We did this hike with an under-slept 5 year old who "needed to sit for a minute" every 20 meters..
Took us 3.5 hours round trip (incliding a 45 minute picnic at the summit.)
We parked at the lower lot (lots more room here for parking). The hike from the bottom parking lot to the higher one was the steepest part but not hard.
Pretty little hike, but the views just don't compare to taller mountains and you have to wait your turn for pictures and to look out. Very very busy trail. We left the trail at 7:30pm and still passed plenty of people just heading up.
Not a challenging hike. Great for beginners. Boots and poles aren't necessary. Hiking shoes will do just fine. We passed every age, shape, and size on this hike from a mom with an infant and 2 year old, to an 85 year old couple. So long review short, if you're looking to be wowed with views and accomplishment at the summit, this is not your hike. If you want an easy day filler walk with little to no hiking prep, this is what you're looking for! But regardless, a mountain hike through the trees is never a let down.