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Ended up off trail and found myself bushwhacking and climbing precariously along a rock-face.. not what I had intended!! Lol but seriously stunning views :)

An easy and relaxing hike with some pretty views. It was 17km which is a lot of walking but good if you want to take your time and spend the day out there. Lots of water spots for the pup to play in!

So muddy and hard for walk when it covered by snow but the scenery is very beautiful

It is a long trip taking more than 6 hours (with lots of photos). We saw lots of different mushrooms along the trail’

16 days ago

Very snow covered / muddy. Arbour workers had drove machinery along the path so it was clear enough to hike their tracks in just boots. Beautiful fall colours, open water and beautiful snow coverage on the trees. Would definitely recommend for an easy, scenic, short hike.

18 days ago

Seriously underrated. We came on a Sunday morning back in June and there was not a soul in sight. It's essentially just a leisurely stroll with a huge reward. I absolutely recommend this for families or those who just want a small hike for half the day.

Excellent hike. Could have used our spikes up top as a small amount of snow made it pretty slippery.

Great hike, beautiful scenery and a variety of terrain. Like others have said, it is long. Took my 14 and I about 5.5 hours. Time well spent though.

23 days ago

Not a hike I’d do again. Fairly easy to get up, not a lot to see.

Great, but long! might be too long for the kids(our kids were 4 and 6! they were champs, but there was some complaining! lol)

As Bryan said, it's do able on a weekday. I got there at 4 PM, got a bit lost by walking around on the wrong side of the road and then made it to the correct trailhead. I was all done by 7:15 and that included a break at the top and a few small breaks coming up

1 month ago

Lovely hike that I was able to do on a weekday. Only person on the path for the entire duration. This is an excellent hike for a first-time solo trip. Not overly challenging but still gets the heart rate up while providing some nice views. 1.5 hours in, 1 hour out.

1 month ago

Did this walk just before dinner after arriving to the camp ground. We were treated to a quiet walk and a spectacular view at the lake with a light mist rolling and flowing over the water.

1 month ago

Though many hike Moose Mt from the top parking spot, it can be hiked from Bragg Creek parking following the gravel road. After about 6-7 km the gravel road that is an access to a pipeline valve facility ends and trails goes up toward Moose Mt. It joins the main trails after about 5 km. The total hike from Bragg Creek parking is about 30 km. We started at 5:30 a.m . and finished at 2:00 p.m. with 3 stops for snack/lunch.
Though I ranked this hike 3 that I wish I could rank 3.5, it is still good to hike. I give 5 stars to trails such as Skoki Loop, Paradise to Giant Steps, ...

1 month ago

Decent hike , not the best view until you’re at the very top. Took around 3 and a half hours with a long break at the top for lunch

Beautiful scenery here along the highest known highway in Alberta. Highwood is an easy rout to the ridge where you can dance around the view points. There’s a flag way up there after a bit of a scramble, if you dare. Happy hiking.

Beautiful hike. Started up the prairie view trail, came down jewel pass. Harder going up, easier coming down. Amazing views from the top. Worth the hike for sure.

Did this one 2 days ago and the weather was great. Ankle deep snow in some areas but overall manageable. Trail is fairly visible, daunting view from the base to the summit but it's not as difficult as it may seem.

Amazing hike, we went up the mountain (prairie view trail) instead of the actual barrier lake trail. Very much worth it if you’re looking for a good workout. We went down jewel “something,” and it was a great time. The view at the end of the hike was something else.

Great hike. It really had everything. Great views all around the lake. Beautiful fall colours are out in bloom.

Long trail as some people said. Still nice and you can see beautiful scenery though.

Easy short hike with stunning views up top.

Easy, beautiful hike.

Started off the day with Mount Tyrwhitt in mind. Got up to the saddle between Tyrwhitt and Grizzly before we decided the conditions weren't right for Tyrwhitt. We didn't know much about Grizzly or Highwood but on the advice of some other hikers we decided to make a loop of our trek back over to Highwood. The difficulty rating of Hard is pretty accurate, there are some challenging passes in Grizzly Col that requires some experience to navigate. You lose the trail very quickly and there is some scrambling involved.

I would definitely recommend this trail to someone who has some experience and is looking to push their boundaries a little. There is little exposure to be concerned with but still plenty of physical challenges to overcome. There is enough foot traffic on the route that you will run into a few other hikers along the way that will be able to help you navigate the route.

This hike is a stunner!!! The trail runs alongside ribbon creek making it very enjoyable. Most definitely recommend this hike!!!

Second time doing it this year. Getting a lil chilly up there so layer up. Have some patches of snow but nothing too crazy. Kids and dogs up there too. Bring a pole to assist and a headband or toque for the wind. Trail on the last stretch to the tower seems intimidating but the trail was actually pretty wide. Very good to do for mileage and a lil cardio. We added some weight in our bags for added challenge. It’s going back to the parking lot in that uphill is a killer lol! Great one to finish summer hikes for this year.


Amazing view from the top. False summit so keep going and sign the guest book and have lunch at the picnic table. Km climb at END of hike so that can be tiring.

A fairly easy (if long) hike with excellent 360 mountain views from the summit. Just starting to get a bit of snow near the top but still easily passable without extra equipment. Our 7 month old puppy tagged along and was able to see snow for the first time!

Most of the trail is nice and wide with a very gentle incline. The final few hundred meters looks daunting from the bottom (and was a bit nerve racking with wind gusts and cold today) but was well worth it for the summit! We hiked mid week and were the only ones in the parking lot. Quite a bit colder and windier at the summit than at the parking lot which necessitated us wearing our winter wear despite it still being August.

I would highly recommend this hike for large groups looking for an easier hike. I would be comfortable taking less experienced hikers along as the false summit is quite easy to get to and still offers great views (although the true summit is still king!)

1 month ago

Really nice hike. From start to finish was about 16km. There are a couple spots that are shortcuts but are not necessarily the easier choice. Nice trail to the mountain, and what looks like a daunting climb is actually very manageable. The last km on the way back is another uphill climb and is a bit of momentum killer but that’s the price of a great hike. Total time for us, not pros by any means was about 5.5 hrs. Including the time at the top to rest and enjoy the views. Make sure you sign the guest book in the mailbox.

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