15 hours ago

We did this hike as a bike’n’hike’n’bike. The first six KMs were relatively flat so we opted to bring our mountain bikes and just send it until the trail got steep. The mountain bike ride was fun but in parts the trail became quite narrow. On the ride we noticed several patches of burned trees from the 2017 forest fires. We so frequently felt inclined to comment on the burnt trees that we ended up keeping tally of the number of times we felt like we needed to comment on it. The tally was 8.

After the bike ride we began to ascend the steeper section of the hike by foot. The trail was not hard to follow but was overgrown and had me wondering why the park did not take better care of it’s stuff (the trail). The bushwhacking lasted about 2KM until the elevation took care of the parks stuff for them and the path cleared up. From this point in the trail became progressively steeper but still not challenging. There was a significant amount of horse dung on the trail that had me questioning their diet. However, we were ok with dung as long as it was not bear dung.

The last 100m or so of elevation was fairly steep but relatively short. We ended up running into a couple who had ridden their horses up toll this steep section. I asked about their horse’s diet but they replied “that’s a personal question” so we went out separate ways.

The view from the top was awesome. You can see the Waterton townsite as well as something I was told was called “Chief Mountain Peek” which were both cool to see. All told the b’n’h’n’b took us about 6 hours round trip with a half hour lunch-break at the top.

5 out of 5 would recommend