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5 hours ago

Easy trail with great views- really good trail for families. Very well marked. Can EASILY get to the first waterfall and back in under 2 hours.

Nice hike but is difficult to find the entrance to the trail. Not well marked either

Nice trail with rewarding views towards top. Not ideal to do mid-day on a hot day. Shady spots throughout thankfully. Big range of hikers on this trail. Parents carrying toddlers to 70 yrs old. Good workout!

trail running
9 hours ago

A challenging hike, lots of incline, make sure to check the weather before you go because canmore can get really hot, also bring more than enough water. Beautiful view at the end, make sure you go right up to the peak for the best experience

The first 3km on paved road are boring (even if we saw a black bear). The canyon trail is great but a LOT of mosquitoes so be prepared.

it was definitely worth it going all the way to the top! we went sunday afternoon wasn't too busy. i am still feeling sore two days after we did the hike. i would recommend wearing the proper shoes and even bringing hiking poles if you have them! took us 4 hours to go to the top and back down (took less time going down then up haha)

Relatively easy walk to the flag, I think it goes on for a while longer but I didn’t have time. Also a nice trail for horses if you have!

This is a gravel road, not a trail, after a few km’s we decided it wasn’t a hike we wanted to do ... wide open gravel road, no tree coverage... not the kind of hike for a hot day.

Good workout for daily training, up n down in under 45min

hot, nice way to get a workout in!

1 day ago

This hike was incredible. We took the fire road to the meadows and camped there overnight. We set for the scramble/bouldering at sunrise. The bouldering is quite long but so fun! BRING BUG SPRAY. At least a full bottle per person. From the beginning of the fire road until the base of the bouldering, the mosquitos are AWFUL. We didn’t bring bikes, but I strongly advise you do. Walking that long fire road after a rough descent is very tedious. The view at the top is absolutely spectacular and overall a very rewarding hike!

Awesome trail so quiet in the early mornings

1 day ago

Great hike for families even infants and old people. I’m unfit and it took me 45 minutes each way.

Slightly challenging if you’re with someone sedentary but great views.

We did this trail yesterday and we’d do it again. The paved portion of it is ok but once that stops and you begin hiking along the creek, it’s beautiful. We went through the interpretative at the trailhead and I’d recommend it. That surfer spring is where the entire Canadian National parks started. Pretty neat. Take bug spray for sure.

We went counterclockwise (up Prairie View to the lookout, then continued down Jewell Pass). Glad we did it this way as it was nice to get the steeper incline done first and then end with the relatively flat walk along the lake back over the dam. We registered 17 km start to finish.

Nice but crowded

Hiked on Sunday, July 15th, 2018.
Recommend bringing a bike to travel the first 5kms or so as it is just a fairly flat gravel road that you follow to get to the beginning of the trail.
There are a few different ways up, but they'll all take you to the same place.
I would recommend bringing a headlamp and some extra batteries because the cave itself is a LOT deeper than I initially thought. My friend and I went in as far as we could just using our phone lights, but decided it would be best to turn around once we couldn't see the entrance anymore.
another suggestion is to bring extra traction for your boots - it gets pretty slippery deeper in the cave.

I did this with my 14 year old son, 12 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter. It was our first hike together. We had a great time. We started hiking around 7:45am (first ones there) and made it back at 1:45pm. It was very scenic once you get to the scrabble. It was some nice scenery in the woods as well. Not much in the way of water in the trail if you wanting to purify water. Some cool rock forts and rock formations around. We all had a great time and we were tired when we got back but we did it :).

Fantastic view that changes as you go around the summit. A bit strenuous, especially during the last stretch

2 days ago

This was my first hike. The majority of it was great as a beginner, but the last 2km or so were quite the incline. Well defined paths and some great scenery.

If you're unfit and lazy like me, a little under half of the hike is actually pretty tough. But its completely worth it. Gorgeous views at the top and at the end there are two red chairs. If you go with a partner, make sure to bring a couple of cold ones to crack, lay back and enjoy.

2 days ago

Summer or winter a good hike !

Guys, it is an awesome trail but some scramble at the end with loose rocks. Coming down the same way, a little tough from the peak for the first 15-20 mins or so. I did the hike in 2 hours and 10 mins up and down, but then I was alone so just kept climbing and literally ran down. Amazing views from the top. Gives a satisfaction of reaching a summit.

2 days ago

Some great views of the valley and a very reasonable hike.

2 days ago

Super swell views and a great workout. Bit steep in some parts but nothing crazy

Great hike when you are limited on time. The views were wonderful. Challenging at parts and switchbacks were a nice change.

Leg burner with amazing views. At the very top it’s a bit of a scramble on loose rock. Noticed all levels of hikers on the trail. For people that don’t hike much, it’s a challenging but rewarding trail. I’ll do it again once my legs have forgotten ;)

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