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Great hike!! The trail was a little bit muddy due to some light rain but there were no issues doing the hike in just hiking shoes. Poles are recommended and there was Very Minimal snow closer to the top.

23 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Super easy but an awesome day out. Not much snow. Plenty of scenery, and a great to see the larches in full bloom, by the lake. Almost made it to the saddle but had to turn around due to incoming weather.

Amazing and long. Some steep scrambling on loose rocks. We did it counter clockwise and it took us more than 8 hours. The 360 degree view on the ridge was extremely gorgeous!

We did it on a sunny day in the mid of July, but it got super cold and windy on the ridge so that our phones could not work any more there. Difficult to find the trail down without the help of a phone, so we ended up taking a “fake” trail when going down from the ridge and it took quite a while to get back to the real trail. We also saw a staff on the ridge near the wire tower and a helicopter coming to pick him up getting off the work at around 4pm.

1 day ago

Did this hike mid-sept and it was outstanding. Great views thru Larch Valley and even better when you get up the scree path (steep, but not scary, nor dangerous) at Sentinel Pass. We stopped there and did not go on to Temple Mtn because that started to get too steep for us.

Great trail and great views! The first half of the hike was cloudy but the sun broke through just as we started climbing!

1 day ago

Busy and tight some places but after upper falls to Ink Pots it clears out.

Such a beautiful hike and great views from the pass. There was lots of fresh snow on the hike from the larch valley up to the pass, micro spikes for your hiking boots are really a must in these conditions and on that type of slope.

Beautiful hike with amazing views at the end! Difficult to route find unless you have the app - found it very helpful to keep comparing where we were with the trail we were on/direction we were heading. The last 1-2km was a serious grind - calves were KILLING. The top is SERIOUSLY windy and cold - anticipate for some harsh cold winds and bring a toque/gloves.

Toddler's Paradise! Tons of rocks and logs to climb and little waterfalls to look at. Trail is very manageable and absolutely beautiful with the leaves starting to change.

Easy to get lost, be careful. The view on top is beautiful!

Beautiful hike even in the pouring rain!

great easy hike but really interesting to go through the canyon and see the rock formations

Starts out fairly easy but certainly ramps up in difficulty as you turn to go up the hill. Definitely a little challenging.

Fun easy short trail, was not too busy but the weather wasn’t very nice. Lots of water in the cave so sadly didn’t go in far. Definitely had a strong lingering weed smell like a lot of people have said lol. Definitely want to go back and explore the cave a bit.

Amazing and challenging hike! Would recommend it to anyone who is new and wants a good view and an amazing hike. Me and my group made the mistake of going across the lake then up, it's easier to go straight up to Prairie view then down jewel pass as it makes the hike easier. We went up jewel pass which the views were amazing, but the hike was harder going up that way and slippery down through prarier view. If you go in the fall expect snow, rain and dress warm.

on Tunnel Mountain Trail

1 day ago

Snowy today and a bit slippery in parts. Be sure to wear layers, hat, gloves, proper hiking boots, and bring poles if you are not steady. Was able to complete the hike in an hour. No views today because of the weather.

1 day ago

It’s a nice park with plenty of off-route paths, in the coulee. It’ll keep a person busy for a whole day or more depending on how a person plans their journey.

1 day ago

Decent city park

I really loved this walk. We are fairly novice hikers and this was pretty much a perfect match for us. Just beautiful views and the smell of the forest is the best! Was a little nervous about walking into a grizzly but didn't see any signs of wildlife. No footprints or scat on the trail. We will definitely be back.

Very nice hike and the view at the "summit" is just amazing !
When the sky is clear you can see mountains and mountains

2 days ago

Loved it, a bit cold (it started snowing) but absolutely worth it :)

2 days ago

It was a great trail, although it was too misty out to see the views, I will come back on a clearer day. Oh, also we had to turn back halfway because we ran into a bear!

Great hike to upper falls. Overcast and misting rain. Here at 8:30 and alone most of the way up. Heavier traffic on return.

We took the Standish chairlift to the top and then the Twin Cairns and Monarch viewpoint trail back to the Sunshine Village. This is a fantastic hike. The scenery is spectacular and we had the trail to ourselves. Everybody else took the lakes trail.

Easy path, beautiful canyon and thrilling waterfall at the end.

A nice walk on a paved path through a lovely canyon. Don’t go looking for a hike, but the scenery is nice. It was a rainy day and still there were many people on the trail, don’t want to imagine it on a sunny day. The trail to ink pots is much better - packed dirt path and less people. These are definitely worth the walk, beautiful mountain backdrop and the ink pots are beautiful.

3 days ago

I wouldn’t grade this hike as difficult. It’s a gradual up and down through forests and meadows. It’s beautiful. We started at the Sunshine parking lot and hiked to Healy Pass - Egypt Lake - back up to Healy Pass - Simpson Pass - Sunshine Village. For this hike we planned to hike to Healy Pass, and see how we felt and decide where to go from there. We just kept exploring and wandering and in the end hiked 24km in total. It was endless views and a fun day. We hitched a ride from half way down the service road by three friendly gentlemen. That made our day! The Sunshine shuttle wasn’t dog friendly. Quite disappointing. It was a very long day. I wouldn’t recommend what we did. It was too long of a day. Doing it once was enough for me. Another fun adventure tho!

Lovely little trail to take with dog and husband. Extra loop north of the bridge on the East side was worth the diversion!

Great walk/hike with the dog

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