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Hiked this trail with my dogs on-leash July 13th. The trail is great for dogs because there is opportunities to stop and allow them to drink.
We hiked all the way to the lake, it was beautiful and hot. Due to the fire there is no foliage to shade from the sun, so keep that in mind. Additionally, the trail can get dusty from the wind because of the lack of foliage.
Classic trail, busy and well maintained.

12 days ago

Great trail. On the hard side. If you submit remember you can walk the ridge peek to peek and get the rest of Vimy in one shot.

Awesome burnt and unburnt forest trail. Interesting to see how the fire went through.

Completed this hike yesterday, it was beautiful!! lots of wile life and stunning scenery❤

It’s open again after the 2017 wildfire. It’s crowded at the lower falls but once you go past that it gets sparse. It’s a constant uphill and lots of switchbacks. Gets downhill as you approach the lake. It gets windy at the lake. Good hike overall

My family went up to the lakes, it is a lot more difficult than my family has anticipated and the constant uphill was very hard on my mothers knees. We camped for one night and unfortunately we were at the campsite when the fire of 2017 started. No one had come to inform us or evacuate us. The scenery wasn’t that good compared to other trails in Waterton. I would not recommend this trail.

A nice trail that takes you to a pleasant waterfall and a lake if you continue past the falls, almost no incline to the falls but a bit steeper after

une fois rendu au sommet, quel vue.. a faire absolument!

A nice easy hike, can be a bit crowded as the lower portion is very popular, but spectacular lake at the end, great to have lunch at. I hope it reopens this year.

I've done this hike three times now, love the views from the top. It is one of my favorite hikes in Waterton.
I will have to do this again, once they open the trail again, to see how different it looks after the Kenow fire of 2017.

1 month ago

Saw a bear within 1.2 km on the bike trail. Constant climbing from Wishbone Trail junction on Vimy Peak Trail. Snow covered trail near basin. Ascent the south Peak with great views Waterton Lakes and prairies.

Just a heads up, this trail is currently closed as of June 7, 2018

Sadly you won't likely be able to hike this in 2018. Its a fabulous hike over amazing terrain so stay tuned.

This hike is currently OPEN AGAIN after being closed due to the big fire of 2017.
Its a great family hike to beautiful falls. A similar option is Rainbow Falls but you need to take the boat cruise and your passport.

Went in August 2017 before the fire. It was a good place for kids to play, but not much of a hiking experience.

Went in August 2017. Glad we got to see it before the fire.

Not busy at all. We almost made it out and back without seeing another soul. Was disappointed we couldn’t get closer to the waterfall.

I have done parts of this hike and wanted to do the ridge this year but it looks like it will be closed for 2018 due to last year's fire

1 month ago

closed for 2018 due to wildfire damage. was a good good trail, well marked, somewhat steep but busy. great view over Waterton townsite

2 months ago

The hike itself is nothing spectacular, just lots of switchbacks. What really makes this hike worthwhile is the amazing view of Waterton Lake and the townsite. Absolutely stunning view and well worth the time and effort!

Due to the Kenow fire in September 2017 this trail is closed until further notice.

2 months ago

A steep walk but fairly short hike. Worth the view at the top.
Children can climb it. Family friendly
Any tourist to the area should make the climb just for the view alone; it is spectacular.

Great hike. Loved the hike. Was very hard, but we took a lot of water and rested often so it all went great. Even got rain when we got at the top.

2 months ago

AMAZING!!! So many things to see. So incredibly tired by the end. I suggest stopping and smelling the roses a lot as there are so many little hidden gem spots to savour on the way down. Also glad we stopped to enjoy it lot as it’s all burned down now :-(

2 months ago

One of my top 3 favourite hikes of all time!! Incredible views the whole time! Keep going past the lake up to Avion Ridge. You’ll find a waterfall that you can enjoy on a hot day. Gorgeous spot to have a private lunch as it’s off the main trail to the left. Absolutely gorgeous. So happy we made this home happen before the fire in Waterton.

Starts with a long flat portion, followed by a steep uphill hike. The uphill portion is tough, but mostly because the hike itself is long. We were definitely tired the next day. Some awesome views and waterfalls on the way up, especially with the trees changing colour in the fall. The lake itself was a bit underwhelming tbh but overall still worth it for the rest of the hike.

Love this hike I've been 4 times now and taken the kids they do really well. Spectacular views and such a beautiful little town. One of my absolute favs

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