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Gorgeous hike, steady uphill into the Cirque the amazing views around the loop. Option to go higher/farther into the Cirque. Lots of people, we started at 11, and by 1230 the parking lot was overfilling

Loved this hike! A good challenge since the hike up the ridge is really steep but it's totally worth it once you get to the ridge. It was smoky so will have to go back for the views but it was still absolutely beautiful and with the quick elevation gain it gives that sense of accomplishment. Head to the far end of the ridge and you can do another little climb up to the flag -not sure if the flag is new as this was my first time up there. Climbing to the ridge and back down again was a challenge for us since the dirt was dry and made footing a bit precarious at times with all the loose rocks -for me poles were a must but I saw lots of people getting by without. My friend and I are slow and steady when it come to hiking and it took us 6 hours total, 4 hours of moving time and 2 hours total for breaks. No real breaks on the path up to Rawson, but lots on our way up the ridge and a long one up top since it was so beautiful.

Great for a short first hike with family and dogs!

This is a well travelled trail and it is no wonder why. Some of the most amazing views you could hope for. The trek to Rawson Lake and around it is fairly moderate. From the lake up to the ridge is challenging but doable. So worth it to go to the top for the amazing views and feeling of accomplishment

5 days ago

Great short hike. Weather was around +14 and a little Smokey our. I arrived at 9:45am and there was plenty of parking available, the hike was not busy until on our way back. Then it got busy and the parking lot was full. Took it slow as I had my puppy with me. It took us about 2 hours to complete with breaks.

One of the best views in Alberta!

So beautiful, even in snowy spring!

5 days ago

Great hike! Went with kids ranging from 3-12. Beautiful scenery and worth the small grind at the beginning.

Beauty hike! Started early which was a plus to avoid the crowd hiking. To the lake was a nice gently hike. To the ridge was steep and hard. But well worth the views!
Unfortunately did the hike when it was super smoky so could barely see upper kananaskis lake.

Definitely recommend doing this hike if you are looking for a good elevation gain in a short time.

Great hike with lots of different things to see. Took a few breaks for pictures, lunch and enjoy the scenery. The hike is quite easy but the distance adds a bit of a challenge if you’re not ready. The area by the land slide is a little challenging as well so be prepared. Went and sat by the lake to cool off after we were done. Will definitely do it again!

Love this walk. Becoming one of my favorites to do. Lots of wildlife to be seen. Did encounter a bear in the parking lot 2 weeks ago. A really easy hike and can be done in 3 hours. Worth packing a lunch and taking your time. Enjoy the waters

8 days ago

Hiked this twice so far this summer and loved it. excellent meadow for lunch and relaxing time. Pretty easy hike, bit of an incline.

I would rate this Trail easy , it sure is beautiful view up there took us 4 hours back and forth , with taking lots of breaks ,,,

Just did this over the long weekend. The trail is in great shape, all the way. We stayed over night at Ribbon Falls, there was lots of firewood and company to visit with. Day hiked up to the lake the next day, the chains were a fun challenge. We brought our 1 year old up with us and he loved every minute of it!

We just completed the loop today. Weather was perfect except it was a bit smokey. If you start at the boat launch parking lot to circle the lake clockwise, it is a bit of a tougher workout. One of my favorite, long, non "climbing" hikes. :)

Busy but fun. Rawson lake to the ridge is VERY steep. I never bring poles but I was glad to have found a walking stick along the way because especially going down, without it you will be slipping and putting great stress on your knees. Once you get up its a fantastic view of a few glaciers and both Kananaskis and Rawson lakes, one on either side. A must do but be mindful it is an incredibly steep, dirt trail.

The trail from the Kananaskis lake to Rawson lake is steady but quick, and quite easy in comparison to the ridge trail.

Very busy trail so get there early! Poles are recommended on the descent from Sarrail to the lake. Views on the ridge are unbelievable!

11 days ago

I wouldn’t call it a hike really. Apparently there was more to it before the flood. Still quite pretty but not much in the way of trails. You just go for the view

Easy hike for the family new to hiking. Pretty falls and lovely in the fall when the leaves are changing. The only downside is the area was heavily damaged from the 2013 flood and changed the look. The falls were effected but still lovely.

Loved this hike. A little steep through the trees to get your lungs and legs firing but it's over fast and then there’s nothing crazy after that. Lots of different scenery, saw a couple of marmots too. Still some snow to check out at the top even in August. Beautiful, quick trek.

Beautiful afternoon walk with the family! Perfect for a nice picnic at the top!

Amazing views for little work! Lots of pikas out when I was there on Friday.

Did a loop past here to Galatea then round Mt Kid back to Kananaskis village the chains where the highlight. The ball ache was the front of Mt Kid. In the trees the whole way. next time I'll just do either end not the front.

Trail is open as of August 3rd, spoke to the Kananaskis park info line to confirm.

Just hiked this yesterday with my wife. It's no longer closed. Amazing views and not a soul as it was raining on and off. The ascent looked as if it was going to take over an hour but to our surprise it only took us roughly 45 min. As others have stated, poles are almost a must. We only had one set but each used one and it worked out fine. IMO going up is much more daunting than the decent. It felt as if it'd be the opposite but we had no troubles and got down in about 25-30 min. Saw a bear mid way up the valley after we passed the bottom heading back along the lake otherwise no other wildlife (besides squirrels). We hike maybe once or twice a year in Wisconsin where we're from so we're pretty much beginner hikers and haven't dealt with any terrain close to this, but if you're in somewhat decent shape I feel almost anyone can make this. I also have a fear of heights but am glad we went up. You get used to it after 5-10 minutes of walking around up top.

What an amazing hiking trail! Thoroughly enjoyed the lovely trail to Rawson Lake! The water is a gorgeous green with a wonderful glacier in the background. The hike up the ridge is challenging to say the least, but as previous hikers have commented...SO WORTH IT!!! The views are phenomenal! Just an FYI-I would rate this portion of the hike as hard, the ‘moderate’ can be a bit misleading, unless that’s a reference for the Rawson Lake portion. Be prepared to get a great cardio workout in, it truly was an extraordinary hike!

on Ptarmigan Cirque

15 days ago

Fantastic quick hike. Steep at the beginning and then it opens up into a beautiful high valley. Great place if you wanted to set up a picnic, read for a few hours, paint, ect. Also a really nice hike in the fall, the colours really show!

I did this just before it closed and it's a burner! The hike to the lake is moderate, very groomed, and goes through a beautiful lush forest.. but then you see the ridge and you die inside a little. You see this really steep crazy looking hill with little dots making their way up it, so away you go. I love this one because it's quite trafficked with all types of people so it ends up being a pretty supportive "WE ARE DYING AND OUR LEGS ARE BURNING BUT WE CAN DO IT" group going up. On the decent when people ask you if they're almost to summit, just say yes, it will make them feel better about their decision. Bring poles, good shoes, a rain jacket, layers, and lots of water. Maybe a change of clothes incase it's raining because my boyfriend rolled down the hill like 5 times and was a mud swamp by the end. It was snowing at the top when we got there so we only managed to get one clear-ish shot, but I imagine it would be so so gorgeous on a clear day. We also saw an animal that we were convinced was a mountain sloth. They don't exist you say? Well that's what this ridge hike did to our brains... we were so tired by the time we got up the short ridge trek that we were jumping for joy at the sight of the great Canadian mountain sloth in the snow. We also told others and they were excited about it, lots of photos were taken of this rare National Geographic wonder. Turns out it was some kind of mountain rat or marmot or something. MEH. I fed it some bread anyways, the dude lives on top of a ridge and probably only eats one fly a month because he's really really slow. Like so slow. Hence the sloth situation. Carb loaded the little creature so he is set. Do this one, preferably when there isn't a bear apocalypse though.

Favourite hike so far! Views for days! So many different types of scenery, waterfalls, lakes, Rockies, trees. Was beautiful and peaceful. Only saw about 6 people on it when I did it. I started at 8am only took me about 3 and a half hours. Pretty easy.

Saw a beautiful male moose on the way to the hike!

Pretty easy day hike. Took about 5 hours.

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