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Solid hike with beautiful views at the top of Mount Assiniboine and Kananaskis. Took us 5 hours with a solid lunch break at the top. Trail was well marked and easy to follow. Didn’t need poles or flip flops at all, but bug spray was super necessary.

One of my favourite hikes. Not at all difficult and BEAUTIFUL views!

2 days ago

Was good hike we took the dogs up and had lunch at the first lake got some fish all fingerlings then hiked the up to the rest of the lake all and all loved it was about 20km there and back with the bit of wandering around the lakes and definitely don’t skip the last lake you’ll beat yourself up about it later

2 days ago

Excellent views ... follow the hiking trail signs, NOT the fire road ... bring water shoes & bug spray (I’ve never seen bugs like this in AB) ... views are incredible & worth it at the top!

Closed due to bear activity FYI

7 days ago

Beautiful hike! Small incline throughout the whole trail with a few small steep sections. Beautiful waterfalls along the trail - some of the hiking sections were a little narrow beside the creek but should be no problem if you take your time. Easy trail to follow with signs along the way!

I absolutely loved this hike, very nice inclined up with a few sections that were steeper, you cross several bridges and have the creek by your side. Very nice trail in really good shape, good for families and dogs.
It was very scenic, we went to all three lakes and it was totally worth it. Took us about 2 hours to get to the first lake, from there another 45 minutes to the second lake you have to cross a morraine to get there it is a bit steep but nothing you can’t do, after we rested for a bit we hiked to the third lake and it took us about about 30 minutes.
If you have the time don’t hesitate to go all the way to the end, my favourite lake was the third one.
I recommend walking poles and hiking boots, it got a bit windy and rainy at the top but not for too long so bring a jacket.
It was busy but not terrible.

10 days ago

Will be back to camp overnight.

Pretty good hike. Beautiful view at the top.

Great for families! Make sure to have an extra layer to wear at lake. Check out the Elephant Rocks!

Wonderful hike. The first half was a bit of tough uphill slugging but the reward of the open meadows and the lake were worth it. Also worth the five minute hike up to the elephant rocks.

Great hike. Small incline the whole way up. One part was pretty narrow right beside the river you come too but wasn’t hard. Little bit of snow on the ground. Took us 4 hours as we were stopping lots with a pupper as he was excited the whole hike.

Lake is beautiful great spot for a lunch.

Beautiful lake at the end, family friendly, if you are going on rainy days make sure you have bug spray and mosquito spray..!! At the end we saw Grizzly bear and Bear cub at other side of the lake.

Closed today due to environmental concerns. Scheduled to open tomorrow but it is supposed to rain hard tomorrow possibly prolonging closure.

Camped out here twice - once at an earlier sight, a few km from the Marvel Lake area, and another at the back country cabin.
This area is absolutely beautiful and a favourite of mine.
Owl lake and Marvel are both great places to relax by the water and soak your feet (briefly!).
There were lots of wild strawberries growing along parts of the trail in the late part of summer.
Elevation gain for nearly the entire hike is close to nil.
There were a number of bears in the area, and some moose.

21 days ago

Awesome hike! Can’t wait to do it again

22 days ago

Lot's of snow!! Same day went to Little Galatea too, super views!

Great hike! don't forget bug spray. Good idea to bring flip flops to get through the flood plains. Today the trail wasn't too muddy but still snow to hike through toward the top. Beautiful views!

25 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. The walk in is nice and not difficult, and includes the waterfall feature somewhere around midway (if I recall).

The final legs goes right up and out of a high elevation valley to the top of on ridge (near to the top of another).

From here, the views are stunning and worth the trip!

Not hard other than the final bit and the duration! It was quite cool up top with a bit of snow blowing across in the late summer.

Check it out!

on Rummel Lake Trail

28 days ago

Nice trail and joyful for the beginners. We couldn't reach the lake by following the "Trail" sign, for still snow covering at last 1.5 km. But got over there following the yellow diamond ski sign, took by the cross country skiing route.
Gorgeous wildflowers made the day beautiful.

Took 26 members of our hiking club in today. Many had never been there before & were just amazed with huge smiles. What a beautiful spot.

Went up to Black Prince Lakes (a ways past Warspite lake and cascade) last year in August. It was a great, varied trail. The first part, to the Warspite lake, is very gentle, no issues and in forest. Past that it is steep and farther than you think to get to the lakes, since you must go up past the cascade, into a bowl, and up another ridge (to your right hand side coming into the bowl) to see the lakes.
The trek was worth it though, as the water was cool and reflective. Earlier in the season I'm sure you could even jump in!

1 month ago

A good day-hike (6+ hours return); be prepared for some snow at higher levels even in mid-June and chilly high winds at the top of the pass.

1 month ago

A great trail overall. Forested at the bottom, moving into a section that burned some years past (this actually gave a really neat ambience). The trail was a gradual incline until the alpine, were the trail grew steep for the final push to the summit. There's still a bit of snow but it's easily passable. We hiked up to the peak on the left (North), which was a decent scramble. Stunning views from up there.

1 month ago

Great day hike, with lots of variety and top views. Steady incline starting in the forest, with the steeper stuff just before the pass. Still a few patches of snow, but are easily crossed. The small waterfall is about 4.5km into the hike (approx half way).

1 month ago

Amazing snowshoe trail! Spectacular views, forested and wide open spaces. Initially there is a bit of a incline to get through but it’s worth it!

So this was a really fun, and not super demanding trail. The views were spectacular the whole way but it was extra nice because my husband and I talked and joked around on the trail and had the best day! We weren’t tired or out of breath, we just strolled and hung out. We parked at the mt shark heli pad so it was a bit further. The spring at the end is nuts! I can’t wait to come back with my bike

Beautiful hike with great diversity of landscape...creeks, waterfall, forest, meadow, scree, pass and a great view.

1 month ago

Easy trail. Next time I would take a bike up to the lake then hike the rest of the way.
The river was amazing to see, the spring was a surprise at the end. Hence the 5 star.

on Burstall Pass Trail

1 month ago

I absolutely love this hike. The views are breath-taking!

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