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20 hours ago

Perfect afternoon hike at Fullerton. My calves got a great workout with the mini hill climbing on the one side of the loop and a nice gentle downward walk on the other side of loop.
lots of folks out with their dogs. clean and friendly experience with great view s.

Amazing hike! Definitely not for the faint of heart. I did it last August and when I got to the beautiful meadow there were so many biting flies so make sure to bring lots of bug spray (heavy DEET cause our regular stuff didn’t help). 100% worth the amazing view at the top

Hiked June 20th , doable for beginners like me.Nice and shaded trail.Awesome view at the top.Took us 1hr and 30 mins to complete the loop.

Great views! A real grind of a hike but some great views. I did not see any moose, but several mountain goats. The top can get quite windy; bring some layers.

This is one of my most favourite hikes. It has a beautiful lake at the top, a few meadows bursting with flowers of all kinds, and an amazing view of the park (you can even see fossil falls and hidden lake from here). I have hiked it manny times with my family when I was younger. Even after it was decommissioned we have hiked it without any worries.

But huge warning here!! The last time we went we had a bit of a traumatic experience and want to warn people not to make the same mistake. Last time we went up we decided when the trail forks between the trail to the ridge or to the lake we decided to go to the lake first. Halfway down that path we decided to skip it and go through the bushes back to the ridge trail and thank god we did. We got to the point where you first overlook the lake and saw a mother grizzly and her 2 cubs right on the trail where we would have blindly walked in to. We decided to go to the top and keep an eye on them and hope they would walk to the other side of the lake so we could hike down without worry but she landed up going down the path and into the trees. Not sure what to do we though maybe it would be better to go down the back side of the mountain. It was not. We got closer to the bottom and realized that there were cliffs at the bottom so we hiked further in to where we saw a creek we could follow down. The back side of the mountain has allot of fallen over trees due to a past forest fire so that fatigued us a bunch on our way. When we got to the creek it was deeper than we thought and funnelled between 2 cliffs we couldn’t see past. We decided to cross the creek over a sketchy snow bridge. After climbing halfway up the next mountain over witch was practically a cliff climbing up we the bush waked our way down till we found a service road that took us out to the upper lake circle route trail. In all it should have been a 4 hr hike but took us 10hrs and barely made it back before night time. (Our campsite manager actually knew where we were going and said she was gunna wait another hour and then send someone to look for us)

In the end I haven’t done this hike in years but am tempted to do it again this summer. I just warn everyone else to be extra careful on this trail and stay safe. Allot of things could have gone wrong for us that day and we really count ourselves lucky!

First hike of the season! Definitely kicked my butt a little. Very rewarding view!

absolutely love this trail and would highly recommend it! I have done it twice and will go back again. views are spectacular. would recommend a multiday to have the time to go off and explore a little bit and not be so rushed to do the distance and elevation in one day. The trail up to Aster can be a bit tricky find and follow. as along as you know the general direction of where you are going you will be fine.

on Moose Mountain Trail

2 days ago

Definitely recommend this hike for the views at the top! I recommend a bear bell or a loud friend (someone you can outrun) for the first leg of the journey- it’s pretty wooded and I didn’t come across many people on the trail.

Easy hike until you start to head up the ridge and then it gets steep in places...lots of snow at the top made life difficult...but the reward is more than worth it...loved it

I did this hike yesterday and it was great. I'm not an experienced hiker, but I did this alone and it was all I could ask for. Maybe next time I would have brought bear spray, as it feels pretty secluded there going through the wooded area. Lookout was fantastic. For wildlife, I believe I saw a couple marmot and chipmunks.

Gets chilly at the top but has amazing views!

Great views the entire hike. A nice mix of trees and open rock

It was a nice hike with the steep section on the left side & the best view point along this section also. It took me one hour and 34 minutes to complete the hike at a walking pace.

I was a bit unprepared for this scramble! I went after it alone on a Friday and there was absolutely no one else on the trail--not when I arrived or when I left. I went left at the trailhead to attempt a clockwise loop, but I only made it to the first peak (the north peak?). I started the traverse but it was a bit above my skill level to do alone, so I went back down the way I came. I had some trouble route finding on the way down and ended up in a few pretty sketchy spots where I had to down climb things that were too steep for comfort. The area that I lost the trail is marked in blue on the AllTrails topo map, right past the bench made of rocks--I accidentally took the "blue" trail marked on the map and it was way too steep for me, so I had to go back up and find the other way down, which really took a toll on me mentally. The views at the top are really lovely and definitely worth the climb, but I really wish I had done this scramble with a partner!

Hiked this this weekend. There is still snow up top. I would rate this a hard hike up to the ridge with the snow and slippery mud. Make sure to have good hiking shoes. It was snowing when I got to the top, so was not able to see everything. This is still a fantastic hike with gorgeous views.

Great place for hiking or cross country skiing! It's absolutely wonderful. there are many viewpoints along the way. This is also a great place for camping as it is right along the valley edge!

Fantastic Hike! I it with a friend of mine and it was so much fun! You start the first hour or so in the trees, and then the remainder of the hike is above the treeline. BRING LAYERS! It can get extremely cold in the wind. If you get to the top you can see a fire lookout with gorgeous views. There are picnic tables there and is a great place to stay for lunch. Bring sunscreen as well, it is very exposed at the top! Bautiful views at the summit

4 days ago

An AMAZING HIKE! This is a must do for anyone in the area. I may be a little biased as my family would go out and do this hike almost annually when I was growing up. It's really good for kids as it's a moderate hike to start off the season. It is moderate for the first third of the hike, but once you pass the first viewpoint (of many) the trail becomes much less steep. Once you reach the top, views of the entire valley greet you! There are a lot of rocks at the top and it can be really cold due to wind, so make sure you are prepared for the weather! Also bears frequent the area so make sure to keep bear spray on you and ready to use.

4 days ago

Amazing views! Definitely would not consider this to be easy being that my fit bit said I just walked up nearly 80 flights of stairs. Trail was slippery and muddy so I would suggest hiking this trail in July.

Killer day. Counterclockwise is easier (go right and up at the first trail map). Go down along the lake and up for the harder longer route - watch out for mtn bikers and feel the burn. Whole loop took us 5 hours with a stop at top.

One of the best quick hikes close to Bragg Creek. Nice variety.

Nice day hike to do early season. Not a ton of views on the way up/down but beautiful once on top.
Expect switch backs on the way up through a forest area. But once you're out, you basically reached the lookout.

Great little hike to do with kids. mine are 7yrs and 9 yrs old. nice view at the top/middle of the trail.
then we had a picnic and skipped stones across the street afterwards.

Great trail! A bit muddy to start but clears up right away. I’d suggest taking the route along the lake through to Jewell Pass instead of hopping right onto Prairie View Trail if you want more of a gradual incline. You’ll do your first 9kms and get up to the altitude slowly if you take that way rather than going right on Prairie View. Either way would be great, though! Would definitely do again.

It is certainly a nice, easy and quiet trail to kick start the hiking season! The trail head was a little difficult to find but the view is definitely worth it!

Beautiful easy day hike, with very little elevation gain once you get to Elbow lake.

Started the hike in reverse on the return portion of the trail and had to turn back as we had a very close encounter with a black bear. I would suggest staying off the return part of the loop and bringing bear spray if you are in this area.

Amazing views from the top lookout and a great hike.

5 days ago

Read the sign hikers, the park doesn’t want you on the trail......but yet you still go

Awesome hike with amazing views. Nicely marked trails and not too difficult. Highly recommend. Great for kids as well.

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