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Great hike but only saw 3 of the 10 views

Very nice hike. Did it around June 27th 2018. I would do it again. Good weather, Good for beginners. If you looking for a special view this is it. If you go to the left on the beach you’ll find half of a cave, and along the wall there might be some rock stacks. Good outing.

Great little hike, muddy and steep in spots.
Some scrabbling is needed.
Multiple trail heads which I have been told all take you to the same view point. We found one on the right side, closer to the water that took us up without any issues. The trial heads are not marked, just foot paths worn into the surrounding nature.
It is somewhat challenging but we accomplished it in roughly 1.5 hrs round trip from the parking lot, with a 9 and 11 year old.
An entirely new way to appreciate the stunning view that Cox bay has to offer.

3 days ago

Very nice trail. Half of it is through the marsh and half is along the seaside trail. Very busy but flat (good for kids). There’s a wonderful playground at Centennial Beach for the kids to burn any excess energy and a concession with hot food and ice cream in summer.

3 days ago

This was an amazing little walk. View was spectacular. The sun came out on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of January so the short trail was a bit crowded. I can just imagine how crowded it can get in the summer. Even the beachfront houses were a sight to see. Would love to go back.

Path is very well maintained and perfect for any level of difficulty! Dog absolutely loved the dog beach.

3 days ago

Great trail. Good time.

Nice park, dog-friendly. Hard not to have a great time when it's 10 degrees and sunny in the middle of January.

trail running
4 days ago

A fantastic park with many different terrains and elevations for trial running.

5 days ago

Great hike

Nice view at the end!

7 days ago

Note to all, the area north of the park has been extensively logged in preparation for a new development. The trail turns into a rough clear cut as soon as you leave the park boundary.

The loop around the lake is as beautiful as always.

Beautiful views from every part of the path!

We did the trail just past summer, absolutely amazing! We wrote a comprehensive daily review of our trip, please see our blog for the full post - http://hktreks.com/index.php/2018/08/03/west-coast-trail-hike-fact-tips-itineraries-and-planning/

Very easy trail with beautiful scenary. Paths are wide open with some small inclines /declines.

Such great views, good for a short little run

Hike/run took 1 hr 50 min.

Brought the dog for a hike along the lake ... steep switchback on south end so people with knee pain might not enjoy that small portion - very scenic old growth forest, ferns, creeks, etc - broad, gravel path for much of it ...thinking its easier if you park at the other end ? Doggo loved it and I picked up cheap gas 5 min away

This trail is not winter maintained so Provincial Park staff say “we don’t recommend you to use it”. But they don’t tell you not to use it either. It’s not patrolled and conditions are unknown so use at your own risk in the winter and be well prepared. There is cell coverage so take your phone. The Trail is well marked so fairly easy to navigate even when snow covered. The east side along the lake is well travelled. The west side is a total backcountry trail in the winter so be prepared to navigate using only trail blazes. Lots of ups and downs so good exercise. It took us 6 hrs with two snack breaks.

10 days ago

Nice trail. Wish there was a better view of the water, but beautiful forest. Saw an owl!

11 days ago

Standard city walking path, not particularly interesting, but nice views of the harbour.

The entire north Bruce has a special place in my heart. It’s taken more years than planned but I’ve legged it from Colpoys bay right to the Cairn in Tobermory.

This was all completed in sections of course but so many great sights along the way. High Dump, Jones Bluff, Cape C, Storm Heaven, Lion Head, Halfway Log Dump and many others make it a must.
Cypress Lake and the Grotto are just a zoo now but after Labor Day it calms down.

Happy hiking everyone.

11 days ago

Yes very good trail, I like to dump in the bushes to leave my mark. No one will know it is me but it’s nice to know I left something to commemorate my little hike :) life’s good. Will visit again

Awesome day hike! We also camped over night at High Dump, it's an excellent spot to stay the night. One thing though is it can get very windy, so bring some ear cover if you wanna sleep through the waves. Overall higgly recommended for beginners to moderate hikers

trail running
12 days ago

I lived in LaRonge in the late 80's and this was one of my favorite running trails. I even managed to do a few times without falling down. The trail was well maintained and signed back then but this is no walk in the park and despite being on a peninsula, every so often someone would wander off trail and need help getting back. I do have friends who took mountain bikes out to the end and they posted some excellent photos online not that many years ago.

We hiked the WCT for my 50th birthday from south to north and are just planning to do it again this year! We did it in 6 nights, it was hard but so rewarding, I don't think there is a more beautiful place to camp then on the beach every night with the sunsets that never end. I trained by doing a lot of stairs and walking everyday and had no problem doing the ladders or hills. My husband dislocated his shoulder on day two going through Owens point (we had a log that rolled when going through the boulders) but he was able to put it back in place himself, I just screamed! Anyhow do it - what are you waiting forI Just be prepared and don't overpack, thats the biggest complaint we heard from people. I have a bad back and my pack was 25 lbs and my husbands was 40 lbs we still left food at Chez Moniques as we took too much. Make sure you have good hiking boots and most of all enjoy the journey, yes you can do this in less time but then you have no time to enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way.

mountain biking
13 days ago

Nice relaxing easy ride to Centennial Park. Great views of Mount Baker, Golden Ears, the Lions and the Northern Shore ski hills.

We went on Dec 31. Note, the gate is closed so you walk in — it has to be at least 4km walk in — it’s a pretty road along the water but you need to build that timing, 45-1hr walk in/out into your plan. We only did 1/2 of the first loop as a result. There was some ice on parts of the path which is pretty rooty and rocky so that slowed the pace as well.

We went on Dec 31. Note, the gate is closed so you walk in — it has to be at least 4km walk in — it’s a pretty road along the water but you need to build that timing, 45-1hr walk in/out into your plan. We only did 1/2 of the first loop as a result. There was some ice on parts of the path which is pretty rooty and rocky so that slowed the pace as well.

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