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Pretty easy, liked that it was along the lake. Lots of spots to start, we got onto the trail at the boat launch area.

excellent spring hike. spectacular views for moderate effort. snowy up higher take but microspikes not necessary.

1 day ago

Amazing views from the ridge, looking down at Rawson Lake on one side and Kananaskis Lake on the other side. The hike to Rawson is quite enjoyable, the hike up to the ridge is challenging but well worth it for the amazing views!

on Ptarmigan Cirque

1 day ago

Nothing special when hiking the switchbacks in the tree line, but absolutely amazing views and scenery once you reach the cirque. Great hike for families, just be sure to check bear activity in the area prior to starting the hike.

Really good with little kids!

First hike of the season. It was gorgeous, paths were fab!

Easy first of season hike with nice views that is good for trail runners.

Cyclists said you couldnt do the 14 km loop yet without seeing snow however going up taking your first right there was no ice or snow in sight.

Beautiful quick hike!
We only went to the false summit because of time restrictions, but it was so quick and an unreal view. Very steep incline the whole way (we made the mistake-or so I hear- of going up, and then back down the left side of the loop first).
Parked off of the highway and the coordinates took us right to the trail head

Easy quick hike with a pretty view. The trail is covered by trees for most of it, so the view is just at the top! Great for a quick outing!

Hiked on May 5th. seems to be an old logging road so wide and fairly hard for most of it's runn. Only 2 snow patches to speak of... one 25 feet long and easily walked around. the other was a bit longer. neither was an obdtacle. Did the route ccw and it was more gradual but left all the great views to the last quarter. Took my 10 year old and did the loop in 90 minutes without hurrying. quite busy... people every 5 minutes or so. Most were in shorts and runners making me feel overdressed!

3 days ago

Great first hike of the year, still too snowy to make it to the top of the mountain but we had a great time!

One of the best views I have ever seen! We got a hot and clear day which really helped. The trail from Rawson Lake up Sarrail ridge is HARD! It’s short but straight up, loose dirt, and steep! We had good hiking boots and poles which really helped make it easier. Although I saw lots of people in sneakers and they did just fine.

Easy walk with a beautiful view!

May 16, 2018.

Forgiving trail with a mild to moderate slope up, nice and shady as you go up to the lookout. However, doing the loop will take you about 4-5 hrs total and although you get to walk beside a lake for a few kms, its definitely a much longer walk than going straight back down the same route. Jewell Pass is heavily forested and there is a small waterfall along the route. If you're wanting to do a quick hike, don't loop. The snow is pretty much melted so no worries about that. Great prairie views on Barrier Fire Lookout and the view of the lake at the top is gorgeous, the lady manning the lookout was also very friendly and told us more about the surroundings. It gets busy mid-day so do try to get out early.

My friends and I did this trail yesterday. Nice wide trails, gradual slope up. Was a nice challenge, but nothing too crazy or difficult. The panoramic views at the top are beautiful and breath taking. Not too far out of Calgary, was only about 50 mins from out of the city. Would definitely recommend this hike.

We ended up just hiking to the Prairie View summit and back down, but I would have loved to have done the entire loop. However, it was really warm (29C) when we did this hike, and the trail isn’t terribly shaded. Would have enjoyed this even more on a cooler day, rather than battling with the heat as well.

4 days ago

I did the full ridge on May 2nd. There had been a snowfall days before - made it a hard Summit. The hike is fairly steep, and involves sections of scrambling. The view on the highest peak is incredible.

5 days ago

Completed MM trail today - May 15

There are a few sections of snow still in the initial 2-3 km before you clear the tree line, but nothing to warrant extra equipment. Beautiful hike, easy to follow the trail so no route finding required. Great little early season hike. Completed in 3.5 hrs.

5 days ago

Starting at the parking lot for the Middle Lake trail, we kept right and then took a left onto Elk Flats, did the easy loop around Many Springs Trail, then walked along the Bow River Trail to Moraine to complete the 6.3km loop in about 2.5 hours. Mostly dry conditions for this relatively easy hike!

6 days ago

Easy trail, very clear with one or two muddy patches.

Did it with a 3 1/2 starting with the steep side.
Nice view and a nice hike. Lots off kids and families

6 days ago

Awesome views and a good hike. Did it Mothers day weekend, still ~ 3 feet of snow at the top, could not do the last 400 m. Still got awesome views. This trek would be epic in the fall when the Larchs are turning. The hike can be done in 4-5 hours at a moderate pace.

While this hike was very fun, and super beautiful. It was pretty dangerous, the trails are hard to follow - lots looking like trails but are animal corridors. It was a steady scramble off trail to the top with some free climbing which was amazing but not for the faint hearted. The way down was much more dangerous as we again were following what we thought was the trail and got stuck having to slide down the scree of the canyon to follow the water back which had us right beside a freshly eaten goat. I would definitely suggest this but make sure you confirm the route and follow the map to and from.

Did this hike May 13, 2018. Good conditions. Great pick for an early season half day hike which is always worth the views. We did the ascent on the Barrier Look our trail and was in good condition - 1 hr 15 mins. Descent down the Prairie View/Jewel Pass good condition but a few snowy spots - 3 hrs. Nothing which took away from a great half day capped off with a pic-nic over looking the lake. Busy with lots of families and dogs out (including ours!)

Really nice hike! Not too difficult! The view was beautiful from the summit, and alongside the lake walking down Jewell Pass. Perfect conditions right now.. only a little bit slippery walking down Jewell Pass.

Nice, quick hike, close to the city. Going counterclockwise seems to be a bit more of a workout, steady incline. Not difficult, lots of families and dogs. Moderate traffic but not too busy.

A great start of the season hike. The trails are mostly dry with only a very few muddy or snow patches. Very busy this May 13 with lots of families with kids and dogs out.

We hiked Oct 29, 2016. It was a great day for a hike. We parked at the North Interlakes Day Use area and did the trail clockwise. Views were great, the lake was so calm that it mirrored the mountains perfectly. The rocky beaches were full of drift wood, some structures were built and it had an otherworldly feel. I took hundreds of photos.

Like some others, we had some way finding in the last few km, in snow. The area was pretty dense with trees and could lose bearings fairly easy without having site line with the lake. We made it though, saw some grouse on the way out.

It is beautiful, even if you just do north parking lot to south parking lot you have great scenery and photo opportunities. Would do this again.

Easy trail muddy in parts but a great beginner walk with a few veiw points along the way. To make it more challenging try going up the left side first

Lots of bear activity today. I would wait until later in the summer before attempting this hike again.
We hiked about 2.15hrs in, almost to the campground but there was a fresh kill on the trail so we turned around.

Not too much snow until about 2 hrs in.

The little waterfalls along the way are nice but no spectacular views.

Pretty easy hike.

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