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A little bit challenging but very nice hike. There was snow on the trail and moody at some elevations so you have to walk carrefully.
We had fog at the first lake so we could not see much... but it's the game

3 days ago

September 15,2018 - Always a beautiful hike. There was snow on the trail at some elevations and trail was a bit muddy at some points. Traction was good for the most part though. We did not need the microspikes, but always a good idea to have them in these conditions. Heard lots of rock fall while at the upper lake. Careful if heading up the scree slopes to the cliff edge.

Nice hike, bit of incline at the beginning until you get to a nice open meadow. It took us about an hour ish to get to the lake. We did go to have a snack by the elephant rocks, there was nobody there and after that we did the loop around the lake.

It’s pet friendly, family friendly. It get very crowded. Go early

Trail is in great condition, but we saw a grizzly today 5 minutes from the lake and had to turn around. Be cautious if heading that way. We reported it, but there is no change to the trail report.

Only completed the portion of the route up to Lillian Lake. Approximately 13kms round trip. Lovely route, following the creek a majority of the way. 10 walking bridges on route. Path is mainly rolling hills but near the approach has a sudden steep incline to the lake. The lake is a great photo op. Brought the dog and he loved it until he became a bit tired near the end of our return back. Took about 2hr 15mins there and 1hr 45mins back.

Second trip to Black Prince since November 2016. Hoped to go further up to higher lakes but we stopped short at the cave. Beautiful day, lots of colour. I know it's a fairly easy hike but I'm finding all of them harder as time goes by. Happy to get as far as we did.

My most favorite hike in this area so far. The new trail to Guinn's pass is well built and offers unbelievable views all the way to the pass with balanced an steady ascent. We did end to end hike from Galatea trail head to Ribbon creek parking lot in about 8 hours. Beautiful and rewarding hiking trail.. highly recommended!!

10 days ago

Hike to the lake (more of a pond) is fairly easy to follow and overall of moderate difficulty. The trail is mostly through trees and shrubs, follows the creek. We walked to the end of the lake and had lunch looking up towards Tent Ridge and The Fist. We tried - but failed - to find the trail joining up to Tent Ridge... We bashed around in the trees and rocky slope for a while, and it looked from the map here like we were right on the trail but we couldn’t find anything. Nice hike. Busy parking lot but only a couple of other people on the trail (a Saturday in early September).

Great trail, i did 3 times

Great hike but the weather did not cooperate. Left early and hiked up for 1.5 hours, then lightening, rain and snow helped me make the decision to turn around and head back down. Will try again another day.

15 days ago

Start of trail (2-3km) is basically a wide dirt road/trail. Would be good for biking. Once you break away from that, where the trail splits to go to Karst Springs, you are on a beautiful trail. The scenery is fantastic. This is a very enjoyable easy hike.

been year but great easy hike for sure well worth it

We did this hike yesterday and it was awesome. Great trail, right in the trees and with some open areas. Bridges, waterfalls, and lots of great photo opportunities. Easy walking but moderate difficulty as most of the trail is uphill. Some challenging spots but completely do able. Fairly heavily trafficked by other hikers. We went mid day and it was busy! I would suggest climbing up a little further past Lillian Lake towards Galatea Lake or the summit to have a stunning mountain view!! Took us about 1hr 45 mins to the lake. Bring your bear spray as bears are in the area. Would highly recommend! Nice mix of forest, waterfalls, lake and mountain views.

15 days ago

We did this hike yesterday on a whim and it didn’t disappoint! We planned on going just to Lillian Lake but decided to go the full way. It took us about 1hr 45 min to Lillian lake and about another 40 minutes to Galatea Lake on the top. The first leg was very nice. A Moderate climb in spots, forested, waterfalls. Moderate to high activity with other hikers. The last leg from Lillian Lake to Galatea Lake was the most challenging; moderate to steep elevation the whole way with an area of rocks before the lake. Best views were from this area! Going down was easy, all downhill. Incredible views of the mountains. Cool temps at the top. Bear advisory for the area so bring your bear spray. Would recommend! Took us ~5 hours total climbing + lunch + photos + descent.

What a great trail. Total distance up to the lake and back was tracked at 17.5 km.
One of the best hikes I have done in the area.

Easy walking, not very technical (sneakers are fine). Great workout with great view. Well worth it.

Greats views the whole way. Loved how your right in the trees and then it gets rocky. Not to bad going to the lake for difficulty. The lake is really nice. Start early!!!! Gets very busy. We did the summit which was a lot harder. Took us 6hours to complete. To the summit it’s 19km return.

Great moderate hike has easy and hard moments. Also did the summit which was the hardest part and the view was meh. Beautiful hike tho and the lake looks amazingly. Loved being surrounded by trees and bush most of the hike. Start early we started at 8:15 cause it gets busy on the way up no one except 3 people and lots of people coming up when we where heading down.

A moderate hike with ups and downs. My phone recorded a 19 km distance (return) to Galatea lakes. Highly recommended.

Beautiful hike! Took us about 5 hours. Muddy in some areas. Trail was easy to follow.

Was planning to do this long weekend, but just saw a post that this is now closed due to a grizzly. Double check before you go. Sounds like he may have roughed up a hiker while protecting his food.

21 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike

Nice wide paths, great for kids ; note trail thins as you go around the lake. The parking lot and trail can get busy so I would recommend arriving before 9 am to avoid the crowds on the way up and down

23 days ago

Fantastic hike, it is worth all the effort!

This hike is absolutely beautiful!
Definitely a bit challenging!
We did some fishing at 2/3 lakes.
so many wonderful photo opportunities
Lots of little mini off trails to beautiful views!
Also there are quiet a few different trails here and some offer camp over night opportunities!
It did get a bit cold up at the top.
There are chipmunks, fish, mountain goats and pikas!

we tracked out steps and it was longer then 16km.... we got 24 km there and back. just be prepared
We started at 9 and ended at 530.
but we did relax at Lillian and Galatea lakes for about 2-3 hours.

24 days ago

Trail was very scenic along the creek and we counted 10 bridges up to Lillian Lake. It wasn’t very busy probably because of cool and rainy weather. Would recommend this trail but be prepared for steady elevation gain throughout. It took 4.5 hours with a quick break for lunch.

This trail leads to incredible views. It has some climbing sections but not onerous. Worth the effort.

26 days ago

I loved this hike. It’s not very challenging, but it’s a nice walk and the lake at the end is beautiful. We went during the fall, which made for some pretty colours and great weather.

My go to hike when i don’t have a lot of time. Views from the top of the pass are nice and a Bit of exploration is possible... looks even better in the winter!

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