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4 days ago

Easy and not to long, but still a rustic trail, to take your whole family on. There are usually allot of Rock Climbers scailing the many rock faces off this trail, which makes some good entertainment while taking a break or eating lunch or a snack.

This turned out to be quite a long hike but it was so worth it! You reach a few different summits and there’s about equal scrambling upwards as there is downwards on the horseshoe, traffic was pretty heavy but staggered so it wasn’t too congested. It took us 5 hours to complete and there was only 2 sections with snow left on it!

good hiking and scramble

This was a much longer and harder hike than initially anticipated. There isn't a very well defined path for around 50% of heart mountain, the path around the horseshoe is a bit better- but not something I personally would have felt comfortable navigating alone. there was still snow up to my hip at some parts on the other ridges. This took my group of 3 about 8 hours to complete.

Overall, it was a long, hard hike, but there were just enough amazing views to make it worth it all. Just be prepared- and this hike isn't well suited for most dogs.

rock climbing
12 days ago

May 13 2018

Physical intensity: easy-moderate
Scrambling technicality: moderate
Hiking technicality: not much hiking. No option for scrambling hence choosing “rock climbing” for activity.

No snow to the summit but route finding is required and not for novice hikers. Scrambling experience strongly recommended.

12 days ago

Fantastic short day hike. I prefer to start it earlier in the morning as it can get quite busy at times. Rock climbing there is also very good and the rock isn't super chossy. Flood damage from the past has really hurt the route but it's recovering well. I highly advise this hike if you are looking for an early morning done before lunch hike.

Quaite is a really nice day hike or camping trip depending on your plan. You can either start by parking on the highway at the mouth of quaite creek and hike roughly 2km in or park at the heart creek junction and hike about 5 km towards the quaitee camp. Without a doubt i'd consider it an easy hike but be aware of long stretches of time where you'll be walking on a slight incline which can kill your legs slowly. Other than that it's a nice day trip, or possible 2 day trip if you wish to use it to try and link up with barrier lake for a multi day backpacking adventure for beginners in multi day trips.

Overall this made for a fantastic day. Moderate scramble at the beginning and gets fairly easy after that. Recorded 13.5km on gps. Excellent views from the top ridge- definitely plan on doing that again

We did this hike yesterday. April 28th Great trail! My only complaint is it was too short. There was a few icy patches, not bad for hubby and I in hiking boots but our 18 year old struggled in his vans. The dogs loved it! The scenery was beautiful!

Great trail and scramble. The late winter made walking out seem like a lot of post hole hell. So down I down climbed it. Good beginners scramble!

28 days ago

Short but sweet. Nice easy trail, quite pretty. Would be good for young kids. Still snowy end of April so microspikes were nice to have. Not challenging at all but well worth the hike.

1 month ago

This is a great trail for in summer, easy for my 4 year old to keep up pretty neat waterfall at the end. Short trip though but nice for a picnic

3 months ago

Very challenging hike, but worth it! The trail isn't well marked in the initial scramble area (taking the loop counterclockwise) making it difficult to choose the best path. I'd definitely do this hike again though.

Although this hike is listed as hard (and certainly has challenging parts) the first time I went to the heart mountain peak (2006?) I was wearing chacos sandals and didn't die. My husband and I did the horseshoe in 2017 on the family day long weekend with our 5 year old son and dog. We had no problems and spent two nights on the ridge.

Short and simple but plenty to be awed with. :)

5 months ago

Done today (December 17) ice cleats are definitely an asset - although you could probably make it to the falls without.
Creek is beautiful and half frozen!
Wouldn't call this a hike more of a nature walk but it gets you out to some incredible rock and places to explore!

5 months ago

Love this trail. Every time I do it it’s a new adventure. If you have the time and skill I recommend going up to the look out. The view is beyond worth it.

Perfect weather for this Hike today. Awesome rock scrambling. Not for a rookie scrambler.

Definitely do it Counter clockwise. I don't think I'd want to attempt scrambling down the steep section and have to see how far down it is, if you did it clockwise.

Great views, and after you get to the summit of Heart Mountain, it gets easier. Quite a long loop around through dense forest on the return.

6 months ago

Nice easy trail. lovely running water sound for most of the walk. alittle too short for me but great with a mixed group or kids and elderly family (tourists) to see the country.

7 months ago

Very steep with few flat spots going up. Mostly going up rock. One spot where you climb about 10’ (give or take) straight up a rock ledge. Somewhat difficult, but I wouldn’t say it was dangerous. Used my hands in a fair amount of places. Was also very thankful I had poles.

The ridge walk was a nice break. It was snowy and extremely windy when we went, so take layers. Once you are on the ridge the uphills to the other peaks are pretty gentle.

Going down was pretty straight forward. Lots of it is through forest. When you get to the bottom, you follow a flat trail parallel to the highway for about 2km back to the main trailhead.

We clocked 13.4km back to the trailhead. It took us 5 hours 10 minutes. Definitely will want to go counterclockwise, as coming down going clockwise would be somewhat sketchy!

Nice easy hike, definitely will be doing this again.

great hike was a bit slick in some places

7 months ago

Love it!!! Peak after Peak after Peak! couple kids, couple dogs! The a couple scrambles/climbs were a little struggling especially if your new. So would rate this as hard, not moderate, and we tracked it to 13.5 km from heart creek parking lot!

7 months ago

Super easy hike, and it’s really cool to see the rock climbers along the way. It’s definitely worth it to take the inclines trail to go up to the top of the waterfall - then you can stand on the edge and look down and see the entire thing. Very beautiful!

Very nice walk/rock climbing as well. Traffic noise only for the first 5 min of the walk, then very beautiful views. Waterfall is stunning .

The scramble up was tough, but not dangerous, just a lot of it! Saw no bears.

Great hike with the family, the 5 and 7 yr old grandchildren enjoyed all the bridges and sense of adventure

We did the horseshoe loop here after reading a handful of reviews. Let me tell you, it was much harder then I anticipated, and we hike every weekend.

You'll want to go counter clockwise. the scramble going up was hard but I wouldn't want to be going down that.

If you don't feel cofortable with a hands on scramble (I'd even call it light bouldering) then I wouldn't suggest it. I was suprised when I saw a family with 3 boys (6-12) coming down it.

The map was handy but my phone died out. It took us 6 hours, granted we are a little slow. 5 should be expected though. Once we got to the peak of heart we were disappointed to see 2 more peaks. I'll be honest, we had a water problem and only had a litre between the 2 of us, so I was grumpy. We were exposed in the sun quite a bit so ensure you have water, a hat and sunscreen. I didn't have a bug issues. There was bear warning, bear poop spotted but no bear sighting.

we saw about 3 other hikers attempting the full loop so it was only lightly trafficked but I was happy to have someone around considering the difficulty.

Also there is a waterfall trail along the creek, if you don't feel solid in your hiking abilities (I'd call this an advanced scramble) then just go to the falls.

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