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1 day ago

SO worth it, but long and deceptive! Starts out as an easy forest walk to the grassy saddle, turns into a moderately scrambley hike to the springs and/or up the rocky stream bed, then becomes real hard hell to summit. Start early so you have time to soak in the springs on the way down. Don't take the scree/3rd/furthest/west-most/stream bed path all the way up, it's steeper than Sarrail, looser than Yam and will add an unpleasant hour, instead take first/alternate/outlier/ridge traverse path up.

This was a very deceiving trail. It is not for beginners. As well there were many grizzly sightings along the way and the trail was not clearly marked. Beautiful views but for experienced hikers.

Beautiful hike today. Weather was perfect. Made it up to the ridge but not before our group was split in 2 by a momma grizzly and her 3 cubs. Walked right in between our groups. Beautiful sight but made us realize we were definitely in bear country. Do not go up the valley closest to the mountain ( snow ) as her den is right at the top of the saddle. Papa grizzly was just on the other side. We had to yell to one group to stop and turn around as it would have been a sure disaster if they would’ve continued on up. Hike up to the highest point instead please.

This is a beautiful hike with panoramic views on the ascent. Unfortunately we were unable to complete our final trek up to the ridge as there is a mama Grizzly with her cubs. Please be very aware she has been in the area for a while and frequents the meadow surrounding (Pocaterra cirque)

3 days ago

The plan was to do the West Wind Pass hike.We missed the path at some point and decided to follow the Rimwall Route instead of doubling back.Made it as far as the ridge at 2,400 metres or so elevation but not the summit. Beautiful view of both sides from the top of the ridge! (Saturday, July 15)

Very busy trail but a fantastic Mountain biking loop.

7 days ago

Hit up this entire ridge today. Expect a good 1.5h uphill slog when you get closer to the ridge. Bring hiking polls. Also expect superb valleys, views from the top, and some wildlife? We save an entire herd of big horned sheep!

Good hike if you’re short on time. Very scenic and enough of an incline to get a work out in. When you get to Elbow lake, walk through the entire campground and passed the food lockers and the trail will reappear. The glacier itself is pretty underwhelming but the views along the way are great. For the length of drive it takes to get there I would recommend hiking to Tombstone Lake which is accessible from the same starting point.

Nice easy hike to a beautiful lake.
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Amazing views. The walk through the meadow is very unique. Didn't have enough time to do the whole ridge, but the conditions up to the peak and back we good, other than some muddy areas at the beginning.

10 days ago

Much more scenic than I expected based on other reviews, however today in early July 2018 it was very windy and cold between the 3rd and 4th kms as we ascended to the glacier. We were not prepared for the drastic temperature change and were quite cold. A learned lesson for future hikes.

Went July 6 and we were the only ones on the trail. Fantastic hike with so much variety of terrain and views. Very little snow at the top but the pups loved playing in it. The loop down was a little hard to follow the trail but once we got to the lake it was easy to find. Took 7.5 hours with two long breaks, one at summit and one at the lake. Would recommend to anyone experienced!

Great hike (July 5, 2018). Very strenuous! Really challenging from a fitness perspective. As for climbing I’m a novice but the only hard part from a climbing perspective was the steep slope of scree right before the summit. I finally gave up just prior to the summit, and found the descent on that slope hard and a bit nerve racking. Still, the view from that slope near the summit is wonderful and worth it.
Be sure to bring lots of water because it is quite a workout (for me anyways!) and once you get to the scree it’s very dry and there is no cover from the sun. Aside from that section, for much of the hike you are in the forest or in and out of it which is very nice.
Finding the trail head from Highway 40 is a little hard. There is nothing to indicate where it starts. Just look for the dry creek bed and trust your GPS (I used Google from AllTrails). There is a helpful little pile of rocks someone put but it is hard to see from the road. Once you make it up to the creek bed then there are some helpful signs that people have left, including an arrow made of rocks and another pile of rocks showing where the path begins. I included both in my photos.

Did this hike Canada Day weekend. Absolutely stunning. On the way there we went from sunshine to rain to a little hail but for the most part it was alright, some patches of snow on the ground but didn't need any crampons or snowshoes. Slept at Turbine Sunday night and woke up to see beautiful frosted mountains. We thought it would only snow on the mountaintops but about 5 minutes into breakfast we got hit with heavy hail that quickly turned to flurries. The hike back to Forks felt like a completely different experience with everything above the switchbacks blanketed in a white crystal sheet. In the span of 3 hours we went from sun -> hail -> snow -> rain -> sun when we finally hit Forks.
It's a tiring climb up with a backpack but it's well worth the views.

It is just breathtaking

Awesome hike. Beautiful scenery from start to finish.

The best views in Kananaskis

Once you cross the creek this isn’t a trail.
Not good for dogs b/c of the boulder sections 20% is an easy trail
30% is climbing up while bushwhacking
30% is scrambling up boulders

23 days ago

Tiring but worth it. We started at 8.30AM. We missed the 4th cairn. So we decided to go straight up. Climbed the rock bands. We didn’t want to lose any elevation but we didn’t know which crack we have to attack. Finally we saw a route that leads to the top of the band. Man it was so tiring. We were so happy we made it. The route finding will be a challenge.

Such a fun trail to do. Ride Merlin counter clock wise for a smooth fast downhill. Very busy trail so keep you eyes open especially on Baggin Rights. But yeah, go do it!

29 days ago

Hiked to the top on Sunday, had some fresh snow to slide down on!

1 month ago


Downsides: Only about 5% of this trail (the first segment from the campground to the campground overlook) is hard packed and visible / apparent. Don’t waste time by trying to chase your GPS to find the track after the overlook, as the track is just a “suggestion”. The suggested track does make sense though and should be roughly adhered to for the most reasonable route that minimizes abrupt elevation changes. Any coincidental stumbling upon an actual, visible trail will be short-lived, as the trail will be guaranteed to disappear into oblivion again after a few minutes. **I assumed that any trails that exist beyond the overlook are just animal tracks. Still, you can’t help but get excited when you see them from time to time! The forest beyond the overlook is generally not too thick, but consists of numerous, large areas of large crisscrossed deadfall which would make it very difficult for all pets and anyone with short legs (under 10 years old). I found myself plowing straight ahead to save time and to minimize elevation changes, but my ankles got pretty cut up from the late-spring thick bushes, dead twigs, thistles, thorn bushes, etc., and it becomes an exhaustive over-under obstacle course. Take thick, high socks or wear ankle / calf protection. Bob Spirko’s website review suggests that “this deadfall can be completely avoided by using an animal trail a bit south”, however, I never found this route as thin or spare as I had hoped (6 years has elapsed since his review), and just kept pressing on anyways. The trail starts at the rear of an actual campsite so please go around and don't disrupt the campers to access this trail. The trailhead parking lot gets full on the weekends due to the number of campground visitors.

Upsides: The views at the end are worth the relatively minor frustration caused by having to spend extra time route-finding and zig-zagging around deadfall, and this trail is relatively short overall. Only the initial section is steep, but at least it’s short too. There are lots of great places to stop and admire the views if you want to only stay on the initial section above the campground. The number of cairns and cleared rest areas make it apparent that many people have gone only as far the top of the campground overview, and there is no abandoned garbage in this area, thankfully. The knob at the end is a fantastic place to have lunch, catch some rays, meditate, etc. so budget to spend some time here and explore all around. Any kids that make it this far would have a blast running around and exploring the outcropping of rocks at the summit.

Conclusion: This trail was ambiguous (1 star) and should be supplemented by a GPS unit if you’re not familiar with the area, want to save time, or lack route finding skills. However, it was relatively short, easy, and had some amazing view (5 stars) on top.

Amazing! Had it all to ourselves when a friend and I did it last year. It was steep but no technical challenges. Amazing mountain views on all sides.

We enjoyed the hike. Had to turn around just before the summit because of rain. I’m not sure why this is marked as a hard hike because it’s not to bad. Will go back to finish it.

The view was worth the effort. Really enjoyed this!!

There is no trail for this route to Volcano Peak. You must bush whack and scramble in order to reach the ridge. Once there, however, it is an easy hike to Volcano Peak and the view is spectacular.

Great views. Did this on May 24 2018 and the trail was clear.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Went just to see the small hot springs on the side of the mountain. The trailhead was a bit hard to find, we used the directions from guidebook which helped a lot! The hot springs were a great temperature at sunset. Would be an amazing sunrise hike if you are camping in the area!

Love this trail, varied areas, amazing view of a valley.

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