple of waterfalls. Had to stop plenty of times for pictures.

At the top you get to a nice open meadow and you can see in all directions. Made us a bit cautious looking for bears here but none were encountered.

Past the meadow you enter the forest again. We got a little past 8km mark where there was some stream crossings. The water was moving really fast and obviously freezing cold. Was about knee to thigh deep. We turned around at this point as one of the bridges (aka timber over the stream) was knocked down and some in our group weren't comfortable with the speed and depth of the stream to cross. I'm 6'1" and went across ok for some pictures.

We did this trail July 6, 2018. No snow or snowfields were encountered at all (I would expect some though if we had continued to the peak). So much to look at pretty much entire route made it well worth doing.

Awesome hike! The actual start point is once you have crossed the floating bridge (that is where you see the sign) It’s definitely more than a moderate hike in my opinion, very challenging In some areas and a has quite a rocky terrain, so wear good shoes. I would definitely do it again.

4 days ago

busy busy busy. always super packed. this place has gained extreme popularity over the last 5 yrs. The trails and water ways are heavily trafficked. parking is also limited. lots of people park in the Bush, notorious parking lot for break ins and fines. remember over night trips require parking permits or you'll come back and your car is gone. the slomac curse is strong with this area. remember wondering further south from the camp site you will be on private property and the folks in the community there are very odd ducks who enjoy 100% privacy

4 days ago

Fantastic trail. Great for a two day trip, one day out, one day back with some time to explore in between travelling to/from the camp ground at Rampart Ponds. Be prepared for a steep uphill climb at the beginning. After the initial slog uphill, you're treated to a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. Once you're past Elfin Lake the traffic will die down a lot. And you'll be treated to some great valley views before you get to Rampart Ponds, as well as a beautiful alpine lake that will probably have snow/ice still as it did in August when we hiked it. To get to Mamquam Lake you must trek downhill past Rampart Ponds. It's worth noting that the bugs get bad once you reach Rampart Ponds and continue on your trek to Mamquam. Also be ready to walk through some snow, as it is still there in August. If you get to a part of the trail and it looks washed out, look straight ahead and find the pink marking tape to guide onto the path. Do no follow the washed out section down into the valley. But if you do, simply follow the stacks of rocks until you are back on the trail. Be prepared to stake your tent/rainfly into gravel as that is what the tent pads are made from. Overall, could not be happier with this trail.

4 days ago

What an incredible trail. From the Elfin Shelter, there are almost 360 degrees of mountain views. I spent one night up there on July 10.

The road to the trailhead isn’t bad, but a bit rocky at the end. I did fine in my Prius, taking it slowly when needed.

The snow starts just after the hiking trail rejoins the mountain biking route, about 4.5km from the Shelter. It’s patchy in spots and then starts to thicken as you get closer to the lakes. We used poles, micro spikes, and gaiters; without them, the going was slow due to slush.

The route is no longer marked with the orange rods. At times, we lost the trail altogether and relied on following footprints and the AllTrails app. I suggest anyone going in the next few weeks do the same. It’s easy to veer off course in the snow.

The tent platforms are entirely melted out and looked pretty inviting. With the good weather coming, this hike will just keep getting better and better. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

No sign of the ranger(s), in case that matters to anyone.

It’s a 75km temple.

July 7-8, 2018: This was a difficult hike but well worth the gorgeous view at the top. The sunrises and sunsets from here are stunning. The incline is steep for 85% of the hike and requires some scrambling once you begin ascending the summit from the forest. With 40lbs+ backpacks, we hiked up in 4.5 hours and a gruelling 4hours down. There are very limited camping spots at the top, we were the only ones there overnight so we were able to choose the least rocky and flattest spot... maybe 5 tents max. Be very careful when climbing to the highest points, they call it a "no fall zone" for good reason!

Excellent trail, recommend the overnight, 2 or 3 day to capture all this trails beauty. It’s definitely a strenuous trail. Pack lots of water, food, snacks, camping gear, bear spray and other defense mechanisms for any protection you feel you may need. Recommend this trail 5 star!

This is an amazing hike in the backcountry, however, the gravel road towards the trailhead is extreme rocky and uneven. We rented a 4WD Jeep and still were afraid to go further than the 14th marker. The final 3(?) km to the trailhead we continued to walk. Some passing by cars offered to take us with them and seriously the conditions of the road got worse. I would have been to afraid to get a flat tire though. But other than that, the hike offers a variety of “underground“ conditions - from, woods and mud to gravel and rocks. We did the hike yesterday and even went for a quick jump into the lake. Nevertheless, parts of the lake are still frozen. If only hiking there for a day trip, bear in mind that the time getting to the trailhead takes an extra hour!

6 days ago

My favourite local day hike - a few of the vistas have disappeared due to tree growth (I strongly suspect) but the main viewpoint overlooking Indian Arm, out to SFU, Vancouver etc. is great. I like to hike up, eat some lunch at the main viewpoint, and head back the way I came rather than do it as a loop. Normally I like loops, but on this one its not a good enough second half to bother.

The hike itself is beautiful and well marked! Fairly steady climb once you make it to the tree line but quite short :) The main issue we ran into was the drive to the trail head. High vehicle clearance is more or less a necessity; we completed it in a VW Golf but went about 20 km/hr once we hit the true mountain road and ended up driving all over the road in order to avoid bottoming out. We were definitely the only "car" out there! I want to post that the turnoff for the trail head parking area is at Km marker 14. We ended up driving quite far past this turnoff as it is not obvious. Will definitely return again to enjoy both the climb and the reward of the beautiful lake at the top!

My wife and I did the hike yesterday. it's was Amazing and very rewarding. Yes it was a hard and long hike. Would do it again but this time in 2 days. 10.25 hours and stayed 45 min at the top.

Awesome hike. Just the right amount of steep sections and plateaus. Still a bit muddy in sections, but those kind of add fun to it. Snow still at the top, so wear layers. All wheel drive and a vehicle with a fair bit of clearance is ideal as the forest service road has a few washouts and bumpy bits.

This was a fantastic hike. There are 4-5 km of very challenging uphill backpacking and the rest is manageable. The 23 km if you get to Berg in one day is a challenge- make sure you take care of your feet and wear good hiking boots that fit. Most of the trails were closed up at Berg Lake due to a rock slide but we were able to do the Snowbird pass. It was simply incredible. If you make it to Berg Lake, Snowbird Pass is a must do (though it’s very challenging in its own right). Campgrounds are in good shape and the trail is well marked. Must do on any backpackers list. Bravo!

7 days ago

Took my 7 year old twins on their first over night backpacking trip here this weekend. It was a perfect introduction to the back country and has lit a fire in them... they didn’t want to leave!

It only gets better once you're up at Berg Lake. The exploration opportunities are out of this world.

This was my 2nd time backpacking, and the only time prior was an overnight trip with a 25lb pack. First time with a pack that weighed 50lbs. So, viewpoint from a complete novice. This was a spectacular, gruelling experience, completed in exactly 5 days/nights. It has sparked what I hope will be a life long love affair of the outdoors and backpacking.

Absolutely plan to do the WCT again as soon as possible. Will be better prepared physically (knees were killing me by the last day, had to take a bunch of Advil to make it across the finish line), and will do it in 6-7 nights instead of 5 simply to spend more time enjoying the surroundings. It’s supposed to be a vacation! Also, will pack a lighter bag, 40-45lb would be ideal.

There is still snow on the half of the trail, but it was fun. Lakes are beautiful even they are still frozen.

Have done this hike half a dozen times, most recently on July 3, 2018. Meadows are still covered in snow. Found the trail not as muddy as in previous years. They’ve done a great job placing boardwalks through one particularly boggy section. Road is rough, with a couple of steep pitches, but not problematic for an SUV. Trail is steep, with wet roots everywhere. Found the deadfall particularly bad this year. A few times I had to work to locate the trail after being forced to skirt sections where large trees had come down.

8 days ago

I'm sorry I know that this is suppose to be a review but I sadly had my hiking partner cancel on me last minute and was wondering if anyone is interested in hiking this July 13th/18? I have been wanting to hike it since my first island trip last year!!

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8 days ago

Amazing views, still some snow which makes the slide back down hill great fun.

Epic 360 view!

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