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About half of the section down to the Bow River has turned into a creek, making it tough to navigate around in some parts. There’s a river crossing as well but it’s not really feasable till maybe much later in the year when water levels are low. I followed the Bow River downstream to get close to the lake (as seen on the map as another trail) but this “trail” kind of faded in and out throughout the hike. Ran into a lot of spider webs across the trail, ticks, and water. Probably won’t do this hike again.

We went up today June 22. We had to turn back at a snow covered section near the tea house. It was steep and very slippery in the rain even with good hiking boots! Some people did go onto the tea house but they had hiking poles and proper footwear (and even they were having a hard time coming back). Not worth the risk in my opinion!

I have done this hike in the summer with no snow. It’s very manageable, the tea house is lovely and it has beautiful views! If you can..wait till the snow is gone before you go!

This was one of our favorite hikes. It has wooded areas and then open rock fields to walk through. There were still a few areas with snow on the trail. There was a point where many turned around as they were too afraid to walk below the snow field.

The Tea House at the end was delightful. They do take credit card, even though all I ready prior to going stated “cash only”. They charge a $4 surcharge for using the credit card machine. The tea and chocolate cake kept my children motivated to get to the top. While we enjoyed these things, we loved watching and hearing all of the avalanches. Truly beautiful to watch and not be under.

Highly recommend this hike!

Great hike! Tea house was wonderful. Also got to see a little avalanche off in the distance. Definitely recommend.

Great hike, very challenging to novice hikers. The trail is little hidden, we ended up wondering off with another group which resulted in a much longer scramble at the end lol. amazing view at the top, legs were nice and tender afterwards.

Great views you really have to stop occasionally and look around to check out the tiny hikers on the trail above and below. Then you turn the corner up to the tea house and lose sight of blue-tiful lake Louise and the red canoes. There was still some snow on the trail.

Moderate trail, and yes, heavily trafficked, but a must do with amazing views

The lake is amazing! Part way up the trail you can turn back to see the lake and it's a very gratifying view. Some parts of the trail were covered in snow and were very slippery and steep. It's very challenging to do without the right footwear. About half way up we saw a couple small avalanches in the distance. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the tea house but many people along the way were saying it was in fact open. Overall it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Challenging and pretty!

15 days ago

The app is definitely a bit misleading. I don’t think it would be wise to attempt this as a summer hike in June. And it is located north of Lake Louise on highway 93–listing it as near Field, B.C. is not accurate. Also, we took our dog up there and she was fine—not sure where the no dogs part come from .

Definitely a great scramble. Views are far superior to Cirque Peak. And very few people on the trail.

Did this trail as the end part to our beehive loop today. Thankful it was so flat and partially paved as it made it a lot easier for our sore legs. The lake is beautiful and an amazing shade of blue, however this is all you see for the entire almost 4 mile hike is that one lake. And it’s very crowded as it is so easy many people from
The chateau come out and hike it. I wouldn’t do it as a stand alone hike but it was the perfect flat way to end our loop.

15 days ago

For those of you wondering what the conditions are in the lake Louis area right now, we had absolutely no problems with this trail until we reach the last half mile. From there on we couldn’t figure out how to get around the snow. If you have shoe spikes or love a good rock scramble then it’s still 100% doable as we could see the cairn on the top of the mountain and were so frustrated we couldn’t get to it. Spent a good two hours trying though. Giving this trail a 5 because except for the snow it was a very gentle incline for the most part and a very enjoyable 4 miles up with great scenery. Highly recommend stopping by the Agnes lake tea house on your way.

This trail is still quite snowy, but the tea house was wonderful. Continue on from there about a half mile or so to the lookout and the views are incredible. Despite being warned by a hiker coming down, we still made the mistake of taking a trail that was essentially the top of a big mud/sand pile. We had to skid down it in order to find the actual trail up to the tea house. If you begin climbing on the tower of sand, you’ve gone the wrong way! The path to the tea house climbs up the side of the mountain and once you find it, easily marked!

It was such a awesome trail that I give 5 out 5. we did it on June 3rd, some parts were still covered in snow, and we got lost a few of times.

17 days ago

Good hike, travel is straightforward with no technicalities, just some loose-ish talus near the top. There were big snow patches that covered most of the sides of the switchbacks, so I ended up going straight up for a fair bit. Theres also an a considerable amount of old avalanche debris covering the trail close to the turnoff from the little beehive, which may take longer to melt out than the snow higher up.

18 days ago

Beautiful hike. Still some snow pack once you head up off the little beehiive trail. Clears a bit for a while but then once you hit the switchbacks some of them were still covered in some knee deep snow. Had to turn back around 7900' because we didn't want to veer off the trail. If you headed straight up the gut we could have reached the summit. Few more weeks and everything should be melted.

Beautiful view, definitely worth the hike!

This hike is challenging due to the current amount of snow sections but definitely manageable and totally worth the views at the top!

Awesome trail, nice view all the way up and nice reward !

Awesome. Climb up the choss at the end for a great view

I would definitely walk this trail again. It was an easy, flat, paved trail along the shoreline of Lake Louise and a wonderful way to unwind after a full day of hiking and wildlife viewing. The lake was beautiful, and the reflections of the surrounding mountains were amazing! There is a good view of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise from the far end of the trail.

Great hike with awesome views! There’s still a lot of snow far down the trail and it’s easy to get lost off the trail, but definitely worth it. The most rewarding hike in Banff!

May 25, 2018. Still a lot of snow and the tea house isn’t open yet. Be prepared and cautious, great hike!

29 days ago

Still covered with a bit of ice, the lake was still beautiful.

Nice short hike. The path is still snow-covered.

1 month ago

Walked this trail several times in different seasons. Last time the lake was frozen.
Always a beautiful walk!

1 month ago

Very easy hike on a nice, well maintained trail. Lake Louise is absolutely phenomenal with epic views of the mountains surrounding.

Awesome, I do it all the time

A nice short hike. Less than an hour round trip. The trail was still snow covered on 5/12/18 and the lake completely frozen. Hiking boots needed and cleats would have been helpful but not necessary.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Hiked 5/1/18. Easy trail. Your mom could do it. It’s all hard packed snow so it’s a little slipping and sliding but there’s no elevation at all. The view from the other end and along the way is worth it only because the trail is so short

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