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Have done this hike a number of times - once in the winter and of course different times in the summer/fall. Have been up past the first set to the waterfalls in behind - though yesterday’s was just to the first set. I’m sure this is one we will do time and time again when we want an easy hike with the reward of a waterfall at the end!

Perfect little hike for 2 mums and 4 young kids :)

3 days ago

Beautiful hike. I did this trail in May 2017 with my 2 year old son. Beautiful mountains surrounding you as you enter the beginnings of the actual mountain you are about to hike. Glorious waterfall, that gives off a refreshing mist. Historical rock beside the waterfall that looks like a troll (I'm guessing that's why it's named troll falls?) anyways! it was great . wouldn't say it's as easy with a little kid by your side but it's still worth it! so much fun!

Our favourite family friendly hike. We do it every year.

We did this hike today with a 7 yo and 3 yo. the trail was not overly packed and was a fairly easy hike that most would be able to do.

5 days ago

This was a fun beautiful hike. We kept going and saw a lot of fantastic waterfalls and views.

6 days ago

This was a good hike. We did this with our two boys (10&8), and our pup. It wasn’t to long but long enough for an evening hike.

11 days ago

Good for families with small children

13 days ago

Had such a nice time on this hike. It’s super easy but there’s a few hidden gems off the path. I felt like I was in an enchanted forest the entire time.

13 days ago

Great. My 2 and a half year old made it pretty well to the top by herself. Easy walk, nice falls. Very family friendly.

14 days ago

Hiked to Troll Falls early on Sunday July 29. Beautiful scenery along the power lines (we missed the start of the trail but our AllTrails app kept us going in roughly the correct direction). Easy hike through the trees to the waterfall, which was more impressive than I had imagined it would be. Because we started early, there was no one around until we started to head back to the car. The hike took about 45 mins including stopping for photos and to enjoy the beauty of the falls.

15 days ago

Great family hike, went above the main falls, kids had a great time navigating the terrain and exploring.

16 days ago

I do this in the winter. Less traffic. Nice ice climb to introduce beginners. following the creek in winter is a gem of a trek and climb

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17 days ago

Beautiful walk fairly easy climb to the top.

Stellar hike with great views to the North & South of the col. ran into a grizzly bear on our way down. This bear had actually climbed up from French creek & was coming down the scree slope after we had just finished lunch at the col and had made it down the rock scree. Made lots of noise & had our bear spray out just in case we needed to use it. Lucky for us the bear ignored us & went on his merry way.

18 days ago

It was our first hike in a very long time. Kids loved it and the falls were refreshing. I gave this 4 as at the beginning of the trail head sign had a very poor idea of the correct direction. A “you are here” on signs would be helpful which trail and location to head down. But perfect to get our hiking legs back!

So fun!! The falls past are the ones to see! Easy stroll versus hike but happy we finally did this one !

19 days ago

A nice easy hike to the falls. Great for beginners or small children. We went up to see the upper falls which made the hike more of a challenge. The path above the falls is narrow and quite steep at times. My 5 year old daughter loved the more challenging terrain. I had my 6 month old on my back in a child carrying hiking pack. We took our time coming back down to the first falls just to be sure our daughter didn't slip or trip.

19 days ago

Nice little walk for a group of 6 to 8 year old first time hikers. They especially liked looking for the trolls.

22 days ago

It’s a great family hike and a great beginner hike. I liked it but I’m no means would call it a hike. The falls are great to see.

23 days ago

Took Shogan trail to join trail to Troll Falls. Definitely less traffic and quieter. Arrived to Troll Falls which is very busy with families. Nice view at the end.

Great hike with our kids (11, 9, 7 and 5). We hiked and explored up to the 4th falls and they had so much fun. If you stop at the 1st falls you are missing the best parts, keep left of the falls to scramble up. then the trail criss crosses across the falls and creek. From the 4th falls the trails are less obvious, we used maps to bush whack across to Hay Meadows to get back down to the parking area.

27 days ago

Short easy hike with other tails available to branch off to on the way back.

28 days ago

Main hike is short but pretty with an easy wide trail the vast majority of the way. Fun waterfall at the end of the trail.

Despite being a pretty hike it suffers from how short it is. This can be alleviated somewhat by taking the path along the cliff to the left of the falls and exploring the top of the falls and beyond.

30 days ago

Easy hike with beautiful views and lots of side trails for added adventure!

I did the loop clockwise starting with Baldy Pass. The elevation kicks in once you're done that segment. As soon as you reach the peak and see over the front side you'll know it was all worth it. Unreal views and thought it was really cool to get up and above Baldy. I'd hoped to see Barrier from the peak, but catch a glimpse on the way down. Pretty straight forward down the ridge but had to mostly freestyle once I got back into the trees. No snow mid July 2018 and was four hours round trip.

1 month ago

Great for if you’re out with the family, any age can do this walk. If you’re feeling ambitious then you can climb quite a ways up behind the falls too!

1 month ago

Amazing went before 8am. The only one on the trails. Definitely go up the left side of the water fall to see more water falls. One of my favourite hikes.

1 month ago

Fun casual hike with the kids. Falls are great, as you can get to them, beside and behind them.

1 month ago

Nice quick hike, great for young families. It took us about 2 hours and that was with a couple toddler meltdowns and a quick lunch at the falls. Although we saw this tagged as “stroller friendly” last year, and hiked it with our Bumbleride Indie Twin, I wouldn’t recommend it. There are lots of tree roots and rocks, and even for an all terrain stroller it’s a lot to handle. Especially as you get up to the falls. This year my husband wore our 1 year old in the Ergo and I wore our 2 year old in a wrap. Definitely recommend babywearing! I love that this trail is nicely shaded basically the whole way, and it’s clear and wide making for easy passing, or walking in a group. It was busy today, which we expected, and no sign of bears.

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