This is one of my most favourite hikes. It has a beautiful lake at the top, a few meadows bursting with flowers of all kinds, and an amazing view of the park (you can even see fossil falls and hidden lake from here). I have hiked it manny times with my family when I was younger. Even after it was decommissioned we have hiked it without any worries.

But huge warning here!! The last time we went we had a bit of a traumatic experience and want to warn people not to make the same mistake. Last time we went up we decided when the trail forks between the trail to the ridge or to the lake we decided to go to the lake first. Halfway down that path we decided to skip it and go through the bushes back to the ridge trail and thank god we did. We got to the point where you first overlook the lake and saw a mother grizzly and her 2 cubs right on the trail where we would have blindly walked in to. We decided to go to the top and keep an eye on them and hope they would walk to the other side of the lake so we could hike down without worry but she landed up going down the path and into the trees. Not sure what to do we though maybe it would be better to go down the back side of the mountain. It was not. We got closer to the bottom and realized that there were cliffs at the bottom so we hiked further in to where we saw a creek we could follow down. The back side of the mountain has allot of fallen over trees due to a past forest fire so that fatigued us a bunch on our way. When we got to the creek it was deeper than we thought and funnelled between 2 cliffs we couldn’t see past. We decided to cross the creek over a sketchy snow bridge. After climbing halfway up the next mountain over witch was practically a cliff climbing up we the bush waked our way down till we found a service road that took us out to the upper lake circle route trail. In all it should have been a 4 hr hike but took us 10hrs and barely made it back before night time. (Our campsite manager actually knew where we were going and said she was gunna wait another hour and then send someone to look for us)

In the end I haven’t done this hike in years but am tempted to do it again this summer. I just warn everyone else to be extra careful on this trail and stay safe. Allot of things could have gone wrong for us that day and we really count ourself a lucky.