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The view up top is amazing!

Did the whole loop today. Definitely counterclockwise is the way to go. Took 4hours to complete it with micro breaks and some picture taking. Bringing the dogs will also be great since there were not a lot of scrambling. There were cyclists in the area but they were pretty good in letting you know when they are passing. Nice hike with a steady elevation. Didn’t even use my poles today so this will be good for families with kids. :)

First time doing this hike today. Definitely need better signage letting users know you have a good km to walk before you even start the actual trail. Did it counterclockwise as a bunch of reviews recommended to do so. Not sure why as going either direction would be challenging. Constant up and down hills. Would like to try this again when it isn't so smokey outside.

excellent hike! the initial downhill descent was deceiving, but it gradually climbed from there. Great hike through the trees, the path was nice and wide. I did not donthe final climb to thr viewpoint, only to the too of the first. I found it to be difficult but once at the top, the views were great! did this hike round trip (including stopping for lunch at the top) in 5 hours. My fitbit calculated this hike to be 15km (without going thr extra distance to the viewpoint)

5 days ago

This was a good hike. Well marked trail, beautiful views of the mountains at the top. When you get to the last little trail don’t stop! It looks deceiving but go for it! It’s worth it. It wasn’t too hard but you will get tried on your hike back up to the parking lot.

WARNING: the distance listed here was different than my GPS reported. If you zoom fairly close you will see 1.7 Km to the highway from the start of the trail - that also means about a Km from the parking lot. We did the loop counter clockwise after parking close to the highway and at 13.5 Km we were just pulling along side the lake - it was 16.5 Km loop according to my GPS

Loved this hike! Get on the trail and power it up! Definitely some character building moments but those make for the best summits! Mountains 360. Highly recommend this hike for those considering a solo hike

It was absolutely beautiful! Did the trail counter-clockwise. I’m out of shape so I found it difficult but trust me, it’s so worth it to push through! Completed it in 4 hours with a lunch break. The last stretch of ~8kms felt like a drawn out descent, but still pretty.

8 days ago

Often like to do this one. I just do the first stretch (~5km??) from the parking lot counter-clockwise to the top. The first lookout is very nice but if you push just a little farther and do a short scramble the views become immensely better as you stand on the cliff. Trail is wide with very nice switch backs. The incline gets steeper near the top. Bring your dogs, take your bike. It’s popular but not too crowded.

Great hike! Our 6 yr old and 11 yr old made it to the pass as well.

Wowzers! This one was a challenge for me! I’m getting back into being active soo this one was tough tough tough.. I managed to make it to the switchbacks but turned back before climbing further! Going is not so bad but coming back is brutal. A lot of downhill on loose rock path. Definitely got a workout coming down and of course as you come back and get closer to parking, you have to go up the really big hill that you came down starting. Keep that in mind when hiking. Save some strength for the end! I managed to get through all the while dealing with foot pain (prior injury) however.. the hike is beautiful! Will definitely going to be coming back and concur the mountain up to the fire lookout!!

great hike, lots of ups, downs and flat spots so you can pound it out pretty easily. rewarding views.

What a beautiful hike. Worth the reward once at the fire lookout at the very top. A bit of a rocky hike. Took us 4.5 hours.

Pretty easy hike at first gets harder at end but great for beginners. The look out is nice and nice views.

12 days ago

Easy trail, great for kids. Great mountain views!

12 days ago

Easy hike with great views of Mount Kidd and wedge pond.

A decent hike for beginners. Great view at the top and a nice break. Took roughly 3.5 hours to complete.

Great Hike, we saw deer,wild chicken. I would not recommend doing this clockwise. It was 8km uphill. Do it counter-clockwise only 5 km uphill. The view is stunning from the top. It took us 5. 1/2 hours.... along barrier lake, jewel pass to prairie view.

16 days ago

Great hike, beautiful views and not difficult. The uphill near the end was discouraging. But otherwise very manageable and well worth the effort.

Beautiful day. Great hike. 2 1/2 hrs up. Layers recommended and good hiking shoes for the rocky terrain. Fantastic views.

This has a little bit of everything, summit, water fall, forest , and a lake.

Completed the full hike around the mountain. Definitely worth it to get to the top.

For people who get to the top, please pick up after yourself and stop dropping your garbage.

18 days ago

I only give this a 2 cause it’s a pretty boring and not long or exciting hike . Saying that it’s a great hike for starters who are just starting to hike. The hike is very easy.

Great hike

We hiked the loop clockwise (lake path, Jewel Pass then Prairie View), therefore, giving us a nice long warm up. It was surprising busy for a weekday, not an issue if you’re on foot; I’m sure bikers may have found this more cumbersome.

We completed the loop in 3 hours with a 10 minuite rest at the top. We ran down much of Prairie View because it started to ran. It was an easy run down because the trail was wide, even and not very steep with lots of switchbacks.

Easy walk with good mountain views and gorgeous greenish water!

Gorgeous hike. Easy to follow trail. Great reward at the top!

it's a nice trail

23 days ago

What an awesome hike! Has a little bit of everything. It took us about 5 hours to complete it with a 30 minute break at the peak. 3 hours up, 2 hours down. Amazing views during the entire hike, especially at the peak! But beware of the false summit...! There’s still a bit to go.
One of my favorite hikes so far

trail running
24 days ago

Good variety of terrain from long inclines, short flat spots and steep slopes. Nice wide trail with lots of people. Would recommend.

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