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eine super Tour mit immer wieder tollen Ausblicken

2 days ago

super easy trail, a little boring but great for my 50 year old parents. even paving and great views

Went today with a group of friends. Make sure you wear good shoes for this hike! :)

3 days ago

Did this in winter and it was really beautiful!! Snow everywhere, frozen waterfall at the other end of the lake that you can actually go stand on if you're a bit adventurous. We took a day off from skiing to do this and it was a great day!

Very beautiful and different views/scenery throughout. Worth going the extra 1.3 km past the teahouse to the lookout point.

Scenery changes constantly. Very rewarding hike that gives you a good feel for the Lake Louise area all in one hike.

4 days ago

The trail was easy. But the best part was the mesmerizing views - the lake water with the mountains in the backdrop.


Lovely once you get up there as you leave the hordes of people heading up to the beehive lookouts.

6 days ago

Great hike to a beautiful overlook. Yes, a little buggy. If adventurous, continue past the overlook on the old “not maintained” trail. It will follow switchbacks down the lake level, then back to the start. It is beautiful and very few folks with do it. We hiked next to the incredible Lake Louise with no others!

If you do a hike from Lake Louise to Big Beehive, you can continue your hike to the Plains of six Glaciers to enjoy the amazing view of the Rockies!
Definitely check out the tea house, which is almost 2 km before the actual glaciers! DON'T FORGET TO HAVE CASH WITH YOU cause there's no electricity there and the chocolate cake is amazing (So you don't want to miss it :P).
Be prepared, don't go with running shoes, have nice hiking shoes with good grips on them (not necessarily ankle ones).

One of the most beautiful hikes I have been on in recent years

This was an incredible hike! Highly recommend it! It did have one portion that probably should’ve been equipped with ropes because it is very steep and when it rains, very slick! Gorgeous view of lake Louise and Lake Agnes in the same shot! Just be aware that there is no trail marker when you get to the split where Big Beehive is, you turn right and cross the log blocking the path. But definitely go up on big beehive.

beautiful hike only four stars because of the crowds and limited parking

An absolute kick in the pants of a climb. 1000% worth it.

Unreal hike. Highly recommend starting with the Lake Agnes route, circling the lake, hiking up the Devil’s Thumb, and dropping into the Plain from there. It’s a 5-6 hour, 12 mike effort but the views are spectacular.

Did the long loop from Lake Louise up to Lake Agnes tea house, over the big beehive, up to the Plain of Six Glaciers tea house and out to the lookout. Then back down to Lake Louise and along its shore. 12mi round trip, 5-6 hours, 4200ft elevation change. Spectacular views, beautiful trail, delicious tea, less and less crowded as you go. Arrive at parking before 8:30am or you’ll miss it.

A couple sketchy spots and a nice little scramble otherwise a good hike.

Expect people since it’s a leisurely stroll around one side of the lake. Great beach area at the end with benches along the way. Trail is wide so it was easy flow of traffic.

Incredible hike the views are amazing. Slow burn to the top and really crowded at the beginning but worth it. Trail starts at Lake Louise and this time of year parking is horrendous. Waited over an hour to take the shuttle from the overflow lot

Not hard just have good shoes or bring poles

Lots of people to pass in the beginning, I was really headed for mount whyte and the other peak but I took a wrong turn, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

you have to wrap around the mountain side before your last accent up and once you get to the dip you have the chance to go right or left, i think left is where you go for the top of devils thumb but I went left to a spot to have my food and I witnessed part of the glacier fall off the cliff side - it was CRAZY

Go check this place out

Hiked this trail on Canada day. It was our first hike and we didn’t have proper hiking gear/shoes, just jumped into it! We highly recommend wearing proper hiking boots as it was a challenge getting back down in running shoes. If you’re scared of heights or not in good shape this hike isn’t for you. The view from the top was stunning! Well worth it and can’t wait to get up there again!

Looks beautiful

my wife and i planned to hike this trail a week ahead for canada day camping and hiking trip and we glad we made all the way to devil's thumb!! we started from lake louise to lake agnes which is very easy trail and big traffic (specially because it was canada day). and the path side of lake from tea house to west end of lake agnes is BEAUTIFUL trail path!!! after this path, there are challenging zigzag trail comes up to way to big bee hive which i thought this is most steep part of this trail. when we came up to top where if you go left you go big bee hive and if you right where you gotta go over big falled tree log you go to devil's thum trail. most of people will go to big bee hive. when you jump over the big tree which is blocking trail it gets very alone you have to climb up 20 feet of big rocks and after 20mine of moderate trail you will meet 70degrees of steep trail. and then you will deserve what you came up for this is the only place you can see both lakes (lake louise and lake agnes) in one sight. and when you turn back from lakes view huge cliff staring you down which is breathtaking!!! you must try this trail once before you die!! super worth it! HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Once you beat the crowds after the teahouse and you made it to the big beehive, the last part up the devils thumb is when it's gets really nice and fun. Parts are pretty steep but it's only like 40 min up. Views are beautiful and the reward at the top is amazing!

12 days ago

Great hike up to the lookout with a good incline.

13 days ago

Did on July 1 2018. Great glacier and lake views. Must cross shin to knee deep river right at the beginning that by the end of the day on the way back is a little deeper with more vigorous current

Amazing views and lots to explore

Absolutely recommended. When we were there the trail was blocked by big pile of snow. We managed to go around and reached the tea house. Wear proper hiking shoes.

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