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Fantastic inner city trail. Lots of trails to explorer with plenty of surprises. Too bad it’s being developed.

1 day ago

Very nice hike. Took me two hours to do full loop. If you are wanting to do a shorter walk there is a shortcut midway so would probably take about an hour. Saw deer, wood pecker and lots of squirrels.

Some large trees fallen across path on the south side of road but easily navigatable around.

2 days ago

Snow packed conditions but easily completed with hiking boots, wore my spikes on the way back down which provided better traction. Nice view at the Pass, tried to complete the Midnight Peak trail but the snow was deep so I turned around near the peak.

beauty of a trail. we headed up there yesterday too the "road" side first to the top, went to the fire lookout and then down the other side (jewel pass) was crazy to see the different conditions. felt like we did all 4 seasons in 1 day!! in total the hike was 16.5km

Good hike, sun was here, no need of spikes. The view at the top worst it ! Just be aware that the main of the trail is on gravely road just the last kilometers are on a mountain trail.

Enjoy this trail. I have hiked it a few times. Not a lot of scenery but crisp mountain air and lots of forest.

3 days ago

Clear most of the way, I recommend micro spikes for the last 3 kms. You’re in the forest most of the way but are welcomed with a great panoramic view of the mountains once you hit the ridge. I’d say this is Moderate.

it's a light walk but beautiful

mountain biking
4 days ago

Pretty cool trail for novice biking, nothing too difficult. Flat and hill sections, creek/river crossing. Numerous great views as well. Most likely bike this trail again while in Waterton

In my view. This was a great hike. First couple km is a bit hard and last 1 km the rest is very relaxing walk. The view at the top is worth every step I would rate it as moderate. Thank you All trails it helped get me started.

4 days ago

Enjoyed the views, came across (what we suspected) a film set down by the river. Nice nature walk to get out of the city for a bit.

We did this early Jan .... good for mileage with no technical hiking or scramble required..... we connected to powderface ridge and did a km and a half and turned back due to wind still ended up 18 k.... trail rain out with ease....

5 days ago

Completed this today as my first solo hike. All trails rates this hike as hard, I would say it’s moderate. Nice hike where the foothills meet the Rockies, currently relatively bare, with heavier snow covering the last km or so. Recommend micro spikes for the last 2/3 as the snows packed on the steep sections and relatively slippery. Easy to lose the trail closer to the summit due to snow pack coverage. Took me 4 1/2 hours total with a 35 min break at the summit. Overall, amazing views and great hike! Jan 11/2019.

trail running
5 days ago

A fantastic park with many different terrains and elevations for trial running.

completed this hike on January 12th. Great hiking conditions for this time of the year. Did the hike up to the fire lookout, views open up to the west if you do this extension.

I want to hike Ha Ling this weekend with the nice weather. is it actually closed or can it stil be done?

This hike is insane. Quite scrambly at the top, so careful on a super windy day! Very difficult, had to stop many times, but great work out and beautiful hike

8 days ago

We walked a few km of this easy trail as a warm up for EEOR, but I would come back since the trail by the creek was so pretty!

9 days ago

Pretty sunset hike, lots of bison on Moss Lake. Saw many deer prints but we were loud talkers and we didn't see any deer. Snow was well packed down, did the loop with just hiking boots.

It was a nice hike. There isn't very much snow, just enough to need micro ice kleets or mini spikes.

9 days ago

It was a wonderful hike, I truly enjoy the experience. Beautiful views!

9 days ago

Fun winter hike. The trail is very well marked. Took about 3 hours to complete, no snowshoes, no micro spikes, just hiking boots. Saw bisons on the road. Lots of howling.

Can have dogs off leash once outside of the provincial park (first 500 meters... There are signs)

Tunnel Mountain is a short 4 km hike to an amazing viewpoint on top of the mountain overlooking the town of Banff and surrounding scenery.

The trail began from Tunnel Mountain Drive in Banff (Google Map it). It followed along long, nicely graded switchbacks along the side of the mountain through the forest. Some of the switchbacks were steeper than others and some of them leveled out which provided a chance to catch your breath. There were some glimpses of the views along the way through the trees.

The best views could be seen from the top of the mountain at the end of the trail. There were some bare rocks surrounded by forest which were perfect places to sit and admire the views overlooking Banff and the surrounding mountains and valleys. It was beautiful!

Would recommend this short hike for a good leg workout and opportunity to see great views.

10 days ago

The Fenland Trail is an easy and short 2.1 km hike in the town of Banff. There are great opportunities to see elk here! I visited in August 2017 and 2016.

The trailhead began along Mount Norquay Road. It was a pleasant and pretty walk along a flat looped trail through the forest and alongside a small creek. There were some views of the Rockies through trees along the way and I did see lots of elk along the trail, which was pretty cool. The trail was wide and well maintained.

The Fenland Trail was a beautiful and relaxing hike.

Today we hiked Braggin Rights, Merlin Loop, then took the Long Distance route back to the parking lot. Conditions were beautiful with virtually no snow. Some parts were relatively icy and you risked slipping, but I didn’t feel it was bad enough to warrant grips.

This is a really nice hike to do if you’re looking to walk/snowshoe in a forested area. There isn’t any “pay off” as I call it, like a lake, waterfall, or peak. However the trails are serene and dog friendly. The majority of the area is actually off leash, so I got to let my dog burn some energy in the trees. Lots of bikers using the area though so just keep an eye out.
The other nice thing is that the whole area is packed with trails and loops, so you can make it as long or as short as you want.

Great hike and awesome views from the top. Definitely worth the extra hike to the fire lookout station, incredible views! If you’re short on time just do the prairie view track (go counter-clockwise along the loop) then head back down the same way. The back half of the loop was alright but quite a bit longer and a lot of just walking through the trees. Jan 4, 2019 trail was good the whole way, lots of hard pack snow but hiking boots and poles were fine, a couple spots would have been nice to have crampons/spikes but nothing too slippery.

We started at Maligne Overlook and hiked down Maligne Canyon’s first bridge. The first three bridges were condensed with tourists. Once you get to bridge four there aren’t as many people.

The best views of Maligne Canyon come at bridges four and five. We wanted to make the most of our hike so we went from bridge one to six on the main trail, then got on trail 7H to bypass the crowd. It’s no joke - it was a straight incline to get to the top. It was so worth it.

I would definitely recommend taking the back trails and bypassing crowds. It made the hike easier by not having to navigate other people and personally, I think we found the best views.

13 days ago

Nice quick loop with very little elevation. Not great views but an amazing forest walk. Very little snow and ice. I used micro spikes for maybe a fifth of the hike. Definitely passable without spikes, but slippery.

13 days ago

Brought the pups and we had a great time. the trail is packed down, I wore my spikes on the top half where it got icy but my partner didn't and he was fine. it was pretty windy at the top but nice and calm while within the treeline. took up 50 min up, 35 min down.

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