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It’s totally worth it to go all the way to the Ink Pots. They were so beautiful and fascination, as was the nearby river. As with most trails in Banff, it pays to get there EARLY!! We were there by 7am and had the trail to ourselves and more importantly got parking. When we passed the falls on the way out are around 10:30am it was a parking lot of tourists with a line to even get on the walkway to see the upper falls. It was worse than the mall at Christmas and parking lots were completely full.

14 hours ago

Beautiful, a bit of a steep climb which can be slippery coming down for a less experienced hiker.

14 hours ago

Beautiful views! Don’t be daunted by the chain and edge walk... if you can walk on a sidewalk you can walk across the exposed edge! Bring lots of water if it’s a sunny day, as you’ll be very exposed to the sun in the valley.

Gotta take the difficult path for sure! Wasn’t too bad for how smoky it is! Loved it!

15 hours ago

Easy and quick trail, crowded. Half of the hike follow power line (with the factory noise). When you actually get into the canyon it's pretty cool (and silent). You have a little fall at the end. Lot of climbing opportunity.

Steep ride up but worth the efforts - saw big horn sheep on top

Beautiful. However, the cave, which was my #1 must see, was closed to endangered nesting birds.

Loved this hike!!! It’s been our favourite of all the hikes we’ve ever done. I’d say it’s easy as far as terrain and elevation gain but moderate based on length.and challenging terrain.
The trail can be challenging to follow at times (as has been mentioned before) but a lot of that is due to the flood in ‘13 . We found when the trail seemed to get too iffy- because it seemed to be washed out we walked along the dry creek bed for a bit and then rejoined the trail. You only cross one true creek- (there are a couple of little springs but the creek Is unmistakable) - there’s a little fall at that creek with a solid creek bed that’s been carved out by the current- the trail is easy to find once you cross. Generally just keep Junction creek to your left all the way- don’t make any weird turns that take you too far away from it and you should b fine ; ) We stopped for a good hour + at the falls for lunch and the two youngest of the teens even jumped (multiple times into the deep swimming hole below the middle fall- so if it’s hot- bring your suits!!
We also had Fitbit like distance trackers- so we knew when we were close to 7km we were almost there.
We did this with 5 teens, 3 big dogs, 2 fabulous women and 2 old men (well they’re older than the fabulous women : )
Pack a lunch, bring water and snacks- you’ll need them.

Love this hike!!

quick hike with elevation. river bed dry. better with water I would imagine.

Must go early to avoid the mass amounts of tourists at Johnston Canyon! Easy track overall.

Its hard to capture the beauty of this place with pictures

pretty easy for the views...well worth it.

Did the Lilian Lake and all the way to Galatea Lake. Not too bad today considering the smoke. The trees kinda filtered it down a bit. Went fairly early and wasn’t too busy. First half is in the shade and rolling up and down. Lots of bridges, we counted about 10. :) Brought our dog and it was great, not too hard for them. If you’re going to do Lilian Lake, do the Galatea Lake as well, as it isn’t that far. Check it off your list. Done about less than 5 hours.

Great hike. Lots of mountain scenery. Lake was pretty. Hike off trail at the lake up to a snow field with great views of the lake. There was smoke from the fires in Glacier Park on the US side.

1 day ago

Arrived early evening, not too many people were around but would be very busy in the middle of the day. Great viewpoint for almost no effort.

1 day ago

Arrived late afternoon, not many people were around, and most of those who were didn't bother going down to the lower falls section. Would probably be very busy during the day. Nice and easy walk, good for a stop off while driving the highway.

Fairly easy hike, good for stretching the legs and getting some air, perfect for a smokey day. Lots of people! Recommend very early morning or very late in the evening to avoid the crowds. Views from the ink pots are nice. Wouldn't recommend this if the weather is good, spend the day elsewhere.

easy viewpoint

my goodness. beautiful view of glaciers and waterfalls across the way.

Wonderful hike in Canmore! The lakes were blocked off for reclamation so we weren’t able to find the petroglyphs. We went earlier in the morning so it wasn’t crowded at all. Adorable benches, bridges, waterfalls and beautiful views.

2 days ago

fyi.. super short hike.
I finished it in 1hr.

Have done this hike a number of times - once in the winter and of course different times in the summer/fall. Have been up past the first set to the waterfalls in behind - though yesterday’s was just to the first set. I’m sure this is one we will do time and time again when we want an easy hike with the reward of a waterfall at the end!

Beautiful hike even with the very smoky conditions - second half is a good climb, we wanted to do Harvey Pass but with the smoke and my asthma - it was decided to come back to add that challenge when conditions are better! Will definitely be back to do this again!!

This trail is much better than the reviews give it credit for. You will have to climb through a destroyed river bed for the first portion because of the floods but, for me, that was super fun. you get to pick your own way and cross the stream a few times. If you want more of a path hug the left side going up. Views at the top were impeccable. The whole thing took me 8 hours. would gladly do again.

Great hike! We planned to do the difficult hike up and the easy back but ended up doing the hard hike both ways due to a bear on the easy path. The hard hike has some very steep sections but the waterfalls and views are well worth it!

An excellent hike although the first part is through the trees so really nothing to see but forest. Once you get up to Mirror Lake the views get better. Still a bit icy and slippery in the upper sections. Staff at the tea house were busy getting the place ready for opening in June, but even though they were not officially open they were selling tea and other goodies out of the back door. The tea was perfect after the hike up. Excellent views of the lake and mountains.

Nice, easy hike. A lot of traffic. Close up of recent 2017 fire. Would recommended continue up to Bertha lake itself.

Great scenic trail but very easy to get lost shortly after the waterfall with so many paths. We were lost for at least an hour and ran into another group that were also lost but we headed for the water and eventually made our way back to a trail.

Nice, easy, hike

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