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Scramble was tough, but definitely manageable - the rocks don’t slide as much as we thought! The view at the top is unreal.

Great for a quick hike thats close to Calgary. A relatively easy and gradual climb, great for begginers. 3 Hours out and back with our 5 month old pup with a decent break at the half way mark.

on Marl Lake Trail

1 day ago

Nice easy walk with good information borders throughout.

2 days ago

We clearly did not do enough research prior to this hike, and since we lost cell reception just after the #1, we were unable to confirm any additional details of the hike. There is a king creek parking lot, but be aware the hike does not start from the parking lot, and in fact starts just off hwy 40, prior to the parking lot turn off. We ended up walking down the creek and did find another trail, which ended up leading us to a dead end. We did not see anyone else on that trail, however nor did we see any wildlife. We will be back to do the proper hike again.

I'd suggest you pass over this hike and consider something else. it was super easy and anti climactic.

pretty easy for the views...well worth it.

Unfortunately we did this hike on a really smoky day so we didn’t get to see the full view but is was amazing up top. There are many side trails you can take so you don’t have to do the loops.

2 days ago

Good hike, rather busy with other people and bikers, but well worth the effort.

Awesome hike, the rock gardens were amazing. Still lots of smoke which trapped humidity in the trees and created a sauna. Bring more water than you need!! At least 3-4L, especially if it’s hot. Mountain lion was spotted on our descent. Beautiful flowers out and birds - enjoy!

3 days ago

fyi.. super short hike.
I finished it in 1hr.

Great scenic trail but very easy to get lost shortly after the waterfall with so many paths. We were lost for at least an hour and ran into another group that were also lost but we headed for the water and eventually made our way back to a trail.

4 days ago

Fantastic trail to a gorgeous mountain meadow with meandering stream and varying degrees of waterfalls. We went with a friend, and between us had children between ages of 4-9. It was a fairly easy hike for all of them, with a bit of hand-holding for the youngest. We loved all the wildflowers still in bloom.
Always bring a sweater when you're in the mountains!

Was a cute leg burner. Got up to the top no problem but got lost on one of those infamous animal trails and got caught in some pretty bad smoke and had to climb down to the creek to get down. Pay attention to the right trails on this one but if you get lost CAREFULLY head down to the creek and it'll lead you right back to your car. Some cute scree on this one too.
Stay safe fellow hikers

6 days ago

Hard trail but the views are worth it. Easy to get lost of take a game trail instead of the intended path, you'll need proper gear and to be able to do some free climbing on some sections especially on the last quarter of the way up.

Gorgeous hike, steady uphill into the Cirque the amazing views around the loop. Option to go higher/farther into the Cirque. Lots of people, we started at 11, and by 1230 the parking lot was overfilling

Exactly what I hike for, Cirque at the top was gorgeous, beautiful Creek alongside path, very good hike all around. only downside is trail becomes hard to find at times and we couldn't find the shortcut route at all until we were closer to the bottom, ribbons or markers would be helpful here. If you aren't comfortable navigating a hard to find trail, an out and back to the first cirque is still well worth it!

Nice short trail to start with, views of the lakes and surrounding mountains.

The view up top is amazing!

So much beautiful scenery - don't forget your camera! The majority of this hike is really easy, definitely some elevation gain from the parking lot to the lake but it's over fast. The rest of the way is pretty flat. The trail to the falls is a little dodgy but doable and worth it.

Loved this hike! A good challenge since the hike up the ridge is really steep but it's totally worth it once you get to the ridge. It was smoky so will have to go back for the views but it was still absolutely beautiful and with the quick elevation gain it gives that sense of accomplishment. Head to the far end of the ridge and you can do another little climb up to the flag -not sure if the flag is new as this was my first time up there. Climbing to the ridge and back down again was a challenge for us since the dirt was dry and made footing a bit precarious at times with all the loose rocks -for me poles were a must but I saw lots of people getting by without. My friend and I are slow and steady when it come to hiking and it took us 6 hours total, 4 hours of moving time and 2 hours total for breaks. No real breaks on the path up to Rawson, but lots on our way up the ridge and a long one up top since it was so beautiful.

Great for a short first hike with family and dogs!

Insanely hard, well worth it. Amazing views, bring more water than you think you’ll need

So so beautiful, one of my favourite hikes

This is a well travelled trail and it is no wonder why. Some of the most amazing views you could hope for. The trek to Rawson Lake and around it is fairly moderate. From the lake up to the ridge is challenging but doable. So worth it to go to the top for the amazing views and feeling of accomplishment

Did the whole loop today. Definitely counterclockwise is the way to go. Took 4hours to complete it with micro breaks and some picture taking. Bringing the dogs will also be great since there were not a lot of scrambling. There were cyclists in the area but they were pretty good in letting you know when they are passing. Nice hike with a steady elevation. Didn’t even use my poles today so this will be good for families with kids. :)

This hike was fast and sweet. Good cardio. Defined trail.

9 days ago

Great short hike. Weather was around +14 and a little Smokey our. I arrived at 9:45am and there was plenty of parking available, the hike was not busy until on our way back. Then it got busy and the parking lot was full. Took it slow as I had my puppy with me. It took us about 2 hours to complete with breaks.

One of the best views in Alberta!

So beautiful, even in snowy spring!

Nice tramp, quite steep to start!

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