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5 days ago

Led Zeppelin wrote a song about this hike i think? The majority of the hike is in the trees with a steady incline. We hit the summit in under 3 hours and roundtrip was under 5; including a beer break and some goofing around at the summit. Great views from the top. We could not find the hot springs. Would do it again to find them. Great echo from the top to practice your goat calls. Baaaahhh.

I did this hike last week with my friend, Shahram. Started from Galatea parking at about 7:30 a.m. Hiked up to Lillian Lake that has a campsite and then toward lower Galatea Lake. The new trail to Guinn Pass is awesome. They did a great job and you can reach the pass with no issue.
We headed down toward Ribbon Lake and Ribbon Fall (both have campsites). Ribbon Lake campsite has about 20 spots with lots of firewood and benches for night gatherings. There is a cliff between lake and fall that has chain to climb up and down. Ribbon Fall is beautiful! We had lunch there and headed back to Allan Parking.
Strongly recommend this hike, however you better to have two cars otherwise you have to hike back to Galatea Parking. We were lucky some gave us ride half the way back to the start point.

Short hike up to the pass, then scramble to the summit, which was a long and exhausting, two step forward one step back climb. The warm spring was a nice detour.

Completed the first week of sept. 2018. I loved this loop. We went from 3 isle to turbine via south and north kananaskis passes. The trail on the bc side is a bit overgrown but very easy to follow. Clearly marked with flagging. We took 3 days and two nights. I only wish we had taken more time to enjoy the passes and Beatty lake more. Beautiful hike all around.

Awesome hike!

18 days ago

Sick hike. Start of trail doesn't look like much from the road but if you see a short survey marker sticking out of the ground 6-10 inches you've got the right trail. You go through a thick forest which opens into a grassy alpine valley where you stay low until you crest the ridge. Can see why this valley would be prime grizzly territory but didn't see any (bear spray recommended). At the ridge, hang a sharp left over a grassy hill where you will drop back into a different, scree-filled valley and see the trail again. We got about 2h in when we were hit with thunder, lightning and about 5cm of snow which seemingly came out of nowhere. Had to turn around but will definitely be back.

19 days ago

Easy hike along Upper Kananaskis Lake, Upper Kananaskis Falls and Kananaskis river. Campground is at the dividing point between going to Three Isle Lake or Turbine Canyon. Well traveled route with beautiful views.

The canyon is spectacular. Hiked in from the main parking lot and it took around 7 hours. A lot of elevation gain so I would suggest staying at the campground!

Great views pretty easy trail but is very rocky the hole way. About 4km from elbow lake there is a small man made Inuksuk on the left if you fallow that into the bush on the left it comes out to a beautiful water fall definitely worth the hike !

27 days ago

Took the Mist Mountain trail up to the summit on August 4th. Was harder than anticipated. The group was us 4 girls who are in decent shape and experienced with backpacking. We each had 40lb backpacks on and it was a struggle to summit this mountain once you cross the valley. Took us all day so we had to make a level space on the side of the slope to pitch our tent. There is no water available after the waterfall except for a small spring on a side of a rock that is tricky to find, so be prepared when you summit.

The second day we started from our tent, hiked the rest of the summit, then turned around and followed trail back down the mountain. Saw 2 grizzlies in the valley about 1-2km away from trail. We also saw a pika, marmot, and chipmunks.

Would not recommend as a backpacking hike. I would only suggest summiting this mountain if you are doing it with a light pack and are in good shape with hiking experience and appropriate hiking gear. Did not find the hot springs, rumour has it that they are in the valley. Follow trail across waterfall in the lower valley and it will take you to a second smaller waterfall where the hot springs supposedly are.

1 month ago

As other reviewers noted, this hike has a bit of everything. We opted for the summit first, and we ended up taking a fairly direct route up, by going up one of the earlier scree slopes (rather than following the valley to the back scree slopes that go right up to the peak. It was steep and challenging, and we'd recommend this path rather than following the trail around to the back. The rocks were just a bit larger and firmer going up this way which we felt was probably better than scrambling up through scree. Bring poles and expect a challenge.

The ridge is breath taking and the views are limitless. You really feel like you're on top of the world.

We also saw momma grizzly, although from a long distance and she was playing around trying to catch one of the gophers. Marmots are everywhere, and virtually unafraid of us. They seemed quite curious and "led" us up through the rocks.

Hot springs on the way down was the "cherry on top" for this hike. Such an incredible experience after a challenging hike and summit.

I am head over heels for this mountain. Such a fun scramble with incredible views and short ridge walks. It has a bit of everything, grassy valleys, forested trail, hot (warm) springs, and great elevation. We saw a grizzly so bring bear spray! It was far from us so we weren't too worried but be aware. Moving time was approximately 8 hours taking lots of photos, breaks, and time to take everything in. I highly recommend this hike to anyone who loves scrambles and scree skiing!

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Has it all! We went the alt route which was long and straight up but lots of fun! Then had some fun ridge walking, and an amazing rock to take photos off of. The peak was awesome and going down the main trail allows some really fast and fun scree skiing. We ended up making it to the hot springs as well. Took about 8 hours all together taking lots of photos.

PS to the four girls who backpacked the night before and we saw on the way down! We did find the hot springs !!

Hiked this the other day with my kids. Easy, beautiful Hike. Pack a lunch and enjoy the lake when you get there. Campsite where clean, well taken care of.

Reached the summit, we went to the false summit first. The scramble was tough but it was a lot less scrambling then if we went up the scree to the true summit. Views are absolutely spectacular and worth the sweat. Hit the hot springs on the way down. They're not very big so try to go when it's not busy. Saw Grizzly mom and three cubs on the way down, they were quite the distance away, easily 300m to the east of the grassy hill before you turn to climb Mist.

Climbed to hot springs only as day was very hot and another 3 hours to the summit. Found fossils all over. Hot springs moderately warm. Beautiful scenery. Plan to do overnight next summer to take advantage of full summit

Late July 2018. There are some nice views of Upper K Lake and looking back while hiking up the valley to Turbine, but most of the time is spent in the woods. Beautiful woods, but not that many views. After Forks, the hike up is challenging, but on a well maintained trail. When you make it to Turbine, make sure you actually check out the falls that are a 60 second walk from the campground (half of the people that we met didn't know it was there including us!). If you made it this far, it's well worth the 2.2 km to Maude Lake where you can capture Beatty Glacier, Maude Lake and the continental divide all in one panoramic shot.
Many other backpackers were hiking the loop to Three Isle via Mt Beatty. We made the rookie mistake of giving it a try without a map and couldn't find the route to Beatty Lake Camp, but spent the day in the Northern Kanaskis Pass and were struck by it's beauty.

2 months ago

Started our hike around 3am to catch the sunrise. Scramble to the top of Mist was much harder than we anticipated, but the views were absolutely worth it in the end.

2 months ago

I couldn't give this trail 5 stars but I plan on it eventually! We had to head back down due to weather and a late start.
Was hoping to just make it to the hot springs but were told by people on their way down that they were packed and since they only hold 1-3 people each there would be a long wait.
My advice is to get to the trail head early to beat the crowds and hopefully the weather.
The trail head was a bit hard to find until we noticed someone placed one of those white road poles with the black tip against a tree next to the trail.
I'll add some photos for reference.
Looking forward to going back and hopefully summiting as well as soaking in the springs

Simple review here. Absolutely beautiful spot. Great backcountry camping spots. Outhouses were clean. Lake is beautiful and fishing was great. Not the biggest fish but they bite like mosquitos. Follow @Thebackcountrycamper on Instagram
Thank you Alltrail for an amazing app. Follow them too @alltrails

Beautiful! Did it with the fam, suitable for many skill levels

Amazing indeed! Lucky to have the hot springs to all for ourselves and soak after the hike!

2 months ago

SO worth it, but long and deceptive! Starts out as an easy forest walk to the grassy saddle, turns into a moderately scrambley hike to the springs and/or up the rocky stream bed, then becomes real hard hell to summit. Start early so you have time to soak in the springs on the way down. Don't take the scree/3rd/furthest/west-most/stream bed path all the way up, it's steeper than Sarrail, looser than Yam and will add an unpleasant hour, instead take first/alternate/outlier/ridge traverse path up.

2 months ago

Fairly easy hike. Under 2 hrs with a 3 year old (only including lake loop). Beautiful lake and lots of places to stop for a picnic or dip in the water.

Did this hike Canada Day weekend. Absolutely stunning. On the way there we went from sunshine to rain to a little hail but for the most part it was alright, some patches of snow on the ground but didn't need any crampons or snowshoes. Slept at Turbine Sunday night and woke up to see beautiful frosted mountains. We thought it would only snow on the mountaintops but about 5 minutes into breakfast we got hit with heavy hail that quickly turned to flurries. The hike back to Forks felt like a completely different experience with everything above the switchbacks blanketed in a white crystal sheet. In the span of 3 hours we went from sun -> hail -> snow -> rain -> sun when we finally hit Forks.
It's a tiring climb up with a backpack but it's well worth the views.

Awesome hike. Beautiful scenery from start to finish.

3 months ago

Hiked to the top on Sunday, had some fresh snow to slide down on!

4 months ago

Went just to see the small hot springs on the side of the mountain. The trailhead was a bit hard to find, we used the directions from guidebook which helped a lot! The hot springs were a great temperature at sunset. Would be an amazing sunrise hike if you are camping in the area!

Love this trail, varied areas, amazing view of a valley.

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