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i hiked this solo in about 3.5 hours. amazing views. a varied trail that challenged me physically on the ascent, and offered beautiful terrain and vistas. got caught in a thunderstorm at Prairie View trail after i summitted & descended a ways, but it passed over with only a bit of rain, but still a wonderful hike. recommend!

1 day ago

Beautiful trail, we had perfect weather on July 14/18. Trail is pretty popular, definitely easy as it’s got very little elevation gain, has wonderful views from most of the trail and lots of shade. It’s only moderate because it is so long, my GPS came in at about 17km. This trail took us 6 hours including lots of stops for lunch and quick breaks. It was our second hike of the year and we generally only hike a few times a year so we are not the most experienced/in shape hikers. We even saw a mama grizzly and cubs as we left the parking lot around 8pm.

For a beginner hiker this trail was a little challenging. The incline gets steep at the end and there are quite a few switch backs. But once you get to the top it’s all worth it. The view is amazing. I hope to do this one again before the year is over and I am more seasoned.

Love this hike. A steady climb up, there is quite a bit of snow on the trail. If you stay on the packed trail you should be ok. We just hiked to the lake which is still frozen but still stunning. It will start to get muddy with the melt.

Did this hike a week ago. As a beginner hiker I would say this was more moderate than easy. Steep incline but so worth it

This was a beautiful hike with mid-summer snow at higher elevations. We took our 4 & 5 year olds on this trip and they loved it! So many adventures awaiting around every corner. The falls were a bit tricky getting down, but after our time at the falls, our 4 year old insisted on climbing back to the trail. Completely achievable trail, especially out of Elbow Lake camp.

We went counterclockwise (up Prairie View to the lookout, then continued down Jewell Pass). Glad we did it this way as it was nice to get the steeper incline done first and then end with the relatively flat walk along the lake back over the dam. We registered 17 km start to finish.

awesome fishing for eager 10inch brook trout!

Incredible hike. Would recommend counterclockwise from the base as there's a steady incline and a few switchbacks on the way up (we chose to get that out of the way during the first part of the hike) then a steep hill and then you're at the glorious lookout which is totally worth the hard trek up. Steep rock down the other side of Jewell pass then smooth sailing from there. Nice waterfall to take in on the way down too. Took our golden retriever and she did really well (a few stops for water). All in all took us about 4 hours with the water stops and about 20 mins for lunch at the summit.

6 days ago

A fantastic hike! Yes, we did proceed despite the large signage suggesting not to hike this trail but we had to see the views! Carry bear spray and make noise! Unfortunately, we saw no wildlife whatsoever ☹️.

It is pretty much uphill all the way. A little over an hour in, we saw the rocks in the form of an arrow pointing us left. Don’t miss it! Rainfall made it a bit slick on the muddy trail and scramble to the South Summit. Took us about 2 hours. The views are amazing!!!! We descended from there but if you wish, you can go further to the North Summit and go down from there as the trail loops back.


7 days ago

Great hike / scramble. One lake followed by another. Best to camp at Aster Lake & do over 2 days, or use the camp site as a jumping off point for one of the surrounding peaks. Lots of ice, snow & scree, so can be challenging.

9 days ago

Excellent hike with gorgeous views!

Great little hike with kids. Lots of water stops and lovely falls at the destination.

9 days ago

Completed in 2 hrs with a couple 10 year olds. It is an easy enjoyable hike. Not particularly interesting but nice and open and close to Hwy 1. Exposed for a majority of the time so the fact that we went on a slightly cloudy day was perfect.

It was awesome! Had little of everything, wildlife , waterfalls, mountains and a beautiful lake. Had a wonderful 4 hour hike with my wife and daughter.

Amazingly beautiful. Gets busy depending on the day and the season. The views from the top of the ridge are unbelievable. The ridge is a challenging hike up. The Rawson hike is moderate and enjoyable.

10 days ago

We did the praiprie view trail till the summit then retuned, we did not do the full circle but we enjoyed it so much!

Rawson Lake Closed due to bears

Beautiful hike!! The hike up to Rawson Lake is a steady incline but manageable! The hike from the lake to the ridge is more difficult as it is very steep - I would strongly recommend poles. It is doable though and so worth the view! We even saw a goat on the ridge with us. I would do this hike again.

Tough hike but the view is so incredible, it looks like a painting.

We hiked the ridge from the start as thought it would be less chance of bear encounter. Constant climb the whole way, the last 1km has around half the overall elevation gain.

Look out for the arrow of stones for the turn off to the left at the fork, if you carry on to the right you end up at a little lake, from above we saw a grizzly bear eating in that area.

Be prepared but not scared!

11 days ago

I have completed this loop twice (once in Washington direction). I prefer going to Three Isle Lake first. We got a bit lost when we went Aster Lake way first. I preferred the descent going to Aster Lake from the ridge as opposed to descending to Three Isle Lake. I recommend hiking it during the week if you can - less people on the ridge!

Pretty easy hike up until the ridge. Steep but so worth the views! We went up with my dog and she did really well. Only sketchy coming down as it was raining and really slippery. Was worried about getting my dog down but she did fine and there were many other dogs up the trail as well

Great views! Fairly easy hike with a little bit of everything.

Tough hills at the beginning that level out, going through a marshy area. The head wall area is steep but doable, and the views are 100% worth it. About half the time going back down, and the lake is a great spot to stop for lunch!

Good hike! Not super marked though! Beautiful day!!!

on Barrier Lake Trail

12 days ago

Beautiful lake. Did 2 hr round trip with spouse and 2 kids aged 3 (carried) and 7. Got 3 km in and 3 km back. From about 1-2.5 km it’s a bit boring, gravel path with no cover. After about 2.5 km the trail narrows to single file and changes from gravel to dirt in a forested area - this part was a bit more interesting. Steep at parts but our 7 year old had no problems with terrain.

Beautiful! All forest until you reach Rawson and then it’s straight up the ridge. Steep and a bit challenging but the payoff at the top is well worth it. Great view of the mountains and upper and lower Kananaskis lakes. Highly recommended

13 days ago

Section from Upper Kananaskis Lake to Rawson Lake is in the trees, but otherwise excellent views the whole way. Portion above Rawson Lake is not an official trail - goes straight up with no switchbacks and so quite bad coming down - wouldn't recommend attempting without hiking poles. 2 hours up and same coming down due to all the gravel and risk of slipping.

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