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great hike. Did this may long weekend, so many places had avalanches and it was hard to pass. the last avalanche shoot we couldn't pass it was really steep and we had no equipment to get safely across as it was step, slippery, and scary!

One of the most amazing hikes I have ever done and also the most difficult. My Strava marked the hike at closer to 10 miles but it’s usually off. Total hike took 8 hours from leaving Lake Louise, stopping at the tea shop for a little while to try it out, and hanging at the top for 30-45 mins making some food.

BRING A RAIN COAT. It started to rain on and off from sunny skies 3 times but never a downpour

NOTE: upon starting the actually difficult part of the trail (black line) it becomes quite a scramble. FOLLOW THE BLUE FLAGS. When traversing around to the back of devils thumb you will meet a new tree line that starts the real scramble on the way up. Stay to the left as far as possible do not try to climb straight up it is way too steep

1 day ago

Nice hike. The lake views are spectacular and the tea house is delishious! Bring cash for a snack.
Bit steep in some places but not bad.

this was the most breathtaking hike I've done yet! the scenery around the entire mountain, whether Lake Agnes or Lake Louise or the snow capped mountains were all amazing. my kids, ages 10 and 12 did this hike in runners, I was very thankful for my hikers and hiking poles! there are narrow sections of the path, soft sandy earth, scree, and rock scramble. at times, we weren't entirely sure which direction to go, but we made it. the views from the top could not be beat! I'm so glad my son chose this as his hike of choice for our holiday!

Nice views, not too long for family with children.

Lake Louise is iconic for a reason and you'll be sharing the path with plenty of people no matter what. Expect this, and you'll enjoy your day all the more. I enjoy this hike in the the shoulder seasons when paths are less busy. Whenever someone visits from out of town, this is usually one of my go-to hikes.

Bring cash so you can stop and enjoy a tea at the tea house at the end.

As with all hikes from the Lake. Arrive early if you want a parking spot.

We made it up to the tea house.. nice trail for family fun.. slippery when wet/snow but we have a lot of unforgettable experiences

Beautiful hike! It’s definitely busy up to Lake Agnes Tea House, but the route up to Big Beehive was significantly less crowded and well worth the views. We started at about 9:45am. Great spot to eat lunch if you don’t want to wait at the tea house. Suggest going the Skyline route back down as it’s also less crowded and shaded.

Great trip in the fall just before the tea hut closes.

Absolutley amazing. Despite the smoke block distant views it was still incredible to walk up to the edge and the Louise and Agnes.

Wasnt too difficult up until the climb to the ridge. Can't stress enough that proper footwear is a must. Also be aware of the weather and trust your gut. Started to rain as we got back to the vehicle.

Definitely doing again hopefully with clear views!

Would be 5 stars if not for:
* Horses allowed on trail (had to make way)
* Horse manure all over trail (had to dodge)
* significant haze from BC wildfires

A couple recommendations:
* arrive before 715 (weekday) to get parking on site
* start hiking early to avoid crowds and horse tours on the way up (you'll inevitably be inconvenienced on the way down)

What to expect:
* balanced mix of flat path, gentle incline, and moderate incline
* excellent lake Louise views (crowd free views too if starting early)
* excellent views of glaciers
* quick and fun detours to the streams and also to stand in the lake

Would gladly do again, especially when the fires clear.

4 days ago

We arrived later than we wanted to but got to Lake Louise around 930. We saw that the signs said parking full but decided to check it out anyway. Mistake. We ended up driving to the area but ended up being directed out back to the shuttle bus area. Even if someone had left they still don’t let you in, so don’t even try. By the time we got to the shuttle area even that was close to capacity and I think we got the last spot. Definitely get there way earlier than that. Shuttle had a lot of people but it does go pretty fast. They keep a lot of buses going through. I didn’t feel crowded going up the hike at this time of day but noticed a lot more traffic after lunch coming up when we were headed down, it took us about 1 1/2 to get up. It was a lot more inclined than I expected. I see reviews about it being good for families but I thought it would be very strenuous bringing young children up. When we got to the tea house we saw a line up which we expected. We noticed a sign that said to the left line up for take out and to the right table service. We went to the right but someone did accuse us of bumping the line, I guess he didn’t read the sign. Some issue there. We did get a table inside but it was super hot and it should have been renamed the sweat box. We sat and waited a bit with no service and decided it was way too hot to stay inside and eat later at Lake Louise. We did try to use the washrooms but they do only have two outhouses and that was a giant wait as well. We waited on that as well. We continued the hike the next 1 km to little bee hive and that was a nice walk that didn’t take long. The next hike to big bee hive was straight up the mountain so we decided it was far enough. The temp outside was 30 so we didn’t have enough energy to continue. Walking back down was way easier and faster although be careful about tripping. Enjoyable to eat at Lake Louise and enjoy the view. It is an excellent hike but bring lots of water and take your time and rest when you need. I would do it again absolutely.

I can’t give this hike any less than 5 stars because of the views. But, be SURE TO GET THERE EARLY if you are in Banff during tourist season. I was personally shocked at the amount of people. Start at daylight and you won’t be disappointed.

This trail is awesome, can be very difficult near the end as it is a very steep incline.
took us just under 2 hours going up and under 1 1/2 to get down at a quick pace

The way up to Lake Agnes was super crowded and touristy, also the path isn't very challenging and at one point quite boring. Past that it starts with some steeper slopes and the hike starts to be a bit interesting. hiking towards the tip of the mountain l, the path is very nice, lots of green and a nice lookout. The last 1km (ish) it is very steep. if you don't want to scramble up the stones keep to your left where the "Forrest" is, because there is a path (also steep but not as much "climbing")

all in all I would rate this hike as moderate because only the last part is challenging, everything else is easy.

would give it 5 stars but track is to trafficked

Great hike. I did Devils Thumb, Big Beehive and Little Beehive, made a long break at Devils Thumb and Lake Agnes and it took me about 8 hours. There is no sign for Devils Thumb. You need to hike the big beehive trail until you reach an intersection. To the left you’ll find Big Beehive, to the right is Devils Thumb (there is a tree log over the trail right at the beginning. I did it in Trainers, it was definitely possible but the next time I’m going to bring some hiking equipment. The trail can get very small and there is a very steep part in the last third of the trail.

Really amazing hike, one of the best I’ve ever done. The early part around the lake is crowded, but easy and flat. At the midpoint, it climbs pretty continuously, which can be hard, especially at the gravelly areas near the top. I stressed my knee descending, unfortunately, but it was still worth the landscape and view.

When we were there, it as early (7 am) and overcast, which was perfect for hiking weather. There isn’t much shade so if the sun is out it can get hot.

The views are fantastic all along this trail. It’s very busy from the Lake Louise hotel to the end of the lake, then as the trail climbs the numbers drop off. The tea house is a great reward at the top, and there’s an additional hike to a scree scramble above the tea house that’s worth it for fantastic views of the glaciers and the head of the valley. This is a fairly demanding hike unless you’re in shape and experienced.

Best trail We’ve ever been.
A must!

Beautiful hike, but very strenuous. Huge climb in elevation. I had to take many to stops to rest. The Tea House was wonderful. Could not make it to the end, too tired. A well worth hike

8 days ago

Started out with sunny weather, when making it to the base of the peak it was snowing
and the wind was blowing very hard, the view
of the lake was beautiful . one of the best
hikes ever.

Absolutely stunning trail! Uphill the entire way except for the very beginning by Lake Louise. We took the Lake Agnes trail back which was more uphill but it was worth it seeing Lake Louise from that vantage. There was a lot of horse poop which was annoying but it didn’t take away from the beauty of this trail.

Beautiful hike and the view is amazing! Super steep going down the mountain! Make sure you bring raincoat because the weather keep changing in every 15 to 30 minutes! So far this is one of my favorite hiking trail.

9 days ago

9 days ago

Spectacular view at the summit overlooking Hector Lake and Bow Lake. If you're following the map on this app I took the scrambling on the left side going up to the peak and did some scree going down.

The view is 100% worth it. It does get SUPER steep near the scramble at the top, so be prepared. Also note that from lake Louise to the tea house it is extremely busy and touristy, but then fades out

Busy trail but gorgeous! Went with our 2 young boys with no issues. If you want to stop at the tea house be prepared to wait for a table ;)

The best hike ever

on Lake Agnes Trail

12 days ago

Lake Agnes is a stunningly beautiful hike. We kept going to the Devils Thumb ( you pick this trail up at the top of the Big Beehive) and were rewarded with the most amazing views of all-hubby and I are well into our 50’s. Hiked to the Thumb with our adult kids. That part is strenuous- and somewhat treacherous in parts but INCREDIBLY beautiful. And no crowds-
This is such a great hiking location/ so many good trails that connect with each other. You must get here early if you want a parking spot. We hiked Six Plains on a different day and both times we arrived before 7:30am and were able to find parking.

12 days ago

This is a beautiful hike with lots of variety in views and terrain. We started at 8 am and still found most of this hike in the sun so prepare for that and bring PLENTY of water. If you’re unlucky enough like I was to get stuck on the descent behind the horses this leaves you in the sun even longer as you can’t pass them! Lol. I think we shared the trail down for at least a mile....BEAUTIFUL tea house location is not crazy busy either (and yes the chocolate cake is delicious.) We packed our lunches and ate here after hiking to the end and back. (Remember cash). After the tea house the trail to the glacier is more like a moonscape. We heard many, many snow avalanches but never got to see one as they were happening on the other side of the mountain that day. Last mile to the end has a lot of loose rock and some narrow parts. If this makes you nervous turn around at the tea house and you will have accomplished a lovely hike. You can connect to the Big Beehive from this trail too. I would say the hardest part about this hike was the lack of shade. We didn’t pack enough water. We are well into our 50s and hiked it with our adult kids. The 1900 ft elevation gain happens primarily in the last 2.5 miles because it’s flat around the lake for almost 2 miles. Just keep that in mind. A beautiful experience overall. It is a ‘busy’ hike.

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