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Great hike and not too bad if you are in shape. Did this and both bee hives plus the plain of six glaciers all at once. Roughly 11 miles and definitely doable in 1 day

Worth the effort. Incredible views, esp of the valley behind the lake.

Family stroll around lake. Amazing views, excellent trail.

on Lake Agnes Trail

3 days ago

Such a great hike! At an incline pretty much the entire hike, but well worth it at the top and at various points to see Lake Louise and Mirror Lake. We were planning on getting here pretty early, but ended up running late. As expected there were tons of people on the trail and at the tea house. I also did not realize the tea house is sit down with table service, which made waiting for a table much longer. Still worth the views. I made it to the top in about 40 minutes.

3 days ago

Easy walk and great way to get some pictures of the lake without all the tourists by the entrance.

Love light and respect

on Lake Agnes Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful view along the way to it. From lake Louise and lake mirror and further up to Agnes. Three steps to explore further and further. Amazing!

Stunning hike - not to steep, and the ground is very easy to walk on! If you want more of a challenge, continue on to the Big Bee Hive!

10/10 views. Lots of steps. Sooo many people at the top, but you will get why, as the view is magnificent. scramble down some rocks to get picks without 100 million people in them. the color of the lake is un like anything. Watch out for thieving chipmunks.

5 days ago

Not a long hike, but fairly steep. It's worth going up to the Little Beehive or Big Beehive from Lake Agnes. Less chance of running into a bear with all the people on the trail :)
Parking at Lake Louise however, is a whole other story! Went on a Thursday, got there at 10am and still had to go back to the shuttles and wait 45 min to get on one.... The entire day we had to be mindful of the time so we don't miss the shuttle back... Very dissapointing that they can't build more parking.

i give it 5 stars because that trail is so cool

6 days ago

super easy trail, a little boring but great for my 50 year old parents. even paving and great views

7 days ago

Did this in winter and it was really beautiful!! Snow everywhere, frozen waterfall at the other end of the lake that you can actually go stand on if you're a bit adventurous. We took a day off from skiing to do this and it was a great day!

A very busy but short easy hike up stone stairs to the top. In order to get pictures with no one in them you will have to climb over the stone wall and down a few of the rocks. Once you pick a good spot you won’t have any worries about getting people or trees in your picture / view.

9 days ago

The trail was easy. But the best part was the mesmerizing views - the lake water with the mountains in the backdrop.

A beautiful trail which provides ample spots to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

I went on June 14th at around noon. Bit of overcast and sprinkling rain, but the water was still unbelievably blue. Went on this short hike with my 5 month old, 11, 7 and 5 year olds. Not very busy till after 2pm.

Terrific hike. We got there at 7am to beat the crowds, and only passed and handful of folks on the trail. Mostly all an ascending trail via long switchbacks, with great views of Lake Louise through the tree line. Gets your heart beating, and makes you look forward to breakfast at the tea house. Only downside was the biting bugs, but hey, it’s summer in the Canadian woods.

very easy and so beautiful!!!!! I'll go there often for short walk. Nice trail to do in rainy day.

Beautiful trail, lots of spots to get a great pic. Also a nice trailhead to many other hikes.

Rewarding hike. Absolutely beautiful vistas.

on Lake Agnes Trail

13 days ago

Amazing views !! the weather was changing constantly, rainy, sunny, overcast, that made the hike even more wonderful. Must do!

Very busy trail and fairly steep the entire way. I am out of shape but was able to get to the lake in 1h 15m and took me 1h to get down. If you plan on going to the teahouse go very early to be there when it opens up.

13 days ago

Did this in the winter and recommend it then for sure! It was way less busy! And super fun to slide down the snow covered stairs. Lake Agnes is frozen then too, so you can run all over it. The tea house does not open in the winter, however you can just slide back down to the hotel for warm drinks. It is not a hard hike, and it is beautiful, so do your best to see it with less people blocking the view. In the summer I feel like climbing up the beehive would be a worthwhile add on.

Very easy and kid friendly trail but can be extremely crowded/busy so avoid perk times.

Absolutely gorgeous, its been quite a few years since I've been here but I want to go back so much.

Breathtaking! But GET THERE EARLY! We thought 7 am on a Thursday would be early enough but no parking available and about 75 cars lined up waiting. Maybe this was because it rained earlier in the week and this was a cloudless blue sky day but we waited for about two hours. However it WAS worth the wait. And the rock pile is definitely the best view. Astoundingly beautiful!

Expect people since it’s a leisurely stroll around one side of the lake. Great beach area at the end with benches along the way. Trail is wide so it was easy flow of traffic.

15 days ago

Iconic, beautiful hike but did anyone say to GET THERE EARLY yet? 8:30-9:00 on a Wednesday was peaceful at the tea house but after that it was insane. Hordes of people hiking up, many of whom looked like they just wandered up the trail totally unprepared after getting off the tour buses. It is steep but not long if you are used to hiking. Get up, get your hike in, have some tea, and get back down or go higher beyond what most people will do. Otherwise best to get off the beaten path in other parts of the parks.

breathtaking views

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