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Finished the loop today with my family (husband and teenagers). Flat portion in had quite a few cows in the pasture, so you had to watch where you stepped. The gorge is really beautiful. Entering the fork in the road we chose to hike the loop counter clockwise (right). A few grizzly tracks in the wet portions of the trail, but they were old and the only animals we saw were the cows and a grouse. Good elevation up to the top will get you feeling like you are burning calories but stunning views once you get there. Nicely maintained trail, well marked, saw two other people at the top.

This was a beautiful summit hike. Once we got to go to Lookout point and started making our way back to trail, unfortunately it wasn’t very clearly marked and we got a bit lost. thankfully we had the Alltrails app and were able to relocate the rest of the trail. Highly recommend that you go counter clockwise loop heading up the volcanic Ridge on the way up that way you get a nice walk back.

It’s hard to give it a real review because I didn’t make it very far. Maybe 6 of the total km... I just had an uneasy feeling so I turned around... I made it back to the clearing and little creek and encountered THREE large (very large) grizzly bears. It was just me and my dog. She was on leash and thankfully I didn’t startle them. It was very unnerving to be out numbered. One seemed interested in my dog and I but I just kept talking in a calm, yet slightly louder (not shouting) voice and told it it needed to go back up that hill. It listened and we were able to pass and they turned around after following us for a short while.

I would have enjoyed seeing more... it was a pretty easy yet muddy hike. Horses had been through earlier that day. The trailer was still there.

I hiked the unofficial trail up to the south ridge and then beyond to Volcano Ridge. This is a great hike with beautiful views. The trail is reasonably well marked. At about 2.5 k after entering the trees you cross a creek and the trail splits. Take the right hand fork and a few metres in look for flagging for a trail to the left and up thru pines.

We loved this trail with our kids. Great view plus lots of area to adventure and check out up at the top! Found cow and moose skeletons on the way up, so that was a really neat find too!

we also added going to south volcano ridge and volcano ridge trail up to volcano ridge beautiful views signs and trails hard to follow at times

This was not good. Trails not defined, road was muddy and sketchy even in June. Do not take a little car down that road, you will get stuck.

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Would be a beautiful view in the fall with the aspens. Trail seemed to be built more for bikes and horses. Fairly muddy in areas, I would not advise going after rainy spell.

4 months ago

Great for early season hikes. Can be wet in some areas. 2018 winter was great for snowshoeing

Good hike, very well marked trail.

8 months ago

Following the cut line from the Gorge Creek parking area, this is a straight, uphill slog through a perfectly plain pine wood. Not much to look at until the top.

In the final climb it was very difficult to pick out trails of any kind, perhaps due to snow obscuring them. As a result gaining the escarpment was challenging and not somewhere to bring a first timer who is scared of heights, especially with any wind to speak of.

Once on top you get a great view of the carpeted foothills and the front ranges behind them. Not your top priority, but worth doing at some point if you have a few hours and have exhausted the more exciting stuff.

I really gotta come back here in the summer, looks like it would be gorgeous. Decided to make it out here before the road closes Dec 1. Hit the trail during a chinook, while warm, it did make for a strenuous slog through the snow. Didn't have enough time in the day to make the full summit but got to the South summit. Great views of Calgary and mountains to the Southwest. Could not locate the new trail down the middle, had to take the old trail that cuts to the North, which added distance to my plan.

Excessive amount of bear droppings, got some on my nice new boots. Wish they'd pick up after themselves.

All trails needs to be updated.... the loop trail includes a trail that has been decommissioned.

Great trail - A bit steep on the mountain itself but pretty flat otherwise. Take the new trail down the middle marked with flagging tape to get the best views.

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