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10 hours ago

The hike up to the hoodoos was straightforward and easy.... slightly underwhelming. If you continue on passed them and up to the caves, that is the real gem on this hike for sure!

Did it today! Very nice and easy, just walking. Enjoyed the scenery! Saw black bear really close to us.

11 hours ago

A bit of a bag drive right from the get go. Mostly forest ( which is hard to appreciate when you're sucking wind).Not very scenic until you summit. This is more of a fitness hike. I prefer scenery. I get to cross this of my bucket list, but I doubt I'll do it again anytime soon.

12 hours ago

It's a decent city trail for a walk. There are several social trails that take off from the main trail and there is construction of a water treatment plant that has closed off some of the trail so navigation is a little challenging. If you're just out for a walk along the river and golf course, it's fine.

13 hours ago

This hike has a bit of everything, easy, scenic walk in, bit of a workout to the ridge, and a little scramble to the summit. Too smokey to confirm the apparently great views! There is a good new trail from the Gorge to Surveyors Ridge. Far better route than the the one on the map, goes up to the west side of the mountain.

Pretty amazing experience, even with the severely diminished views due to the smoke. Pay close attention to which trails you take up to the summit, some get very hairy very fast. A couple who turned back ahead of me stated that they got charged by a bear, and while I didn't see anything, bear spray and a big group would be very helpful!

It’s totally worth it to go all the way to the Ink Pots. They were so beautiful and fascination, as was the nearby river. As with most trails in Banff, it pays to get there EARLY!! We were there by 7am and had the trail to ourselves and more importantly got parking. When we passed the falls on the way out are around 10:30am it was a parking lot of tourists with a line to even get on the walkway to see the upper falls. It was worse than the mall at Christmas and parking lots were completely full.

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13 hours ago

Beautiful lake, and just past it are some amazing rocks (called elephant rocks) that are fun to explore. Further on we went to the valley of three lakes... lake two was mostly dried up, but home to a group of at least 6 marmots which were eating and playing while we had lunch!! We did the first part on our bikes, then hiked the rest to and past Chester lake

14 hours ago

Beautiful, a bit of a steep climb which can be slippery coming down for a less experienced hiker.

14 hours ago

Beautiful views! Don’t be daunted by the chain and edge walk... if you can walk on a sidewalk you can walk across the exposed edge! Bring lots of water if it’s a sunny day, as you’ll be very exposed to the sun in the valley.

This was a nice brisk traverse, not steep but long inclines as well but as above so below. Long steady declines. Beautiful hike even took my 2 year old with me though not cranky but wanted alot of shoulder rides up hill. Yup an extra 40#'s on my shoulders made for a great workout.

Oh although about 50 cars in the lot, we never seen anybody on the trails. So peaceful. Definitely recommend if you'd like a moderate - brisk peaceful walk in beauty.

Trails are well marked.

15 hours ago

As someone who has hiked in New Zealand, Patagonia, Peru and more, this hike was disappointing. It’s all uphill with the excitement being the lake 5 miles in. Good workout but not very rewarding.

Gotta take the difficult path for sure! Wasn’t too bad for how smoky it is! Loved it!

The trail itself was very hard to find, and we ended up going a bit too far left and climbing the mountain overlooking Highway 40 and the parking lot.. also there are lots of animal trails intersecting the main trail that may have added to the confusion. Regardless, I heard nothing but amazing things about the hike and would love to attempt this another day!

Hard to find parking so get there early!

17 hours ago

10/10 saw some nice sheep

on Marl Lake Trail

17 hours ago

Nice easy walk with good information borders throughout.

Fun little hike! Did this after work on Tuesday night on August 14, 2018. It was quite smokey and we couldn’t see a whole lot, but the terrain is interesting and straightforward for the most part. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, it’s easy to get off track by following one of the other small trails that intertwine with the main trail. We ended up having to traverse a nearly vertical rock face. It was grippy enough to scale with decent hikers and your hands, but try to stay on the main trail. It took us about 3.5 hours all in, but we didn’t do the loop due to weather concerns. Just to the peak and back down the way we came.
Someone bring more paper for the peak log! It was almost out when we were up there ☺️

Steep ride up but worth the efforts - saw big horn sheep on top

Nice little hike for city view

Trail is nice and in the shade. The lake is beautiful but unfortunately didn't get to see much because of the smoke. Better in the morning light.

Always somethibg interesting to see.

Beautiful. However, the cave, which was my #1 must see, was closed to endangered nesting birds.

Loved this hike!!! It’s been our favourite of all the hikes we’ve ever done. I’d say it’s easy as far as terrain and elevation gain but moderate based on length.and challenging terrain.
The trail can be challenging to follow at times (as has been mentioned before) but a lot of that is due to the flood in ‘13 . We found when the trail seemed to get too iffy- because it seemed to be washed out we walked along the dry creek bed for a bit and then rejoined the trail. You only cross one true creek- (there are a couple of little springs but the creek Is unmistakable) - there’s a little fall at that creek with a solid creek bed that’s been carved out by the current- the trail is easy to find once you cross. Generally just keep Junction creek to your left all the way- don’t make any weird turns that take you too far away from it and you should b fine ; ) We stopped for a good hour + at the falls for lunch and the two youngest of the teens even jumped (multiple times into the deep swimming hole below the middle fall- so if it’s hot- bring your suits!!
We also had Fitbit like distance trackers- so we knew when we were close to 7km we were almost there.
We did this with 5 teens, 3 big dogs, 2 fabulous women and 2 old men (well they’re older than the fabulous women : )
Pack a lunch, bring water and snacks- you’ll need them.

Love this hike!!

Best hike we did in Jasper! We walked all the way up to the end. We walked into the woods up en after a couple of km’s we had a lot great views. And it was NOT very quiet, not so many other hikers.
It became a little bit more crowded near by the cable car. I recommend everyone to hike this trail!

What a view!!!! Be there when sun shines!

Beautiful scenery, amazing valley. worth the drive. recommend for anybody. not much for trails but that makes it that much more fun.

1 day ago

Decent hike, agree with another reviewer that there’s no real peak to climb too but a nice hike nonetheless. We did it with three kids (4,6,7) with minimal difficulty. Lots of mountain bikers. Trails are very well marked.

Must go early to avoid the mass amounts of tourists at Johnston Canyon! Easy track overall.

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