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6 days ago

Beautiful lake. The trail was well maintained and not crowded at all. Took around 2.5 hours total to go around the whole lake. Mostly shaded which is nice on a hot sunny day. Didn't feel like a real hike though since there wasn't a viewpoint at the end, it was more of an exercise/walking trail. Perfect trail for dogs.

Loved it. Dogs enjoyed it even more - lots of places for them to swim.

14 days ago

Beautiful walk, mostly shady. Lot’s of spot for swimming. I recommend to get there fairly early in the day, as the parking is very limited. We had to walk 40 min to actually start the hike

Wonderful hike. Great variety of scenery.

great trail. Not for beginners, friend of mine had to rescue someone who fell down the slope beside the waterfall. A 21 year old hiker also fell from the rocks on the falls and died not to long ago.

28 days ago

Great hike with hard and easy spots, wonderful workout, beautiful scenery. I wish everyone followed the dog on leash law on this trail, as some of the narrow lanes can be difficult to tread when dogs come running at you.

This is my favourite hike

Lovely trail, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Beautiful and easy

1 month ago

A really good hike! Not too hard, not too easy, just perfectly in the middle. At times it can get steep but has straight and downhills as well. Did it with my parents and finished around 3.5 hours later.

1 month ago

Excellent hike for kids. It is fun and not too difficult. I hiked with my son and daughter (5 and 10). We took a counterclockwise route and the experience was amazing.

First time I hiked this trail. It was a bit challenging but I did complete the whole route. It was awesome and I highly recommend this for a good day out for a hike... take lots of water and energy food....

Did the Swan Falls Loop on Saturday (June 23, 2018). We did the trail counter clockwise based off the map as we wanted to leave the easier section for the end which was good for us since my husband has a bad knee. There is still snow at parts once you get to the lakes section but it is melting so be careful where you step as it could break through. Sadly when we got to the top of Mt. Beautiful it was foggy so didn't get any sort of view. Took us 4 hrs to summit Mt. Beautiful and 3hr 20 mins back to the parking lot all at a steady pace.

We hiked the trail clockwise. The first section of the west side is a gravel road, but that ends at a BC Hydro building. After that, the trail is 3 feet wide, dirt and quite smooth. You could easily trail run the east side of the lake.
We parked around 8am on a drizzly Saturday morning. By the time we returned, the parking lots were full. Get there early.

Beautiful trail and easy to hike

2 months ago

Parking is tightly controlled and the gate into the park will be closed and guarded once lots are full. On a weekend/long weekend it’s full and closed around 10am. It’s possible the gate opens again mid afternoon. The lake trail is wide, well marked and maintained.

This hike is one of my go-to trails when I want a quick outdoor excursion that has some challenge. I like going on weekdays as it gets crowded on weekends and holidays. The beaches on each end have gorgeous views.

3 months ago

This is a great trail for getting outside, even on a rainy day. Well maintained, and well categorised as moderate

3 months ago

This is always my go to hike if I’m short on time and just want to get outside and breathe in some fresh air! It’s an easy trail with some moderate hills. It can get quite busy though, especially in the summer months but if you don’t mind that, then it’s a great hike to do.

I did this hike to snowfall in April. It was pretty good hike with moderately trafficked around the lake, but no one to the snow fall and other hike. The hike had some tough patches but it was very natural, forest arounf with super quite area. Reaching to the fall point was fun! would recommend this hike with proper gears as it is easy to get lost.
I would love to do this hike all the way to the last and other recommended areas.

Started at Butzen parking lot, walked around the lake to the swan falls trailhead. Steep climb up to the first falls and continued to the source falls at the lower gully. Returned the way i came. About 51/2-6 hours at a leisurely pace. Good workout with a view.

eh. it’s a pretty lake. a bit too populated for me but i’m a snob. nice walk for conversation and such.

4 months ago

Easy loop hike with some elevation along the west side of the lake, making it super fun to mix up trail running and walking. I love bringing a lunch and eating on the floating dock that overlooks the lake, near the car park (if it’s not full of fishermen). There are some great swimming spots along the east side, so I recommend wearing a bathing suit, going for a dip, and walking off the wet in the summer months!

4 months ago

Enjoyed it today with my 10 year old son. The west side of the loop is definitely a little more difficult with more up and down the crests of the hillside. Lots of waterfalls, a suspension bridge and nice views of the lake. It’s challenging but do-able, but for those that aren’t in the best shape, you might want to stick to the east side of trail.

4 months ago

Great hiking!


5 months ago

This is a great trail with tons of views. Don't under estimate the "hard" difficulty it is exactly that. However I do recommend starting from the north, getting the most difficult part out of the way.

the trail pretty good and nice hike

6 months ago

A nice hike. Quite busy, even in the winter. Lots of hills, and a good variety of terrain.

Have done past two weekends (wet) and over 20 times. Always a great trail, moderately strenuous, but never too difficult. Absolutely love this place!

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