This was an amazing hike for our family. We camped at Mt Sarrail walk in tent campground. Tuesday morning we walked across the street and up to Upper Kananaskis Lake and then to the trail head of Rawson Lake. We were so lucky to have a blue sky sunny day and enjoyed every amazing step along the trail!! It is a moderate hike with lots of twists and turns, uphill switchbacks but so much beauty. We stopped for lunch on Rawson Lake like many other families. One of my sons and my husband ventured on to the challenging steep path of Sarrail Ridge. My other son and I headed over to “the big rock” and found it easy to climb on top! I made it about 1/4 of the way up the steep incline to my goal big tree towards Sarrail Ridge and was satisfied with seeing the beautiful views from that viewpoint. We had a dip in the glacier fed lake on our way back to the lake because it was so hot!! We spent about 6 hours on our hike between stopping for breaks and hiking back to the campground. It was an incredible hike and we would definitely do it again.