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This hike is a stunner!!! The trail runs alongside ribbon creek making it very enjoyable. Most definitely recommend this hike!!!

Second time hiking to the falls and lake. the trail is in great condition. There is a small section of the trail above the waterfall that is harder to follow to the lake.

Great scenic trail but very easy to get lost shortly after the waterfall with so many paths. We were lost for at least an hour and ran into another group that were also lost but we headed for the water and eventually made our way back to a trail.

Just did this over the long weekend. The trail is in great shape, all the way. We stayed over night at Ribbon Falls, there was lots of firewood and company to visit with. Day hiked up to the lake the next day, the chains were a fun challenge. We brought our 1 year old up with us and he loved every minute of it!

Did a loop past here to Galatea then round Mt Kid back to Kananaskis village the chains where the highlight. The ball ache was the front of Mt Kid. In the trees the whole way. next time I'll just do either end not the front.

Was my first time doing a hike of this calliber... absolutely insane. The effort was well worth it. Would recommend making sure you have perfect navigation (gps, map, compass) as its very easy to get lost on this trail.

2 months ago

Highly recommended loop! We backpacked it over 3 days, staying at Aster Lake, then Three Isle campground. We had lots of rain around Point Campground to Hidden Lake, but then clear after that. Lots of elevation gain after Hidden Lake (gut buster!), towards Aster. Was still a large portion of snow in a chute at the scree portion of Aster Lake trail. Too icy to cross, but we managed to skirt around it. Day 2 was the long grind up to the ridge. Hot weather around us until we got to the highest point of the ridge trail.. then we got pummeled with hail. Excellent views all around, making it a highlight. Lots of storms around the area during the day, but we only got hit once. Some thinner portions of ridge, but was manageable. The descent down to Three Isle was longer than expected, but still some great views. Three Isle was a beautiful campsite on a really nice lake. Day 3 was the descent back down to Upper Kananaskis Lake. Some steep descending initially, until the trail leveled out and turned into a well groomed trail, which was easier on the body!

had a blast! trails in great shape! chains are knarly and not for the faint hearted. just dont look down. but totally rewarding once up top

2 months ago

It’s a long hike 21 km. But it’s easy. Start at Elbow lake hike the trail on the left of the lake, stop at Edworthy Falls around half way point marked by a Cairn on the left side of the trail after you go through the valley. Do some research before going to find maps to Rae Lake or you could lost. It’s off Sheep River trail. I love this area. It’s a must see.

Went up to the chain section on the way to Ribbon Lake, but could not muster the courage to climb up the chains. The hike to the falls was quite easy, with great views. There and back again took around 5 hours, and was approximately 22km. Really hoping to make it to the lake next time.

3 months ago

Great hike / scramble. One lake followed by another. Best to camp at Aster Lake & do over 2 days, or use the camp site as a jumping off point for one of the surrounding peaks. Lots of ice, snow & scree, so can be challenging.

3 months ago

I have completed this loop twice (once in Washington direction). I prefer going to Three Isle Lake first. We got a bit lost when we went Aster Lake way first. I preferred the descent going to Aster Lake from the ridge as opposed to descending to Three Isle Lake. I recommend hiking it during the week if you can - less people on the ridge!

Excellent hike, with views most of the way. The lake is anticlimactic; I went back a bit to have my lunch where I could see down the valley. 3 hours up and 2.5 back. Would not recommend for anyone afraid of exposure - coming down the chains is like rappelling without a harness!

3 months ago

Hiked this trail June 30,2018. Initial ascent is is a bit steep to Elbow lake then the rest of the hike is on a flat wide trail with nice views along the way there was a few wet spots but otherwise trail is in great shape. When we needed to branch off and ascend the trudge up Rae mountain we needed to do a bit of route finding since it's early season and the trail we were on was almost non-existent and there are no signs. We finally found the trail up to Rae Lake which is really pretty.

absolutely love this trail and would highly recommend it! I have done it twice and will go back again. views are spectacular. would recommend a multiday to have the time to go off and explore a little bit and not be so rushed to do the distance and elevation in one day. The trail up to Aster can be a bit tricky find and follow. as along as you know the general direction of where you are going you will be fine.

Great trail. To the falls it is pretty gradual and not too strenuous. Many loose rocky sections so sturdy footwear is a must. If you are going to the lake be warned it gets considerably more intense but well worth it. A solid hour from the falls to the lake. The cliff could seem daunting but it’s not that bad really. The chains are necessary and it will take some effort. Great looking camping area around the lake as well as below the falls. Up and back in about 6 hours was a heck of a day hike! Will be back and likely to camp next time.

June 11/18- hiked Ribbon Creek to Ribbon Falls. Easy hike and about 22km roundtrip to the Falls. Trail is dry and in good condition. No snow left on the trail and the avalanche debris was cleared today as well. There are several small waterfalls along the way to enjoy, and the large falls just beyond the campground are spectacular. The campground is a great place to stop for lunch. Once you get to the falls, you can take the trail up towards the cliff face to access Ribbon Lake. There is a warning sign there and chains that you’ll need to use to climb up.

Great hike for kids, first timers, or just for a casual walk essentially. No crazy great views - and “Falls” described in the loop were underwhelming. Very nicely groomed trail though.

Completed ribbon creek hike June 1st, 2018. A long, but pretty simple hike. Lots of side trails that can get confusing so make sure your reading the signage/map. Lots of debris from what looks like an avalanche around the 10th kilometre mark. Made it to the first waterfall, tried to make it to the lake but still lots of snow at the top which made it super slippery! Loved being next to the river for the entire hike!!

This was a really pretty trail, we only went as far as the waterfalls, which are 8.5 km in and turned around. I found this trail to be on the easy side, but maybe the last bit gets harder. I’d definitely do it again.

Just went to the falls. Very well maintained path until we hit some snow. Couldn’t seem to find the trail for about 10 minutes just before the falls but forged a path through the snow which was still doable. Super easy and the water is incredibly clear right now. About 4.5 hours round trip just to the falls at a moderate rate.

Beautiful hike! Went with a large group of 9 people and we were not prepared for how long it is or the trails. Once you hit the nonmaintained trail it's incredibly hard on your feet so be sure to wear proper footwear. There are many rocks and tree roots you need to step on or over! Right now is the perfect time to go because the water is so clean and beautiful same as the waterfall. We didn't make it to the lake as we started late and wanted to make it back before sunset and our feet were hurting from the trail but other hikers said there was knee-deep snow still up there so would want to wait at least a month before going again. We started the hike around 12 pm and ended at 8 pm on the dot but we did go chill out at the rocks for a while which took us much longer.

A really fun but long hike. Went yesterday May 19 and there was still lots of snow (waist-deep) on the trail from the falls to the lake. Trail finding was pretty difficult but we made it to the lake and though it was mostly frozen over it was incredibly beautiful and calm. Not many people make this trek at this time of year, so chances are you'll have it to yourself. Take caution on the chains as they can be a little slippery when wet.

The 11km to the falls, however, was very gentle and the trail was in good condition. The falls are big and gorgeous this time of year. Perfect for dogs and family outings.

Lots of bear activity today. I would wait until later in the summer before attempting this hike again.
We hiked about 2.15hrs in, almost to the campground but there was a fresh kill on the trail so we turned around.

Not too much snow until about 2 hrs in.

The little waterfalls along the way are nice but no spectacular views.

Pretty easy hike.

We went May 2nd and the trail was full of snow which made it pretty hard to walk through with hiking boots. Definitely would need cleats or snow shoes to finish it. It was pretty flat for the most part, I wouldn’t even call it a moderate hike. There are a lot of reviews about if being really scenic and breathtaking. It was nice but I wouldn’t say the scenery was amazing. Going to try it again in the summer, maybe have a better experience.

Great for snowshoeing, beautiful

Beautiful place to Snowshoe!

Nov. 2nd hike 10 cm of snow... beautiful.

Monday, October 09, 2017

I had my 65th birthday on this ridge- a dream come true! The trip up to Aster lk. has so much variety . The glacier at the ridge was stunning. We hiked the ridge in both directions, staying at Aster both nights. This yr was Smoky so we didn't get a clear view of the Royal range- We hope to return next year and do the loop.

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