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Waterton Park, Alberta Map

Easy trail, nice views of the Upper Waterton Lake and surrounding mountains. Two backcountry campgrounds - one at Bertha Bay and second at Bonduary Bay.

1 day ago

Beautiful views! Don’t be daunted by the chain and edge walk... if you can walk on a sidewalk you can walk across the exposed edge! Bring lots of water if it’s a sunny day, as you’ll be very exposed to the sun in the valley.

Great hike. Lots of mountain scenery. Lake was pretty. Hike off trail at the lake up to a snow field with great views of the lake. There was smoke from the fires in Glacier Park on the US side.

Nice, easy hike. A lot of traffic. Close up of recent 2017 fire. Would recommended continue up to Bertha lake itself.

Long hike, very busy . Was able to walk out onto the ice and jump in for a dip at the lake to cool down. Pictures make it seem more intense than it actually is. Cable isn't even needed. Has some nice scenery but the traffic takes away from the experience for sure.

A fun hike. A bit of everything for everyone. I would rate this as easy to low intermediate. The ladder, tunnel and little climb after are cool but very short and extremely easy to handle. We took our time and made it up in 2.5 hours, stayed 2 hours on top then took the alternate route down and still made it back within 2.5 hours

8 days ago

Up to this point, this is the toughest hike I have ever done. I would rate this hike closer to difficult than to moderate. The terrain is very rocky and requires a bit more than average stamina. The ladder climb, cave traverse, and cable climb are not for the faint of heart. Loved it all! The descent is tough but is rewarded with multiple waterfalls. Recommend extra water or filter system. Went thru 6 liters

Best trail ever! We took the earliest 8:30 water taxi and returned at 5:30 making it a full day of adventures. Do yourself a favor and bring a bathing suit and beers, we had the best time walking/swimming around the lake. Tip: put your beers in the water, it will be nice and chilly:) It took us the same amount of time to go back as to hike up.

We hiked this trail on 8-3-2018 and found it challenging but doable. You feel pushed because you are not sure how much time you will need to meet up with the boat time. We picked a steady pace and made it in 2 hours and 45 minutes which we were told is better than the average. Stayed at the top had lunch and headed back. Still made it and had to wait an hour and half for the 4 pm boat. We took the early boat also which allowed us extra time. We did not have a lot of people on this day total maybe 60 .
Wonderful hike with a unique trail! If you don’t like heights don’t do this hike.
This was a wonderful day spent in Canada!

My first time and my new experience for hiking on this crypt lake has been fascinated me! This is literally a beautiful hike, recommend!

This was a nice hike that I didn’t find too difficult. We got on the first boat, which I highly recommend. We made it up in just over two hours. I find it more difficult coming down than going up. It’s more technical for sure. It was a great day.

One of the very best day hikes I’ve done

One of the most amazing hikes I've ever done. We got to the dock early and they sent a ferry at 8am because there was enough people to fill the boat. Sit by the stairs on the ferry to get off first! We took off running to separate from the crowd and made it to the lake behind only one other person. We then took our time going back, exploring waterfalls and doing the hell-roaring canyon detour. I can't image why people have said this section isn't worth taking, it was absolutely gorgeous. We got back to the dock at 2:30 and were lucky that they sent an early ferry which we got on at 3pm. Again we sat at the stairs and were the first ones off. It was the perfect day. I've done around 40 hikes in the past 2 years and we both agreed this was in the top 3!

This trail was extremely crowded today, lots of children and dogs (many off leash). Because it is so accessible, there are many inexperienced hikers that lack trail etiquette (hiking side by side, not yielding to those traveling uphill). if you get past the falls and hike to the lake, the issue resolves itself. it is interesting and sad to see the remnants of the recent fire.

Unreal cliff diving into a glacier lake.!!!! One you beat the crowds from the boat your good to go.

We hiked Bertha Falls with our three teenagers. It was a fairly easy hike with manageable elevation gain. Much of the hike is through one of the burn areas from the 2017 fire, so there is very little shade. Use your sunscreen. It was actually fascinating to see the burnt trees close up, as many of them were shedding the burnt bark and still alive (I think) underneath. You can also see the views to Waterton Lake through all the burnt trees, but as there were typical summer fires in the Western states and Canada, it was a bit hazy. Lastly, the Falls themselves are really beautiful with cool diagonally sheared rocks. Note that several of the trails in Waterton are closed (or the roads that get you to the trails), so this one, being one of the few that is open, was more crowded than usual.

Definitely a long, but relatively easy hike for anyone in decent shape. I was a little disappointed in the overall ‘thrill’ of it but I suppose that’s because I have been getting into more technical hikes / scrambles. If you are in the Waterton area I wouldn’t pass it up, a mix of everything from waterfalls to tunnels, and a refreshing alpine lake at the top where you can stop and have lunch. Pack lots of water and have patience for the heaps of hikers that will frequent it on a good weather weekend.

20 days ago

Overcrowded if you go mid day but still beautiful.

on Lower Bertha Falls

24 days ago

Fairly easy. Good for beginners/first time hikers. Unfortunately, the trail is not as green as before due to forest fires.

Loved it! Had a great day, boat trip, beautiful scenery, waterfalls, difficult switchbacks, tunnel, scramble, and lunch at a beautiful lake! We’re not super fit but we’re able to get it done and back to wait for the boat for an hour. Loved the experience and Waterton National
Park is beautiful!

1 month ago

This place is amazing.
The first little bit is crowed as soon as you get off the boat. After that you can usually leave the crowds behind, lol. Loads of spots to stop for water. For hikers that aren't that experienced I wouldn't recommended it. Once you hike a couple hours almost all up you come to a ladder then a wall. The ladder is ok then threw a tunnel off into a cave that you almost have to crawl on your hands and knees. Right outside the cave you go up a small trail that you use a wire to guide you to the top. Almost impossible to pass but I did it several times on the outside of the trail. eekksss. Once up top I recommend a swim it is so refreshing. I did some cliff diving into the deep pool on the back side and it was less crowed.

1 month ago

We did this hike in a group of 7 ranging from 10 to 60 years old. This took us 8 hours that is including a 1.5 hour lunch break at the lake and some cliff jumping into the lake.
We didn’t find the incline to be very difficult at all the cable, cave and ladder just needed to have caution, everyone in our group did very well.
We had a great time jumping off the cliffs at the top! We all packed 2 L of water and that seemed fine for our group.
We found that by the time we were half way down the kids were pretty tired but once we took their packs they were good to go to the bottom.
This was a fun hike but it is a long one.
I would not consider this a technical hike but the length could be difficult for some people.

Great hike lots to see great views! Just have to put your big girl pants on when it comes to the ladder and the cable

We hiked this today on our descent from Crypt Lake. It is fairly steep in sections & a bit overgrown in others. Views of the canyon and the rushing water are beautiful. You do not get close enough to the water to actually touch it. It is a nice addition to the Crypt Lake home, would definitely recommend it on the descent.

Awesome hike - beautiful views & good trail. It took us 7 hours to hike up, around the lake & then down & to do the Hell’s Canyon trail on the way back. This included shipping @ the top to swim, eat & admire the views. The cliff, tunnel & climb with the cable are not for the faint of heart. I used 1.5 l of water & my husband used almost 2.5 l.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a gorgeous hike and should be done by anyone coming to this area. I give it 3/5 rating because I felt it was falsely rated in difficulty. It is said this is supposed to be a thrill seekers delight, but I found this untrue. It was a relatively easy hike, with little to no worry for any issues along the way. I was expecting a more challenging hike with difficult traversing and a few holy s**t moments but I was left disappointed.

Great trail with amazing views. I highly recommend bringing 3L of water per person AND a filter of some source for stream water. We ran out but were lucky a friend had a filter. The forest hike is lovely with dense foliage. The switchbacks are when I felt the trail began to get truly tough, but keep going and it will be worth it. The tunnel is on a left slant and you will have to duck as it is short, so be aware of that if you are unable to squat down to walk awkwardly. The cable walk is not terrible but be sure footed. I strongly advise to wear ankle supporting boots as the shale on the switchbacks down can be hard on the body.

1 month ago

boat rides, lush forests, water falls, cliffs, tunnels, lakes! This hike has everything you could ever ask for. It is a challenging hike but well worth it! The cliff sections were not as scary as I originally thought they would be but I would not recommend this hike for small kids or dogs. The tunnel is alot more narrow than I imagined and would not recommend for people over 300 pounds or if you have trouble bending your knees. Bring bear spray as there have been recent sitings and we saw fresh bear scat. We usually bring about 2 litres of water on day hikes but this hike required much more due to the intensity and how hot it was that day. i would recommend 4 litres (minimum 3) and or bring a water filter/purification system there are many streams along the way to fill up. DO NOT drink the water from the lake unless you have a purification system. Drinking still water is never a good idea without a filtration system. We saw a guy drink right from the lake and when we scooped up a bottle full there were worms in the water. HIKE SMART!

This a MUST DO for any hiking fan! The views are incredible and just enough of a challenge to get in a good workout. A beautiful forest at the start to a canyon, mountain tunnel, waterfalls and a gorgeous lake at the top. Not only is the hike itself amazing but the ferry ride and tour of Waterton is equally rewarding. If you’re considering this hike DO IT!

Great bucket list hike. Not for the faint hearted nor people scared of heights. You access the hike via a paid boat shuttle service that departs from the Waterton Lakes Marina and takes you to the Crypt Trail landing. From there you gain 725m t in elevation to Crypt lake in 8km or so and the last 2km of it are very steep and include a ladder climb, a 20m crawl through a natural narrow tunnel, and a climb on narrow ledges with steel cables to ease the ascent and for safety. The trail is quite busy and we had the misfortune to do it on a wet and cold day. Still a great hike, but be aware that you are time limited and this can become an issue if you are late on your way back as the boat won't wait for you. A word of caution, if you have bad knees (as I do), the descent and uneven parts of this hike was definitely not pleasant from a pain point of view. We had a friendly encounter with what i would call the friendly resident marmot on the trail too (both ways at the same spot)

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