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We got to Johnston Canyon at 9:00am and there weren’t many people on the trail. The trail to the Ink Pots is well marked and people were scarce on that part of the hike. However, on the way back the falls were packed with people so it’s best to start early.

There were some dips in the path which made for nice inclines so your legs can get a good workout instead of just walking on flat terrain.

The Ink Pots themselves were majestic and a great place to explore; the Upper and Lower Falls were beautiful and it was even better enjoying them without crowds of people.

Worth the effort. Incredible views, esp of the valley behind the lake.

Family stroll around lake. Amazing views, excellent trail.

Amazing indeed! Lucky to have the hot springs to all for ourselves and soak after the hike!

Epic hike! One of the best scrambles so far!

12 hours ago

Fantastic Hike. We started around 7am and only ran into 2 other people. It was cloudy when we started, but after the first 2,000 feet or so we got above the clouds and the views were incredible. I'd say it was very challenging, but well worth it. Probably my favorite hike at Banff.

13 hours ago

First half of the hike to Lake Agnes was heavily trafficked, although the view from the lake is incredible. The second half, toward the Big Beehive, is more strenuous than the first, but well worth it. Not as many people, and views of Lake Louis on one side, and Lake Agnes on the other. Incredible, incredible hike.

More people need to visit this place, amazing variety of terrain in a small area. Also an amazing view of Calgary and the mountains from the lookout

trail running
13 hours ago

Beginning of the hike can be a little boaring, but the view is amazing at the top.

Awesome hike on the way up. Steep and challenging, but well worth the trek once you reach the top. The only issue I had with this hike was on the way down. What looked to be a path was definitely NOT one. It led me off trail and into the forest for some bushwhacking. Luckily, I managed to get to a road and found myself a couple of kilometres from the EEOR parking lot. Important note: as you are descending, stay left!

Did the loop counterclockwise (taking the direct route up and ACC trail down). At the summit it was quite windy and cold, so be prepared with jackets! Amazing view at the top- you can see a sea of mountain peaks that just stretch out beneath you. There is also a small “window” to the left of the summit which was also pretty cool. Taking the ACC route down, we walked along the ridge before dipping into the trees once more.

Starts off in the trees at a moderate incline. Once you break the tree line, it gets a bit steep. The view over the ridge is gorgeous. From there you can head up to the peak or make your way to miner’s peak as well!

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13 hours ago

Nicely paved and maintained trail. Easiest to run the loop clockwise! Took me approximately 80min to run.

Beautiful hike that I can finally check off the list! Always wanted to be able to drive on the trans-Canada and be able to look at a peak and know I have been on top of it Yay! Now, things I have learned the hard way:
• the trail takes you to a T where there is a sign that tells you if you go left it’s a technical climb and the right is a hikers trail. This hike is a loop so you can chose what obstacles you’d like to face going up or down. I would highly suggest going right for the uphill and save the technical climb for the downhill. On our decent from the summit and all the way down was scree and steep ( super fun to “scree ski” but would have really sucked choosing that way to go up.)

• this trail is NOT well marked! Lots of side trails and random ways you can go so really really pay attention to what appears to be the main trail. When you’ve made it around to the back of the mountain and are climbing through the rocks to summit there are blue squares spray painted to show you the way but besides that you are kind of on your own. On our way down I believe we took a longer way than necessary but AGAIN super hard to tell so pay attention.

• Lots of scree that has been scraped away from the popularity of this hike so prepare yourself for some potential bum scooting and wear hiking shoes with grip or get yourself some hiking poles. Also a lot of the rocks you climb have been polished over and are slippy so get grippy shoes.

• pack your sunscreen and bug spray.

• the view makes it all worth it!

16 hours ago

Good hike. Steep sections but worth it. Excellent views at the top; one can see for kms around, and snow to slide down on the way back! The top can be tricky for those afraid of heights.

Did this hike a week ago. As a beginner hiker I would say this was more moderate than easy. Steep incline but so worth it

the view was amazing in every ridge of the mountain. our first time to encounter very difficult hiking spot but we definitely made it. found awesome people to guide us and trick how to go down in a very steep spots but otherwise is all worth it to conquer your fears. bring lots of water and snacks.

22 hours ago

Easy trail with great views- really good trail for families. Very well marked. Can EASILY get to the first waterfall and back in under 2 hours.

Terrible marking. Zero signage. Wandered around could not find the trail. To bad it didn’t work out. But tons of mosquitoes. Just awful!

23 hours ago

Arrived at Moraine Lake by 820 am and the parking lot was full. We were able to park on the road but 2km from the trail head. The beautiful hike made it worth while..the crowds dispersed at the trail to Sentinel Pass. The lake was a beautiful spot for lunch. Still snow on the avalanche chutes and you could hear some avalanche activity along the trail. A great day ended with breathtaking views around Moraine Lake.

Gorgeous views! Steep inclines but so worth it. We only went up a tad farther than the helipad as we started late and were running out of time. Well marked and easy to locate the trail.

23 hours ago

Amazing views on an extremely strenuous hike.

When they rated this hike hard they meant it - over 4000 feet of elevation in about two miles beat us up (we’re practiced hikers and climbers). If you do the loop, definitely go counter clockwise as is mapped here. The upper half of the climb is essentially all extremely steep scrambling, quite a bit of loose rock, not for the faint of heart.

We did take our dog on this hike (solid hiker) and we would not recommend to others taking their dogs in future. The loose rock at the top is a bit scary and there were sections where I had to assist him up or down vertical spots (under ten feet)

That all said, unreal hike. The traverse on the ridge was extremely fun with 360 degree views. If you’re feeling perky, do this hike.

23 hours ago

Absolutely stunning! I took the "hard" route, which wasn't too bad. The hard route is rewarded with stunning views of Canmore and the valley, and provides a pretty nice workout to boot. The two lakes at the top of the hike are beautiful, which offer a color transition due to the algae(?) in the water. Would definitely recommend this to anyone heading to Canmore!

Hiked to all 4 lakes this morning, great views. 3rd lake is definitely the best but all four are worth the effort- they’re all fairly close, we were reading reviews before about how some people weren’t making it to the last lake(s), but compared to the rest of the hike they’re just around the corner from each other - the fourth is deceiving but it’s very close to the third.

BUT the bugs were disgusting and aggressive. We got bit by horseflies multiple times, there were thick clouds of flies and mosquitos and it seemed like they were EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t stop for very long on the way up even though it’s much needed on the steep climb in the heat. Constantly swatting away bugs for the whole hike, less at lake #3.

Many great little campsites around the third lake with make-shift fire pits, would consider going back to camp with more bug spray.

Nice hike but is difficult to find the entrance to the trail. Not well marked either

This trail is a little on the difficult side because of the incline (or decline) of the trail. For the majority of the trail you are going 3 feet forward, 1 foot up in elevation. it is a very rewarding hike with absolutely beautiful views. at the top, someone has left a Canadian flag and Alberta Flag - it is great.

If you are fit and acclimatized to the the elevation, you should be able to get up and back in 1'45" to 2 hours. If you are taking your time, I would count on it being a 3 hour hike.

Worth all of the effort.

Amazing! Beautiful views all the way along. Great diversity in terrain and incline. Hot day- decent tree coverage though for most of it! Lots of great spots to rest along the way and enjoy the view.

Such a beautiful hidden gem!! From one wildflower meadow to another. Great, easy day!
The trail head is a bit tough to find, but there are blue trail flags up the hill on the east side of highway 66. You can park in the rest area across the highway. The trail is relatively easy to follow if you follow the trail flags. When you are going to descend you come into a beautiful meadow on a steep slope. The trail is hard to find here. Find the tree with the white trail marker and go directly down the slope with a slight hiker right. There is a slight trail that will lead you back on the the trail. Keep going down and to your right (ish). Beauty day!

1 day ago

This was a great hike with some phenomenal views! The first section of the trail is just pure gruelling incline with very minimal switchbacks, but once you get through it, it’s completely worth it! The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is the fact that you can still hear the highway once you reach the top, but it’s not that big of an issue. Took me around an hour and half to reach the peak and 1 hour to descend back to the parking lot. I would not recommend this hike for families with children younger than their later teens, and although they say dogs are allowed, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the incline and loose/sharp rocks. Also do not do this hike with anything less than a good grippy pair of hiking boots, it is not suited for running shoes and the sort!! Also, I would highly suggest getting an early start on this hike so you can beat the heat on your steep ascent. Last and final note, they recommend hiking poles, I did the hike perfectly fine without them, so I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity, although I can see why people opt for them (mostly would be needed for the descent. I don’t like poles, so that’s why I don’t use them.). Absolutely recommend this hike to all experienced hikers!

Nice trail with rewarding views towards top. Not ideal to do mid-day on a hot day. Shady spots throughout thankfully. Big range of hikers on this trail. Parents carrying toddlers to 70 yrs old. Good workout!

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