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Love this trail, varied areas, amazing view of a valley.

Trail starts out well enough but you'll come across a sign stating "Trail not maintained after this point"...As you ascending upon the established horse trail you'll come to a small creek that cuts accross the path, if you do, YOU HAVE GONE to FAR. Go back about 50ft and you'll see an orange flag wrapped around a sapling with a pile of rocks at its base, THATS THE TRAIL...AND it gets worse as you go...Initially u hv a bit of a foot trail to follow then it becomes a game of "Can you find the trail"...So, as you continue, you'll need to read the landscape to stay on track...When they say it's not maintained, they mean it...If you keep a careful eye out, it can be done, just allow some extra time...Nice river creek runs along the lower section, scenery ok.

Hiked this trail on May 11th. The conditions were good. The last couple hundred meters were a bit slippery from some recent snow. We had micro spikes with us but didn’t end up using them.

It’s steep.. all the way .. did it May 5th 2018 . Started at 11am done at 4pm including lunch and a dozen mini stops. The top is clear, not much snow, some people did it it runners. Hiking polls would be great. Requires scrambling a bit at the top just before the summit. Path is easy to find. Would highly recommend it!!

Not giving it 3 stars because it was bad, giving it 3 stars because I attempted this yesterday and I was still snowed out. Just want people to know to wait a little longer if you’re wanting to do this hike!

I really love this Trail the beginning is a bit steep but once you get to to the lake the rest is pretty flat easily one of my favorite hikes

2 months ago

We did see the mama bear with her 3 cubs just before the Highwood parking area, she stayed on the Ptarmigan Cirque side

Loved this hike! We didn't summit and opted to visit the tiny hot springs instead. Will definitely be returning.

Did about a month ago for first time. Up to the meadow peak was fine and had to find the path from there on as it was covered in snow. Be prepared for wind gusts causing full white out conditions from time to time and pant legs freezing from snow. Crampons were helpful. Still a great adventure!!!

I did this hike the weekend after I did pocaterra ridge. They are in perfect view of each other. We did Elbow lake, Elbow pass, Tombstone pass then both the lower and upper Tombstone lakes. It was a long hike but the scenery was phenomenal.

6 months ago

Awesome! Pretty great sights, a decent amount of traffic, the larches in autumn are magnificent.

Great hike! Missed the peak of the golden larches but so beautiful anyway. Almost missed the trail head ( you turn left off the ptarmigan cirque/Highwood meadows trail at the sign which says "Fragile Area, stay on designated trails". Lots of snow on trail at this time of year , mental note to bring trax or crampons next time :).

cool place! great easy hike!

7 months ago

Trail and area is currently closed as of September 28/2017 due to a Sow and cubs.
Larch's up top looked beautiful but not worth the risk of running into a protective momma bear.

7 months ago

Our group did this hike on Sept 30th, 2017.
Because there was really a lot of people doing the ridge that day, we decided to leave the trail to follow the valley towards the lake west of the ridge. That part was nice and easy once we passed the scree section.
Going back up to the ridge past the lake was easy.

The official trail is something else though. Conditions can change very fast, on that day it became very windy and we also had quite a bit of snow while we were following the trail back towards the highwood pass parking lot.
Going North to South, the trail has some moderate to difficult sections, depending on weather. Hiking poles are highly recommended, and some previous experience scrambling would help when conditions become slippery.

Very rewarding though, and well worth the effort.

7 months ago

Not a strenuous hike, can be done in about 3-4 hours with lots of breaks. The larch trees are in their prime right now! Plenty of beautiful places to stop for lunch and admire the scenery. Elevation is gained and lost throughout the trail, minimal scramble to the top for the view.

Hard on the knees but loved the view!!

7 months ago

Very rewarding hike, but should not be taken lightly. This hike would be more towards difficult then moderate especially if you start at the little highwood pass day use parking lot..

Go see the larches in late September she said. It will be fun she said.

I quite honestly almost died on this hike on at least 5 separate occasions. If not for the skills I learnt watching The Revenant (filmed in K Country - you're welcome for your next trivia fix) and my trusty Nike running shoes, it would have been even worse.

There was snow everywhere. Everything is a false summit. I'm convinced I saw a mountain lion track right beside where we had lunch. A dog tried to steal my friend's sandwich (she was mad). I passed at least 10 crying women and one pregnant woman on the hike. A guy kept telling us we were "young bulls" and then tried to tell us that disturbing "young bull / old bull" hill story. One guy farted at the top of a summit beside us.

Quite honestly, we wouldn't have gotten through it if it hadn't of been for this new video sweeping the internet of a white 8 year old kid trying to dab, but ending up doing karate. We also had to hitch hike back to our car.

Five out of five would recommend! Can't wait to come back!

Very slippery approaching the ridge. You definitely need poles and shoe grips. Extremely beautiful hike

Absolutely spectacular hike! My new favorite for sure!

Highly recommend going from Highwood Pass to little Highwood, going from the other way around is so much more gruesome. Make sure to bring hiking poles as there some steep sections too.

8 months ago

One of my favourite hikes. Very slippery sections coming down from ridge but sweeping views and larches more than made up for it. Finished in just under 5 hours, little confusion at start as nothing is marked

Hiked up to Pocaterra Cirque last Saturday to see the Larches change colour.
It was a great hike. Lots of amazing views and beautiful fall colours. The hike itself was not too hard. Lots of people on the trail but still fun.
Early snow made the trail that much more fun.

8 months ago

I reviewed this trail under Elbow Lake but obviously Rae Glacier is more appropriate. The trail was very popular and busy on a Thursday (Aug 31). There is a steep piece at the start but it is fairly short. Once at the lake the trail is flat and offers numerous options to continue north to Tombstone or southeast up to the Rae Glacier on Mount Rae. Excellent back country camping along the lake. Very nice day. We made it just below the glacier itself.

This hike is not easy at all, but it's worth the trek. We were a group of 4 and did the whole hike from Highwood pass to little highwood in just under 7 hours. Don't bring your dog if you aren't sure how they'll behave on steep ridge parts. The face of the south peak is super muddy and slippery to get down. Bring crampons and a hiking pole!

Soooo pretty. Great views. Streams, alpine flowers, varied terrain. This hike has it all.

incline at the trail head was a challenging, but once you reach the lake it's worth it. And the rest of the trail to Edworthy falls and tombstone was a great hike.

very easy and accessible for anyone

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