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Hard in winter season but worth for it

Started out hike heading from the main parking lot towards the 6th bridge and working out way back to the 1st bridge. Mountain views, canyon walls, blue rivers and waterfalls and in between nice shaded trees. Was a bit crowded as we got back to bridge 4, 3, 2 and 1. However still very lovely, many photo ops and worth the trip. Hiked 9.23.2018.

A superb hike up to the gondola, latter half in partial snow end sep, but reasonably easy to follow. From the gondola an additional 3.5km up an easy winding snow path, passed the false summit to the real summit, well traversed by gondola visitors, with a superb 360 deg view.

More of a nice after lunch walk than a proper hike. Nice waterfalls and river but not much of a view. Would be a good spot for a run starting from the sixth bridge.

The views were nice, however there were a lot of tour groups and parts of the trail is paved. The hike itself is easy and flat.

Great hike. Took 3 hrs to get to the restaurant. The trip to the summit is worth the effort. Great views.

Main loop is a horseback trail. Not so good for pedestrian.. very muddy

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! Took me and my dog 3hours to get from the base of the trail to the trams and then another bit to get to the tippy top! First hour is a good hike and then turns into a pretty flat hike for the next hour and the last hour was pretty hard! Overall really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again

2 months ago

I’m not a hiker - whatsoever. Don’t know why I decided to try doing this hike - but I made it (At least to the top then took the tram down)! Took me 4.5 hours to get to the top (I took a half hour stop with MULTIPLE stops along the way). Unfortunately, the smoke clouded our vision of the view, but on the plus side there weren’t many people whatsoever. We were told that it’s usually a lot busier.

2 months ago

Monday 6th August 2018. Mid day start, just over 2hours to the top and an hour down. Beautiful scenery and hardly anyone else on the trail. Steep in sections and at the top. A lot of mosquitos, very windy past the tree line. Fun

Great trail. Not too difficult, but some fairly steep terrain for a few minutes. Make sure you stay right when making the loop. You’ll have a more gradual climb and the best views that way. That saves the steeper decline for the way back. The return of the loop also has great views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Amazing views and worth the hike, but not recommended for people sensitive to heights.

3 months ago

Climbed up to the summit back in 05.

Nice view of the town along the way.

We were hit by a snow squall as we broke the treeline. Made cairn spotting interesting.

It was nice to be able to take the gondola back down after a hot meal at the top!

I hope to go back.

3 months ago

One of my favourites. Definitely on the harder side because of how steep it is most of the way up. But the views are great! I suggest starting in the morning and having lunch at the restaurant up top. Took me about 3 hours to hike up to the restaurant with a few stops for water. Come prepared with water and snacks, dress in layers, bring sunscreen and bug repellent, and make sure to wear good shoes and socks!

Beautiful trail, a bit too much human intervention - fences, stairs etc, loses the effect of wild nature. We walked thru the bridges to bridge six and back. Nice walk !

nice trail

3 months ago

It was definitely on the hard side of moderate in some places. once out of the alpine the views were amazing for the little we could see due to a storm blowing in. I would recommend this trail.

rating this trail moderate is inaccurate. its borderline hard. many people (us included) did not make it to the top. with that said - what we did see was awesome, and I will definitely try it again, just more prepared. kudos to all the ones who completed it.

We skipped first bridge and went to the second bridge and ended up at the fifth bridge. Elevation loss was 160m but then we have to go back to the second bridge (we thought it was a loop) so we walked back up again. Nice rock formations because of the water. The mist from the waterfall was refreshing!

So worth the effort! The first 2km and last 1km are probably the toughest due to the steep up hill, but the views are spectacular all the way up!!! The view from the top is definitely breathtaking and worth it.
Well marked trail. We went during the week so it was not busy, so it was a good time to take the dog with us. Some of the trail is quite narrow at points.

4 months ago

Went there a couple of times, pretty good trail, just a little too crowded.

Great trail, wonderful canyon, just a bit crowded, but nothing too major. Definitely worth the trip. Did this June 23 2018, and despite how populated the trail was, bears were in the area as well as on the trail, so just come prepared (as you should for every hike lol). But I would definitely recommend if you haven’t been before.

Awesome hike! Really nice to walk along the canyon.

Fabulous! Such wonderful scenery! Not too crowded especially beyond 5th bridge and out east of the canyon. Great variety.

Hiked May 28, trail conditions were perfect (very little snow and easy to get through). Definitely a very strenuous climb to the tram station but the payoff is worth it. Recommend hiking all the way to the summit after reaching the station.

The views of the river and little waterfall are amazing. Hike is decent after you get past all the tourists 2-3rd bridge.

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