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This is my absolute most favorite hike! Tons of scenery throughout the whole way which helps you not focus on the inclines throughout the entire way. You will not be disappointed!

Did the Lilian Lake and all the way to Galatea Lake. Not too bad today considering the smoke. The trees kinda filtered it down a bit. Went fairly early and wasn’t too busy. First half is in the shade and rolling up and down. Lots of bridges, we counted about 10. :) Brought our dog and it was great, not too hard for them. If you’re going to do Lilian Lake, do the Galatea Lake as well, as it isn’t that far. Check it off your list. Done about less than 5 hours.

1 day ago

we just finished this hike. we continued along the trail that follows the power lines for about another km and a half until the dog started growling and barking, pretty much at the end of the path anyway. There isn't a whole lot to see past the creek, however, if you climb up the creek bed there are a lot of nice spots and a fun little climb.

2 days ago

This is a great hike and I definitely would recommend! The first trail to the valley is pretty flat and covered and great for biking. It’s more of a long walk then a hike at this point.

Once you get to the open valley it gets a little tricky trying to follow the trail signs to the other side. I recommend downloading a copy of AllTrails map to help you through as that’s the only way we made it. The valley gives incredible views of the mountains but be warned there is ALOT of water to walk through and many heavy streams to jump so wear water proof shoes. Especially right now it is very wet.

The next section of the hike is a steady uphill climb to the top. This is covered so not a lot of worry with the sun but lots of bugs as motivation to keep moving. Bring that bug spray! Once you get to the top it is a lot better so it’s worth it going quick! The top gives an amazing view of the valley and the ridge. There are a few more hikes that branch off from the top however any camping or trail riding require permits for Banff National Parks.

I would say this is a great moderate hike for any experienced or “getting back into it” hiker. I would definitely recommend going early and bringing your family or pets. Also I think his would be amazing in the fall with the larches! Round trip 4.5 hours with stopping for lunch.

Steep hike through out. went to lake and went back which took 4.5 hours at a steady pace. patches of gravel and boulder crossings. lake scene is worth it.

Did this one yesterday! Good for all levels. Awesome trail with awesome view. A bit crowded.

Really enjoyed this hike! A busy trail of day hikers and backpackers but don’t let this put you off. Rolling ups and downs and many bridges to cross. It’s interesting to see all the chaos of the 2003 floods. We hiked all the way out to the second lake - so beautiful and peaceful and did the loop back to Lillian Lake. Wish I’d taken my bikini to go for a swim! Lillian Lake looks a beautiful place to camp. Even with smoke in the air the views were still stunning. Just under 5 hours return. #HikingWithHarri

Not a very rewarding hike to say the least. The amount of incline and distance you have to travel was not worth the views of either lakes.

7 days ago

Wow!! Definitely bike the first part of the trail. Then it’s a short walk to the most amazing water feature in the Rockies. Easy walk for any age or group of people. Take time and enjoy it this summer.

on Galatea Creek To Lillian Lake

7 days ago

A steady incline going up. Overall amazing views.

Loved the terrain and the well marked trails. There was a creek along most of the route that was just lovely to listen to.

Absolutely stunning valley. I did this hike with my dad in October 2017 and it was beautiful with yellow larches scattering the surrounding mountains. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the mountains but doesn't love heights.

absolutely amazing! despite it being +35 today we were able to enjoy the trail and the sights. Very well marked and heavily trafficked trail so you'll be sure to see a good chunk of people which can be great motivation. I would say that the trail from the parking lot to Lillian lake is moderate and the section from Lillian lake to Galatea lake is hard due to the large amount of loose rock. But it's worth is as the serenity of Galatea lake is amazing. It took us a total of 4 hours (2h each way) plus an hour break at the lake. would definitely do this one again!

I’ve done this hike twice now: late spring and mid summer (last week). The first time the trail was still snowy but still great; this time it was like completely different hike since there was no snow. Beautiful well-marked trail through the forest. Easy elevation. Unfortunately there was a grizzly near the lake so we had to turn back.... snow and bear, have yet to see the lake :(

Pretty steady climbing the entire way. Underwhelmed by Lillian lake personally, the extra climb (it’s hard) to Galatea Lake makes it all worth it.

10 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike. Did not go past the second lake as the heat was getting high and the second lake was so beautiful I didn’t need to see any more. On our next excursion I plan to go to the Summit on the way back from the third lake.

11 days ago

Easy to find trail head with parking. The hike was fairly busy which was comforting as there was a bear with cubs on the trail. Lots of nice river views, on the way up. Getting to Lillian lake was a breeze, getting to the Galatea lakes was more of a challenge with the incline/ rocks (but still relatively easy). Bring a bathing suit for the lakes, was nice to jump in at the end of the hike!

Challenging hike. Terrace Trail is quite flat and relaxing, then you stay above the right side of the creekbed all the way up, which is nice, but narrow path with lots of foliage as foot traffic is low. Didn't see anybody else on the trail all day, so since it is quiet would recommend bear spray. Once you are above the treeline, "trail" is difficult to follow, we effectively made our own following the natural scree slides. Pick your spots and be careful not to kick rocks at your hiking buddies. We took about 9.5 hours round trip with some well deserved breaks and time spent at the top. View of the golf course is spectacular and that much more special if you've played the course before. Downloading is difficult, lots of crab walking, be prepared to get your hands and butt dirty.

Easy hike I assume if you are not carrying 40 lbs. of toddler. Best scenery in Kananaskis going up with great lake scenery at top.

12 days ago

We had a great hike. Got there early(ish) (0830) to beat the crowds as this is a very VERY busy trail with tons of people going up down and eating their lunches on the trail with their poles and bag beside them. The old people spread out on the trail picnicking provided the only real obstacle on the hike. The trail is very clearly defined and clear.

We booked a camping site for next weekend as the hike up to Lillian Lake which is on the same path as Galatea Lakes. We had a great time.

A tough hike for me but I did it!

I would not say this is a moderate scramble. The walk in is super chill for the first 2.5K, then the next 2.5K up has a 5000 ft elevation gain and most of it is a scramble. Be prepared to work your ass off. Lots of websites recommend gear and I don’t entirely disagree. We didn’t have any but we had some near misses with flying rocks.

Easy hike... Nice views...

13 days ago

This is what I would call the perfect classic hike. It offers a bit of everything from a few lakes in the beginning to a creek with waterfalls, interesting varying terrain, a bit of minor route finding as you cross the flood plains/marsh land (there is poles with markers but hard to see - cross this area diagonally heading left - and some water shoes or sandals would be helpful some of the creeks are a little wide but very easy to cross) it also offers some challenging spots and plenty of flat beautiful meadows to rest up before the next push with insane views of fairly aggressive peaks at the top, and they’re so close, lastly even a glacier to view at the top. Do this hike. It took us 5.5 hours with lunch and breaks and picture stops. If you use the AllTrails map it will take you about a kilometre past your destination point. You know when you are at the top - stop there, if you continue on past the sign that says your entering Banff Park as the map says to do, it takes you to a little ridge that is nowhere near as spectacular as the views you just passed.. This trail continues on to Leman Lake in Banff if you want to extend. We ended up following the map and added some time and km to our day that was unnecessary. Our day was 18.1 km with 541 elevation gain. I’d rate this trail moderate for a hiker with some practice and of normal fitness and moderate difficult for someone new or less fit but everyone can do it and should. Just take your time. Its very worth it. Join us on Facebook at Hike Alberta to see pics and get info on all Alberta Hikes, and hike.alberta on instagram

Really great hike. The views are insane!! One of my best hikes ever!

14 days ago

Perfect hike. Beautiful scenery, with few major inclines. Lots of forest cover during the hike, plus a surprising amount of footbridges. Even found a nice walking stick, I left it on the sign at the beginning just for you, but you gotta be quick, someone’s bound to snatch that bad boy.

on Galatea Lakes Hike

14 days ago

Getting to Lillian Lake is relatively flat, but to get to Galatea Lakes it's a very steep 1km, but it is totally worth it. The views of the valley are stunning and Galatea Lakes are amazing. This hike is a must do.

16 days ago

I love this place. I visit it every year. As equally as beautiful as the neighbouring Chester Lake but not as touristy and busy. A hidden gem. You can hike the trail on the left hand side of the lake up to Rummel Pass it’s not too long and the pass is stunning with beautiful meadows below Tower Mountain. If you keep going a bit further you’ll hit Lost Lake - as of July 29 2018 it was dried up so I think it has water in Spring and early summer. Doing this only adds about 3.5 km to your trip. Worth it.

on Karst Spring Trail

17 days ago

It’s a quick one but with payoffs. Great hike to take someone who hasn’t hiked before and loves lakes and waterfalls.

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