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Great views. Did this on May 24 2018 and the trail was clear.

1 day ago

Went just to see the small hot springs on the side of the mountain. The trailhead was a bit hard to find, we used the directions from guidebook which helped a lot! The hot springs were a great temperature at sunset. Would be an amazing sunrise hike if you are camping in the area!

A steady up hill hike. A selection of hiking conditions from open, woodland & stone trails. Very busy when we went but not so many people at the top. It was a pleasure to discover there is a washroom at the top!
Views were well worth the hike.

Love this trail, varied areas, amazing view of a valley.

Trail starts out well enough but you'll come across a sign stating "Trail not maintained after this point"...As you ascending upon the established horse trail you'll come to a small creek that cuts accross the path, if you do, YOU HAVE GONE to FAR. Go back about 50ft and you'll see an orange flag wrapped around a sapling with a pile of rocks at its base, THATS THE TRAIL...AND it gets worse as you go...Initially u hv a bit of a foot trail to follow then it becomes a game of "Can you find the trail"...So, as you continue, you'll need to read the landscape to stay on track...When they say it's not maintained, they mean it...If you keep a careful eye out, it can be done, just allow some extra time...Nice river creek runs along the lower section, scenery ok.

Hiked this trail on May 11th. The conditions were good. The last couple hundred meters were a bit slippery from some recent snow. We had micro spikes with us but didn’t end up using them.

A lovely hike with prairie views. Perfect place to see the yellow pines in the fall!

It’s steep.. all the way .. did it May 5th 2018 . Started at 11am done at 4pm including lunch and a dozen mini stops. The top is clear, not much snow, some people did it it runners. Hiking polls would be great. Requires scrambling a bit at the top just before the summit. Path is easy to find. Would highly recommend it!!

Not giving it 3 stars because it was bad, giving it 3 stars because I attempted this yesterday and I was still snowed out. Just want people to know to wait a little longer if you’re wanting to do this hike!

2 months ago

We did see the mama bear with her 3 cubs just before the Highwood parking area, she stayed on the Ptarmigan Cirque side

Loved this hike! We didn't summit and opted to visit the tiny hot springs instead. Will definitely be returning.

Did about a month ago for first time. Up to the meadow peak was fine and had to find the path from there on as it was covered in snow. Be prepared for wind gusts causing full white out conditions from time to time and pant legs freezing from snow. Crampons were helpful. Still a great adventure!!!

I did this in winter, and wish I had brought my snow shoes. Will do it again.

Great hike! Missed the peak of the golden larches but so beautiful anyway. Almost missed the trail head ( you turn left off the ptarmigan cirque/Highwood meadows trail at the sign which says "Fragile Area, stay on designated trails". Lots of snow on trail at this time of year , mental note to bring trax or crampons next time :).

We initially wanted to summit mist mountain and check out the hot springs along the way. We ended up heading down the wrong trail but went with it anyways as it looked like there was a route to the summit of mist. We ended up summiting Mount Lipsett. This route involved a low of bush waxing.
After summiting it was a short down climb to the col between the two mountains before we took a very difficult scramble route to try and get to the summit of Mist Mountain. It was covered in snow and quite difficult, with many no fall zones. We didnt make it all the way to the summit of Mist. We hit up the hot springs on the way down. What a long day.

2 stars because the views were incredible but the difficulty was much higher then anticipated. I would not do this route again knowing what it took, especially covered in snow.

7 months ago

Trail and area is currently closed as of September 28/2017 due to a Sow and cubs.
Larch's up top looked beautiful but not worth the risk of running into a protective momma bear.

7 months ago

Not a strenuous hike, can be done in about 3-4 hours with lots of breaks. The larch trees are in their prime right now! Plenty of beautiful places to stop for lunch and admire the scenery. Elevation is gained and lost throughout the trail, minimal scramble to the top for the view.

8 months ago

Very easy. Very pretty.

Hiked up to Pocaterra Cirque last Saturday to see the Larches change colour.
It was a great hike. Lots of amazing views and beautiful fall colours. The hike itself was not too hard. Lots of people on the trail but still fun.
Early snow made the trail that much more fun.

Soooo pretty. Great views. Streams, alpine flowers, varied terrain. This hike has it all.

on Elbow Lake

8 months ago

A gorgeous lake at the end. We hiked up to the falls near the glacier and then followed the running water back down to the lake. So much fun.

This is a beautiful hike in the Kananaskis that leads to an amazing canyon that is been carved out of solid rock over millions of years. If you have the energy it is worth hiking up to Maude lake.

This is a tough hike to do in one day if you’re not physically fit. I would recommend splitting it up into 2 parts, first camping at forks then heading to the canyon on the second day. The second day is a brutal steep uphill climb on switch backs that seem to last forever but once you reach the top the views are nothing short of spectacular!

It was extremely Smoky on the way up for us and we saw nothing but a deer as far as wild life goes. Because of the steep incline, we were far too tired to visit the hauge glacier or the north K pass.

The second day it rained pretty much the entire time expect for a few breaks here and there, so that hindered our attempts to make it to the glacier or the pass. The canyon itself is a neat feature, a massive deep canyon that gives you the chills even if you’re not afraid of heights.

For next time I would also stay at forks on the way down because the entire leg it’s tough to do.

A lot of up and down hiking which is nice as it gives you a break and you are not hiking up hill for x amount of kms. Great views for not a lot of effort.

Very hard trail. Came to the top of old glacier. I had last 300 meteres to complete. These last meters had elevation of 200 meters. Very steep scramble on small loose rocks. Could not make it. If you follow the trail on rhe original map you will end up at the same point. To climb the mountain you should not follow the trail on the map. Instead once you at elevation of 2600-2700 meters take slight right. It is still steep, but you have solid rock to climb on

on Mist Mountain Trail

9 months ago

Lovely trail, did not summit mist mountain. We only went to the ridge very beautiful and windy, next time on to the summit!

10 months ago

This was our second try on this trail. On our first hike on June 21 2017 we found ourselves stomping around on the avalanche slope trying to get across to the tarn. We didn't make it. This time we went in with two old dogs and although the broken scree was kind of hard for them to negotiate overall the trail wasn't really a problem for them. Nice to have running water on a trail for the dogs. We met 10 other hikers on the trail which was OK because more people mean less likelihood of an unexpected bear encounter. It was a beautiful day. Clear skies, light breezes and a high of 15C. Highly recommended.

10 months ago

We took the scree way up which most people take on the way down so it added an extra hour at least. Hike was amazing. Found some cool coral fossils. Full day hike and I'd rate it as difficult. 3,140 meters at the summit about 10,300 feet. If you want to feel above the rest of the ridges and hikes in the area this is a cool one to do! Leave your dog out of this one ! Cheers

10 months ago

The hike itself was pretty good. There are plenty of different types of terrain and a lot of uphill hiking. I recommend waterproof footwear because we did end up passing through an area with creeks at the beginning of the trail and a glacier at the cirque, as well as hiking poles due to the incline. The view once you break free of the treeline is incredible, and there are many beautiful wildflowers and streams. The paths were not well marked in my opinion, and we ended up taking a few rather lengthy detours.

This was my first backpacking trip so it's been a number of years since I've done it, however this was a great overnighter. We did this one in reverse to what it says here on AllTrails. We trekked starting at the Ribbon Creek side which is flat and straightforward for the majority of it until you get to a cliff wall. You use chains to assist you up the wall and then you can continue onward to Ribbon Lake. We spent a night here and then continued down through beautiful Guinn's Pass, down to the end of Galatea Lakes Trail off of Highway 40. Guinn's pass was tiring going down, but worth it for the views.

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