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The Canyon is a MUST its beautiful. Unfortunately for our Heart Mountain Hike we were one of 7 groups that all ended up at the face and couldn’t find our way to the top or the loop. All the climbing thinking I’m so glad we aren’t coming back this way we’ll we went back that way. If I go back it will most likely be as an out and back taking the trail from the left right at the bottom of Mountain and trailhead.

22 hours ago

I cannot recommend this hike at all.

Pros: LOTS of wildflowers. Scenery all the way up the west side. Not a lot of people on the trail.

Cons: A very hard hike, when compared to other highway-accessible trails. Highway noise half the way up (and halfway down). Very easy to lose the trail and end up in very dangerous spots: I somehow got off trail and had to stow my poles and free climb a crag to get back where I was supposed to be. Scenery at the top isn't that good: it's a slightly worse view of Barrier Lake than you get from Prairie View Fire Lookout, for much much more effort; the view of Yamnuska and Grotto is nice, but spoiled somewhat by the Exshaw plant.

Honestly, if you hike for the challenge, or if you are a completionist and you've bagged all the other highway-accessible peaks, then do it. If you're in it for any other reason, hike EEOR, or Prairie View, or Prairie Mountain.

Quick little hike, beautifully follows the creek, you zigzag up many different bridges that is kind of fun. Pretty waterfalls and views along the way

Awesome trail ! A bit harder then expected. But we haven’t been out in a long time. A few spots we were confused on where to go ! Lots of flowers and rock climbers. Bathrooms. Great hike !

Nice easy hike, but really nice scenery with the rocks and creek.

Great for beginners or the first warm up hike/scramble of the season. Nice shoulder season hike. Can get busy so go during the week.

The views from the trail of the Bow Valley and Barrier Dam in Kananaskis are surprisingly great. Definitely follow the advice given by many others in the below reviews to go COUNTER-CLOCKWISE and be sure to do the whole loop. We encountered a number of hikers who gave up when the way-finding near the scramble section going up (around the 1.5 km mark) got a little less obvious and turned around...what a mistake! I didn't mind going up the first section of trail to the summit of Heart Mountain, but I wouldn't want to descend it. Conversely, once you reach the first summit, the remainder of the trail is surprisingly good. There are a number of easy segments along the ridge-line before a few steeper, rocky sections coming down on the far side of the loop (around the 6-7 km mark). There also isn't a lot of shade for most of the hike, so be sure to bring lots of water if it's a warm day. I went through my entire 2 litre hydration bag by the time we descended to the flat section paralleling the highway.

Amazing hike! Would do it again. We went up the heart mountain and hiked the horseshoe trail. Took us awhile because it was quiet and breathtaking.

on Heart Creek Trail

7 days ago

Did this with my 3 and 5 year old, who are taller than most. They loved it- it was just challenging enough for them to make it feel like an “adventure.” A beautiful hike for all ages. There’s an extra bit of the trail at the end that leads up to the top of the cliff. This was too much for the kids but easy for adults. Worth the view!

Awesome variety of views, loved getting to see Barrier Lake on the back side.

Easy trail. First bit is along the highway so it’s a bit noisy but gets quiet as you get closer to the creek.

Great hiking trail for families and dogs!! Beautiful spot!

8 days ago

Amazing hike but very easy to take the wrong trail.. definitely go counterclockwise but stick to the left trail the entire way up when you get to the big boulders. I would also track yourself on the map. We ended up going too far right which also looks like a trail but takes you to two scrambles a huge cave on the left hand side then a rock wall which you have no choice but to climb. This does get you back to the real trail.. It was a fun detour but not for those scared of heights. The trail from there onwards is a beautiful ridge walk with constantly changing terrain. Stunning views, loved it!

11 days ago

9 and 7 yo were overjoyed with the water features and scrambling available at their level. I carried a 3yo until the first waterfall, and she was able to get up to the notch on her own... then back on the back for the way down.

12 days ago

Nice easy way to spend a morning. Gets super busy with small families and dogs but still peaceful and beautiful.

First 2-5mins has Hwy noise. After that nothing but beautiful views and the sound of the creek. The trail criss crosses heart creek the entire way. There are 7 bridges to cross. There is one spot where you have to cross just using the rocks, prepare to get a little wet! Great family hike, we had dogs and kids ages 2,4 and 6yrs old with us.

21 days ago

Our family made most of this trip. at the end to go up to the very top, there was a lot of loose stone and it was quite steep, so we didn't get to the top. We still enjoyed it and would recommend to others.

Very pretty hike. Creek, flowers, little waterfalls, neat forested areas. Nice and easy, but still fun. Very busy though.

27 days ago

Easy, nice, relaxing quick walk you can do in 2-3 hours easily.

Great hike to bring your kids on!

Great little hike, heavily trafficked.

Quite technical at the top for a moderate hike. Little bit tough to find the route but seems to be lots of ways up.

It was a good day and exactly what we needed as we had a time crunch and a dog with us , who is a mediocre hiker. However as it is fast, close to the highway and canmore, and relatively well known, it was very busy. Also the top is not as spectacular as you would hope due to not going about the tree line, the plant, and being one of the smaller mountains in the area.

Good for beginners and kids. It was cool to see the rock climbers off to the side. Other than that, not much for views on this hike. Make sure you have hiking boots for this one as there are lots of places that you can hurt your feet or roll an ankle.

1 month ago

Easy and pretty. Did in May and was still some snow around. Micro spikes were helpful - the snow was quite hard at this point so it was slippery.

Great trail on the mountain but the waymarking around the parking lot is hopeless, especially at the moment whilst the return trail is closed due to flooding/landslip. Anyone who's about to do this, go counter-clockwise, follow the red diamond ♦ waymarks when the scramble steepens, walk straight out to the highway on the way back and follow this to the parking lot and ALLOW 6 hours!

reallly fun, nice scramble. It's location next to TransCanada highway makes it noisy, but it gets better as you go higher.

1 month ago

beautiful, easy trail. excellent for families and beginners. Reminder for ppl with animals... please clean up after them! Also, I picked up some litter on the trail. Lets respect the trails folks.

rock climbing
1 month ago

Not recommended for beginners. The majority of this hike is scrambling and what hiking there is can be steep.

Lots of route finding and scrambling over steep rock slabs and loose rock. Getting down (and up) can be precarious if you don't have proper/grippy footwear.

The views are definitely worth the effort.

Did this hike last weekend and really enjoyed it. There was just a tiny bit of snow at the top but it was easily circumvented.

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